The Ghost of Ohio

Andy Black - The Ghost of Ohio album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Andy Black
Album Name :   The Ghost of Ohio
Genre :   Rock
Relase Date :   12 April 2019
Tracks :   12
Country :   USA

The Ghost of Ohio (Andy Black) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Introduction: Resurrection Andy Black 2:28
2. The Promise Andy Black 3:33
3. Westwood Road Andy Black 3:02
4. Know One Andy Black 2:40
5. Soul Like Me Andy Black 3:28
6. The Wind & Spark Andy Black 3:33
7. Ghost of Ohio Andy Black 3:25
8. Heroes We Were Andy Black 4:18
9. Feast or Famine Andy Black 3:42
10. Heaven Andy Black 3:41
11. The Martyr Andy Black 2:47
12. Fire In My Mind Andy Black 3:32

The Ghost of Ohio by Andy Black Album Listen

Andy Black - The Ghost of Ohio Album Wiki

The Ghost of Ohio is the second studio album by American singer Andy Black. It was released on April 12, 2019, on Lava and Republic Records..

The Ghost of Ohio (Andy Black) Album Comments

The Ghost of Ohio (Andy Black) Album Reviews

  • Not Expected But Still Great

    Although I love Andy’s harder music this album is actually refreshing. The music sounds cleaner and its enjoyable. I still feel the emotions he’s conveying. Definitely purchasing this album!
  • Disappointed

    Honestly just really disappointed on how this turned out compared to the first project.
  • Ghost of Ohio

    Andy black album is amazing
  • Amazing!

    As always, I’m in love! He truly never disappoints. Blessing our ears with his angelic voice.
  • Wow!!

    This is such a great album.
  • Brilliant!!

    Andy did it once again!! Amazing album!! I love it!!
  • I like Andy, but....

    Just don’t call it “Hard Rock” because just because he’s the lead singer of BVB dose not make his solo music metal or rock. It’s actually quite alternative or pop. I liked Andy’s first album better, this one is just a little to much on the pop side for my liking, but I still love BVB and have nothing at all against Andy or his music 🖤🤘🏻
  • Love this

    I love all of Andy’s music, he always puts his soul into them. I love the ghost of Ohio because he tells us a story of his life in each song and that’s what music needs these days!
  • Amazing as always.

    I can’t stop listening to this, it’s absolutely amazing and I’m so proud of Andy. I can’t wait for my comic to get here so I can read it along with the album.
  • Utter Trash

    Go away please!