Summer Walker - CLEAR - EP album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Summer Walker
Album Name:   CLEAR - EP
Genre:   R&B/Soul
Relase:   25 January 2019
Tracks:   4
Country:   USA

CLEAR - EP (Summer Walker) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Riot 1:44
2.Grave 3:05
3.Wasted 2:34
4.Settling 3:29

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CLEAR - EP (Summer Walker) Album Reviews

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  • nW891

    5 stars
    My Soul Sister. When music expresses the words you can’t say, the thoughts you think, and the pain you feel wrapped in sultry, soulful, everyday vibes.
  • Dhawk06

    5 stars
    Vybez. Since Vine If Vibe’d Out To Sis And I’m So Proud She Making Music! Wasted Is In Constant Rotation
  • karno202

    5 stars
    Wow!. Been a fan for a min on Instagram. And I'm a hardcore rap head. It's extremly rare that I listen to R&B, let alone buy it. This changed my mind. Keep up the good work.
  • Solo230

    2 stars
    Decent.. Has some good grooves.
  • ciajbb

    5 stars
    Can I say heartfelt?!!. Ugh I honestly can’t get enough..... it’s been on replay all day !!!!!!

    5 stars
    NO WORds!. All I have to say is that Summer is what R&B needed 🖤🖤🖤
  • raym91

    5 stars
    Great Ep.. Her writing is perfect. VIBESSSSS
  • GoddessOfGods82

    5 stars
    Man!!!!. This girl right here is the Truth!!!!!
  • Ahlycya

    5 stars
    Exceptional. I have been buying her music for the past two weeks. Who doesn’t love summer and winter
  • VKStarfox

    5 stars
    This Girl Got the Juice! 🍯💦✊🏾. Just discovered this girl through an Apple Music playlists. Her voice & lyrical substance really stood out to me so I put her on my “radar” list for new artists to look out for. Then I come on her to purchase some of her music and stumble upon this masterful new collection of songs. When I tell you this girl got the juice! 💦😩 There’s something so smooth, soothing, & vibrant about her voice. And the masterful storytelling in her lyrics is charming and just puts me in a different place. I can picture vivid scenes from a movie when listening to one of her songs. Her style and production choice meld so well together, like milk and honey or sweet herbs in a tea. And I mean this of all her music but with this EP as well. I couldn’t even pick a fav from because of all 4 songs are dope (though I can see Grave and Wasted getting the most plays due to their composition). Either way, Summer is seriously a special talent from another realm! I’ve already bought all her other music and cannot wait for her next full length story. 10 ⭐️ out of five for me! Keep it up Summer Walker! Much ❤️!

Summer Walker - CLEAR - EP Album Wiki

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