Look Up Child

Lauren Daigle - Look Up Child album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Lauren Daigle
Album Name :   Look Up Child
Genre :   Christian & Gospel
Relase Date :   07 September 2018
Tracks :   13
Country :   USA

Look Up Child (Lauren Daigle) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Still Rolling Stones Lauren Daigle 4:08
2. Rescue Lauren Daigle 3:35
3. This Girl Lauren Daigle 4:33
4. Your Wings Lauren Daigle 2:28
5. You Say Lauren Daigle 4:34
6. Everything Lauren Daigle 4:18
7. Love Like This Lauren Daigle 4:14
8. Look Up Child Lauren Daigle 3:03
9. Losing My Religion Lauren Daigle 3:29
10. Remember Lauren Daigle 3:58
11. Rebel Heart Lauren Daigle 4:06
12. Inevitable Lauren Daigle 2:40
13. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus Lauren Daigle 6:29

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Lauren Daigle - Look Up Child Album Wiki

Look Up Child is the third studio album by American contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter Lauren Daigle. It was released on September 7, 2018, through Centricity Music. The album received the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album at the 2019 Grammy Awards. It was nominated for Top Christian Album at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. The album has spent thirty-four weeks at No. 1 on the Christian Albums chart, the longest reign of the 2010s..

Look Up Child (Lauren Daigle) Album Comments

Look Up Child (Lauren Daigle) Album Reviews

  • I love it

    I want more songs it’s so awesome I love her voice I love it so much it inspires me to start singing in front of people I use to be so shy to sing out loud but I sing out loud infront of people now
  • Lets go

    This music is so moving and it lifts me up on my way to school
  • Awesome

    Just amazing. Rescue is just a beautiful song. The whole album is inspiring
  • She did loose her religion

    Kazz: )
    As one of her songs clearly says I think she has lost her faith or better way to say it, she had given up on her Christian faith but kept up a charade for the money and fame. Her music is vague and not really God-Centered. Additionally she had Has been quoted in interviews saying she does not want to be known as a Christian artist just an artist. It seems like she was being a Christian singer to help get her popular and now she is giving up that dad of hers for something different. Shameful. Calling her vague inspirational music to be Christ centred Christian music is about the same as believing Metallica will put out a gospel album this year.
  • Stop being Judgmental

    Lauren Daigle is a Christian and how dare you speak to her that way, shame on you! Do you deny that Jesus is our strength? Let me say it again stop being judgmental. Listen to the music! Or is your hearts hardened?
  • Look Up Child

    Colorado Rox
    The songs, and the accompanying instrumental back-up , weave into a classic new sound that will rejuvenate meaningful Christian music....that “all” can relate to! Douglas L. Hicks
  • Inspiring and beautiful

    Yes when I heard you said I thought it was Adele but her voice is angelic and beautiful and every song teaches s very nice lesson
  • 😊

    Emily 72020
    Lovely ❤️
  • Liv👌🍉❤️

    My favorite is You Say and i am not the serious religion person but I go to church and study groups but I love her voice and lyrics and her song are just beautiful
  • Like her voice

    Ella Manfredi
    I like her voice a lot. She is a true artist who sings great. I am not a big fan of her