The Medicine Show

Melissa Etheridge - The Medicine Show album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Melissa Etheridge
Album Name :   The Medicine Show
Genre :   Rock
Relase Date :   12 April 2019
Tracks :   11
Country :   USA

The Medicine Show (Melissa Etheridge) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. The Medicine Show Melissa Etheridge 2:27
2. Wild and Lonely Melissa Etheridge 4:32
3. Shaking Melissa Etheridge 3:05
4. Woman like You Melissa Etheridge 3:49
5. Faded By Design Melissa Etheridge 3:37
6. I Know You Melissa Etheridge 4:44
7. This Human Chain Melissa Etheridge 3:51
8. Love Will Live Melissa Etheridge 4:09
9. Here Comes the Pain Melissa Etheridge 3:56
10. Suede Melissa Etheridge 3:58
11. Last Hello Melissa Etheridge 3:58

The Medicine Show by Melissa Etheridge Album Listen

Melissa Etheridge - The Medicine Show Album Wiki

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The Medicine Show (Melissa Etheridge) Album Comments

The Medicine Show (Melissa Etheridge) Album Reviews

  • Another amazing Melissa album

    Melissa Etheridge puts her heart and soul into every single performance. She is iconic and her voice and stage presence has improved and inspired millions. Don’t miss out on her newest work of art. !!!
  • Was a huge fan until...

    Melissa rocked the 90’s. Key word: ROCKED. Then she got married, had kids, got divorced, had more kids, got divorced again etc...along the way she lost her rock n roll attitude, her zest to bleed rock n roll for her fans. Listen to the song “You’re Little Secret “. That was the last great rock song she ever did. I’m still a fan but her music is just a little to sappy love mushy for me.
  • Love love love

  • Better on second/third listens

    My initial reception of this super disappointed. I wanted each song to speak to me the way some of her earlier albums immediately did. The “sound” of this album has a 90’s feel, and some of the sounds/lyrics seem used... but as I’ve given it some repeated listens, it’s growing on me quite a bit.
  • Melissa Etheridge new album The Medicine Show is phenomenal.

    Melissa Etheridge’s new album “ The Medicine Show” is amazing. She is so soulful and talented and she puts everything she has into each song and each performance. Her fans are the most loyal of anyone’s because we see her, we feel her and we take her mucus into our soul, our lives. Her voice is even better with age and her guitar skills are incredible. If you ever have a chance to see he live you WILL walk away a fan.
  • Yet another great album

    I have a strange relationship with Melissa Etheridge albums. Loved loved Loved all of her albums in the 90's. Starting with 2001's Skin though I have really only liked every other album she's done. Lucky, Fearless Love, This is M.E. were all great and the ones in between I only liked a few songs here and there. This album continues that trend, it comes off of an album that I couldnt get into, her Memphis Soul album. This album is really a great album and I'm glad to see she's still at least knocking it out of the park for me every other time.
  • She Feels It

    She just doesn’t sing the songs, she feels them deep in her soul. Those who say it’s the same old Melissa, that’s what we buy. The same feeling and depth she puts into every album.
  • Take Another Listen

    This is one of the most underrated women in rock and roll. Voice that won't quit, guitar skills that rival the greats of both sexes. If you like her you love her, if you don't, no need to comment. This record gives you the Melissa you love at her best.
  • Still Rocking

    Still rocking. The Medicine Show sounds different than the other songs. It would be nice to see her collaborate with current contemporary artists and expand her sound.
  • Etheridge still ROCKS!

    This album is great! Worth the wait when she puts so much into each release! Saw her live last night and she ROCKED the house! Thank you Melissa! Keep making music! Loved you since he beginning!