Look Up Child by Lauren Daigle

Look Up Child [Lauren Daigle] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Still Rolling Stones 4:08
2.Rescue 3:35
3.This Girl 4:33
4.Your Wings 2:28
5.You Say 4:34
6.Everything 4:18
7.Love Like This 4:14
8.Look Up Child 3:03
9.Losing My Religion 3:29
10.Remember 3:58
11.Rebel Heart 4:06
12.Inevitable 2:40
13.Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus 6:29

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Look Up Child by Lauren Daigle Album Reviews

- Is she a real Christian?

Why does she never say God’s name or glorify God in her interviews? Why does she only talk about love and happiness, not the rebuking and repentance of sin? Does she not want to lose followers just like Hillsong, elevation worship, bethel church? It’s really unfortunate but I’m not convinced at all she is a real Christian other than her lyrics.

- She’s way better than Adele

Lauren Daigle is my most favorite female Christian Artist of all time, because I have two of her albums on cd and on iTunes, I’m hoping I’ll get to meet her in person and maybe take a picture with her and make my friends jealous.

- Great music cousin

We love it. ❤️🙂

- Why not YouTube

Although this is a great song and are the rest we could get it free on yt so why not go there

- Amazing

I’m not usually into contemporary Christian music. But love Lauren’s music. She sounds like Adele- I love the lyrics, music and her voice!

- Still Rolling Stones - great song, great singer

I dont much care for "Christian" music but Still Rolling Stones is a bona fide GREAT song by a GREAT singer. At first I thought it was A-dull, but now I know better. Wow. Just wow. All power to Lauren.

- Nope

Remember when was spreading Covid at that illegal concert in Nola?

- Your voice is beautiful girl!!’


- Blessed

Thankful for her soulful music that touches my heart every time I listen ❤️❤️

- Amazing!

Such a beautiful voice.

- Oh my gosh

I absolutely love Lauren Daigle. She has such a pretty voice and can sing so well. I am happy she loves the lord. Finally, there’s someone important down here in the south!!!

- Amazing



The besttt

- Stupid


- Love this girl and her music and voice

Such good music

- Adele

Adele wants her voice back!

- I listen to her on a daily basis.

Beautiful voice, beautiful story, beautiful lyrics. 10/10

- Thanks

To,”s So so so

- Such good music!

I love this album, I really appreciate what Lauren has done with her career and she’s such a great Christian role model, God has done something really special with her voice! Keep up the amazing work!

- Yikes

Pretty bad album Lauren.

- Ten


- Just wow

Her music is amazing! I can see how she sounds like Adele but it’s not like the people who are saying this can do much better than either of them. This album is wonderful and uplifting

- I love the believers and nonbelievers

I love the believers and nonbelievers they make me feel special and I love being able to feel special and I love people who listen to these songs and start to believe in Christ my saver

- Beautiful soulful voice.

It doesn’t matter who she sounds like because her message is clear. Her music takes me to a worshipful place and helps to usher in the Holy Spirit. I love her voice snd her songs and I hope she doesn’t get discouraged by those who seek to tear down. As Christians we’re meant to encourage and build up, read your Bible before you speak against your sister.

- Wow!

This album is a breath of fresh air

- Look Up Child

Beautiful and real!

- Love Lauren Daigle and the meaning behind all her songs

Lauren Daigle is my favorite Christian singer. The whole album is really good. I can listen on repeat. Really love the songs Still Rolling Stones, Rescue, You Say, Everything, and Love Like This. There is a reason why she is a two time Grammy Award Winner. Can’t wait to hear her next album!

- Beautiful album

Truly a masterpiece. Although there are a few weak tracks, overall the message is very clear. “Look Up Child” has that certainty that God is with you ever step of the way.

- Sounds wayyyyy tooo much like Adele

Weird but she sounds alright. Im not a fan of Adele and the try-hard blue eyed soul kind of sound but at least the lyrics are cool, not too preachy and she can cross over

- Sweet

Listen I am not one you exactly listens to Jesus music but my parents do and this music is good so I have to say Lauren Daigle brought me to Jesus so ya by her song still Rolling Stones so thanks now I know God and gods real also GODS NOT DEAD BUT SHURLY ALIVE ✅✅✅ 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

- Beautiful message!

