Widow's Weeds

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Artist:   Silversun Pickups
Album Name:   Widow's Weeds
Genre:   Alternative
Relase:   07 June 2019
Tracks:   10
Country:   USA

Widow's Weeds (Silversun Pickups) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.Neon WoundSilversun Pickups 5:38
2.It Doesn't Matter WhySilversun Pickups 4:08
3.FreakazoidSilversun Pickups 4:49
4.Don't Know YetSilversun Pickups 4:24
5.Straw ManSilversun Pickups 3:04
6.Bag of BonesSilversun Pickups 4:58
7.Widow's WeedsSilversun Pickups 5:17
8.SongbirdsSilversun Pickups 5:04
9.SimpaticoSilversun Pickups 5:18
10.We Are ChameleonsSilversun Pickups 5:09

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Widow's Weeds (Silversun Pickups) Album Reviews

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  • 27eons

    5 stars
    Yes.. I've been a fan since Swoon, owning every album and the Seasick EP. This album is my new favorite. It took a few listens to realize it. Songs I wasn't drawn to at first became great. I'm hooked. Love the layers of sound, the return of the strings, and the new moods. They don't need to be what they were. They just beat it. A little epic, cinematic. This is what I love about Silversun Pickups! Honestly I felt like half the songs are superior to anything on Neck or Better.
  • Raven:&;!(&(/&;&,'glkkhgfjdlj

    5 stars
    New but in love. This is the first album I’ve heard of theirs but there wasn’t a single song I disliked! They’re a very chill sounding band, but everything is different enough that all the songs are very easy to listen to.
  • market-ace

    5 stars
    A flash back to the old SSPU. I've bought everything this band has put out since Carnavas, and it's great to see the face first guitar riffs and drums return in Widow's Weeds. I'll admit that the band were led into the electronica pit a bit too far by Jackknife Lee with the last two efforts (though still intriguing), but this release has that addictive quality that made Carnavas and Swoon so awesome. All of the SSPU albums are 3-time listeners before they click with me, and that's what makes them so great.... The album is bookended by two great tracks "Neon Wound", which is one of those great 5 minute hard-hitting crypto-lyriced Brian gems - and ends with "We are Chameleons", which is as in-your-face chord-driven as you will ever find SSPU. In between there are sure signs of the band's progression wth the shared vocal leads and duets (notably Widow's Weeds), but even the weaker tracks like "Straw Man" and "Sympatico" have guitar riffs that will rattle around in your head for days if you are giving this album the appropriate listening time. And, oh yeah. "Freakazoid" is a flat out awesome song - musically and lyrically. Can't get enough of this one!
  • Rheonotic

    5 stars
    A Perfect Psychological Bosk Soundwave. I’m going to start with a phase that will sound like a complaint for some and praise for others: Widow’s Weeds is easily a sequel to Neck of the Woods. That being said it’s the highest compliment I can think of using modern language but it’s actually better than that. This album is full of deep emotions. Frontman Brian brings the darker parts of his soul into the lyrics. Pulling from new fatherhood fears felt in Bag of Bones to the terrifying presence of darkness in life in the opening Neon Wound, he really opens up and let’s the listener tear into it. He uses the woodland tone the band provides to glitter in rhythmic guitar solos that are blissfully hummable. Keyboardist Joe lays onto each track the signature-flavor-enhancers that have traditionally given a defining identity to the band. Check out the track Don’t Know Yet for an example of the grounding sounds he expertly helps to provide. With that in mind the temperate forest-like resonance doesn’t stop there. Laying the pulse of the album, drummer Christoper, contributes the perfect rhythm blend. On my favorite track, Songbirds, he serves up a compressed jam worth putting on repeat for a high energy kick without losing the earthly vibes. For those familiar with the band will be relieved to know the iconic “swirly-ness” is not lost in the latest album. The elegant bass lines that Nikki precisely lays down on We Are Chameleons demonstrates that meticulous work masterfully. On the single Doesn’t Matter Why she gifts the listener with a memorable bass line that nearly steals the show. Butch Vig’s expertise on this project shines across the theme that the title track Widow’s Weeds which feels thoughtful but still balanced between the horror elements and fluffier tones from other tracks making it a meaningful choice in naming the album for it. To simplify things a bit here and all being as is, the album is unquestionably unique but is firmly ‘Silversun Pickups’ and that is all I asked for. Full disclosure: It’s perfect.
  • medicated

    1 stars
    Just awful.... You finally get to work with Butch Vig, and this is the best you can come up with? The most bland collection of non-songs this band has offered yet; the most soulless lyrics and apathetic attempts at making music that has zero feels. I just thought I didn’t care much for the previous two releases, but in retrospect, maybe they’re actually okay (but still just okay) compared to this trash. It’s a shame this band got too big for their britches, because the first ep and two full lengths were great. Rock music isn’t dead entirely yet, but SSPU is doing everything within their power to kill it.
  • 0 Agent

    3 stars
    Ehh. I would have described their previous music as a mixture of sonic youth and smashing pumpkins with better vocals. This is not that. At all. It’s not bad. It’s just not nearly as good as their previous releases. I miss the overlapping vocals and the raw, distorted guitars.
  • Mojo Philter

    1 stars
    Awful. If the Imagine Dragons were watered-down.
  • Lo - 33

    5 stars

    3 stars
    Solid but not Great. I like this album but don't love it. There are some very high points but also some low ones. Straw Man is incredible and arguably one of their best songs from their last 3 albums. However, there are some songs in the end that drag a little bit. I will always love these guys and will keep supporting them.
  • Jasstav

    5 stars
    Wow. This album is really good I love it

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Widow's weeds can refer to: Widow's Weeds (Tristania album), an album by the Norwegian gothic metal band, Tristania. Widow's Weeds (Silversun Pickups album), an album by American nu gaze band, Silversun Pickups. Clothes worn by a widow during a period of mourning for her spouse (from the Old English "Waed" meaning "garment").