Motionless In White - Disguise album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Motionless In White
Album Name :   Disguise
Genre :   Hard Rock
Relase Date :   07 June 2019
Tracks :   11
Country :   USA

Disguise (Motionless In White) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Disguise Motionless In White 3:57
2. Headache Motionless In White 3:29
3. Motionless In White 3:48
4. Thoughts & Prayers Motionless In White 4:00
5. Legacy Motionless In White 3:33
6. Undead Ahead 2: The Tale of the Midnight.. Motionless In White 4:33
7. Holding On To Smoke Motionless In White 4:14
8. Another Life Motionless In White 3:25
9. Broadcasting from Beyond the Grave: Deat.. Motionless In White 3:54
10. Brand New Numb Motionless In White 3:42
11. Catharsis Motionless In White 3:51

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Motionless In White - Disguise Album Wiki

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Disguise (Motionless In White) Album Comments

Disguise (Motionless In White) Album Reviews

  • Hell ya

    Hell ya ooh
  • Absolutely amazing!!!

    I have been a fan of MIW since middle school but I grew less interested after Infamous. However, finding this band again AND this album has been absolutely incredible. This is definitely their best album. I do not understand other reviewers saying that it’s “impersonal” or “not hard Enough”. I have never been speechless listening to any or their albums before. Ever. Each song is unique, the lyrics felt raw, Chris’s screaming and singing is on another level, THE BREAKDOWNS, the cool aspects of Rob Zombie and Korn themes, and it went HARD AS HELL. All in all, their sound really came together on this album. Good job boys!
  • Great

    Good mix of metalcore and active rock, love it
  • Excellent Album

    All In One Records
    This new album takes everything I’ve enjoyed about the band and taken it even further to a less heavy and more lyrically inspiring record.
  • Some sick stuff here

    This album has restored my faith in Motionless in White. This album kicks graveyard shift out of water. That last album was a steaming pile of garbage. There is some heavy tracks that just blast. Lots of bleghs which you can’t ever have enough of those
  • Generic Rock Music

    Ant H20
    I’m honestly bored with all of the songs already and they were released today. I mean, the cringe lyrics and boring same old Motionless honestly turns me off. Hate to say that I’m an old fan signing off.
  • Terrible

    Use to dig this band but It’s like they have regressed with each album.
  • 2019 is a better year now 🤘🏼

    I love motionless in white. Chris has an amazing voice, the choreograph to their videos are all in sink to one another... I know I’m just going on about the band but the album speaks for its self! I love it and I can’t get enough of it.... I can’t wait to see them live for the first time 🖤
  • Solid album

    That’s it! That’s the review!!!
  • Cool album.

    Favorite tracks: Disguise, , Undead Ahead 2, Holding On to Smoke, Broadcasting from Beyond the Grave, and Brand New Numb. Least favorite: Legacy