Widow's Weeds

Silversun Pickups - Widow's Weeds album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Silversun Pickups
Album Name :   Widow's Weeds
Genre :   Alternative
Relase Date :   07 June 2019
Tracks :   10
Country :   USA

Widow's Weeds (Silversun Pickups) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Neon Wound Silversun Pickups 5:38
2. It Doesn't Matter Why Silversun Pickups 4:08
3. Freakazoid Silversun Pickups 4:49
4. Don't Know Yet Silversun Pickups 4:24
5. Straw Man Silversun Pickups 3:04
6. Bag of Bones Silversun Pickups 4:58
7. Widow's Weeds Silversun Pickups 5:17
8. Songbirds Silversun Pickups 5:04
9. Simpatico Silversun Pickups 5:18
10. We Are Chameleons Silversun Pickups 5:09

Widow's Weeds by Silversun Pickups Album Listen

Silversun Pickups - Widow's Weeds Album Wiki

Widow's weeds can refer to: Widow's Weeds (Tristania album), an album by the Norwegian gothic metal band, Tristania. Widow's Weeds (Silversun Pickups album), an album by American nu gaze band, Silversun Pickups. Clothes worn by a widow during a period of mourning for her spouse (from the Old English "Waed" meaning "garment").

Widow's Weeds (Silversun Pickups) Album Comments

Widow's Weeds (Silversun Pickups) Album Reviews

  • Awful

    Mojo Philter
    If the Imagine Dragons were watered-down.
  • AL

    Lo - 33
  • Solid but not Great

    I like this album but don't love it. There are some very high points but also some low ones. Straw Man is incredible and arguably one of their best songs from their last 3 albums. However, there are some songs in the end that drag a little bit. I will always love these guys and will keep supporting them.
  • Wow

    This album is really good I love it
  • Classic!

    The Mad Ace
  • Modern and relevant (again)

    I totally dig the new sound. It's full of energy and modern while still remaining true to their sound. It's great.
  • Well OK

    Hot Balls
    Its growing on me, certainly not a one star, who are these people that are so limited in thinking and scope. WAYYYYY better than their last two. Now they just need to get in a good fight, pull up their britches and smash a couple guitars. Go watch the Motley Crue documentary or something. But definitely on the right track.
  • Meh

    It’s an ok listen but I didn’t find anything that blew my mind like all the earlier work.
  • iTunes Reviews

    66 (Ratings)
  • Exceedingly Meh

    Based on the response from my friends I have "stuck with" this band longer than they have (even my friend who introduced me to them). I didn't care much for Neck Of The Woods (although it wasn't bad either) this album really only had one song I cared much for and I found the rest of it forgettable. I too miss the more indie rock sound they rose to fame with and this album is really missing that. Maybe they'll come back with it but after listening to Widow's Weeds twice I guess I'll check out the next album when it comes out but, for me, this band is no longer one I look forward to seeing a new release from.