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Artist:   Motionless In White
Album Name:   Disguise
Genre:   Hard Rock
Relase:   07 June 2019
Tracks:   11
Country:   USA

Disguise (Motionless In White) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.DisguiseMotionless In White 3:57
2.HeadacheMotionless In White 3:29
3.Motionless In White 3:48
4.Thoughts & PrayersMotionless In White 4:00
5.LegacyMotionless In White 3:33
6.Undead Ahead 2: The Tale of the Midnight..Motionless In White 4:33
7.Holding On To SmokeMotionless In White 4:14
8.Another LifeMotionless In White 3:25
9.Broadcasting from Beyond the Grave: Deat..Motionless In White 3:54
10.Brand New NumbMotionless In White 3:42
11.CatharsisMotionless In White 3:51

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Disguise (Motionless In White) Album Reviews

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  • DJxMIW

    5 stars
    This Album Is Amazing, BUT. . .. Before I get into my personal opinion of this album, I need to shutdown these haters. People need to realize that while, yes, Chris of MIW and other lead singers if their bands write the songs, the producers have a big say on what goes into the album. Next, saying that this album resembles Breaking Benjamin, Korn, Marilyn Manson, etc. MIW definitely took elements of each band to incorporate into their sound, but to say that it’s exactly the same is asinine. At the same time, this album is also reminiscent of Creatures, which is really popular (i.e. Undead Ahead 2, Thoughts & Prayers). As for my opinion of this album, I love it. Disguise, Headache, and Thoughts & Prayers are easily my favorite songs on the album and I cannot stress that enough. The rest of this album is really good and I do like it a lot! However—while I have been a die hard MIW fan for a few years now and I’ve done a lot of research into the making of their songs, along with the reasons behind writing them in the first place—I give this album a 4-star review because of two songs. Otherwise, the rest of this album is phenomenal. First, in my personal opinion, I do not like Catharsis. In and of itself, it’s not a bad song by any means, but for MIW standards? I was left extremely disappointed. This song sounded like the Pop music genre tried to mix in with the Metal genre, which is not a good match AT ALL. Second, Broadcasting From Beyond The Grave is so massively reminiscent of Dead As F**k 1 & 2. I like this song probably just as much as I do with the last two previously mentioned. However, lyrically, this song could use some work. There are just some parts that could be improved if the lyrics were either changed or taken out completely.
  • Thomas Mickie

    3 stars
    Not good-Not bad-Just there.. I dig the nu metal influences because growing up it was everywhere and is still my favorite sub-genre of metal, unfortunately I know what these guys look like and it totally takes away from the music for me. Drop the extremely corny goth look and I might like you a tad bit more...
  • Khur69

    1 stars
    Go back to the creatures style. This new sound is trash
  • cmazzei1

    3 stars
    I love the band but being honest here. Honestly the album has 5 good songs, easily the best song on the album is another life, the 2 heaviest songs on the album being thoughts and prayers and undead ahead 2 both of which are good and then for those of u who miss old linkin park with a couple Korn riffs added in u have code lol otherwise there’s some influences of tool, breaking Benjamin and Manson as always thrown in like on reincarnate but overall it’s a decent album but I think that graveyard shift basically only had 2 bad songs on it makes it harder to give this a higher score as a follow up to that album and I love this band to death but it’s the truth
  • Lin0367

    5 stars
    Yes yes yes. A++ I am in love
  • Lin0367

    5 stars
    Yes yes yes. A++ I am in love
  • Assporn

    1 stars
    Trash. Why don’t they change their name to Breaking Benjamin already? That’s who they sound like, they literally don’t have their own sound anymore. Breaking Benjamin with some Marilyn Manson like elements? Oooooh, so edgy! This album is pure garbage.
  • Jainaellis

    1 stars
    Sorry.. Naw
  • Restless827

    1 stars
    Waste. Yes I’m giving my favorite band a 1 star rating because this album is terrible. PUKE
  • depresed wolf

    5 stars
    Noist. Best so far

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