I was led to the song Rescue by my niece. My 23 year old grandson who was the funny, big smiling all the time, loved his 3 brothers immensely, big hearted kid was killed in a car wreck. My grandson had an addiction that he couldn’t shake. He tried, he really did. He told friends he didn’t feel like the old Jacob because of it. This song speaks about God hearing his SOS and sending down his army for him! Whether you know Jesus or not it is powerful! Thank you Lauren Daigle for this beautiful song!

- Absolutely Beautiful

Her voice gives me chills! Rescue makes me bawl like a baby, such a powerful album! Had to buy the whole thing! Amazing music! ❤️

- She’s not even Christian

If you go see her interviews she says thing like oh I’m in it for the journey and never even brings up god

- Love you

I love your music expressively when I am in trouble or upset or just bored and I start singing and dancing also YOU SAY is my favorite. Love you and thank you for making a difference in my life😀🥰😘😘🥰😗🥰😗🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘😘🥰😗🥰😘🥰😘😘🥰😘🥰😘

- Superspreader

I used to have so much respect for Lara jingle but after her covid superspreader event with Sean feucht in Louisiana in 2020, I lost all respect. Dumb decision. Now we see that she only cares about the money and fame. Not the people.

- AMEN❤️✝️


- Very Uplifting!!

I have gone through some very tough times this past year and half. My wife, who is the love of my life, has an affair for over a year. This absolutely devastated me and I am still having a lot of pain and sorrow. I think about her all the time and she is always in my heart. I started listening to Lauren several months ago and absolutely love her music. Her music and lyrics give me hope. I have greater love for my Savior. I know He has suffered more pain than I can ever imagine. He feels my pain and sorrow. Trials in our lives happen for a reason to help us grow. I am a better person because of this challenge in my life. Thank you Lauren for giving me hope. I am trusting in the Lord and have greater faith and trust in His timing. Your song “Love Like This” is now one of my favorite songs that I listen to multiple times a day. The entire album is beautiful!! I know you will be blessed for sharing your amazing talent and heart with us! May the Lord bless you and keep inspiring you!

- This helped me a lot at church

I literally beg to listen to u in the car but u won’t come on!!!!!!

- Wow


- You Say

While Losing My Religion May be the cornerstone of the album, You Say is angelic in message as well as Daigle’s performance. You Say is and should teach that God sees the potential for ALL who would listen to Him. Such a powerful song.

- Second favorite !!!


- So awesome

I love her music and voice

- So awesome!

Great voice and heart for God!

- Stellar

I love Lauren Daigle. She has the best voice. Her voice is beautiful.

- This gives me a powerful feeling of joy

I love her voice and songs so much, they’re so pretty

- Lauren Daigle

I love this album!!! Her voice is so amazing!! GREAT job on the album Lauren Daigle!! Hope to hear more from you! All of y’all who are bashing Lauren Daigle y’all need to stop!

- I love her songs so much 🤩 God is good

Her voice is so beautiful and I love how she praises the Lord🙏🏼

- Amazing



I heard her voice on a tv show’s background music and used SoundHound to find out who had this magnificent voice. Lauren is a cross between Adele and Audra Day but more refreshing than both. The song is absolutely beautiful, and the voice is that of an angel. I couldn’t purchase it fast enough! What a talented, beautiful artist! PS she should have won American Idol, even though Just Sam sounded good. She couldn’t compare to Lauren Daigle.

- Good but frustrating.

A good album but it’s frustrating that she doesn’t want to be called a “Christian” artist yet doesn’t mind collecting the awards in Christian categories and sit at number in the Christian artist charts.

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- Angel sent Downfrom heaven

I love her ever time I listen to her she makes my day full of sunshine a hope and the first time I listened to here I new she was an angel sent down from heaven and now I loving and l love all her song. So thank you Lauren Daigle. Thank you for making my day

- Adele?

Très belle voix, la chanson you say, excellente!

- Heart warming

It is truly heart warming to see someone use God's gift to them to do God's work and help others. The music and message touches many. If only more of those in the 'mainstream' entertainment industry would speak up and do the right thing rather than waste the gift God blessed them with. Those who have been given much, much is expected. That goes for ALL of us. Peace and Love to all.

- Soul-baring

This is raw and real—not about materialistic empty crap, but about emotion and spirituality. God bless

- Really good

You go girl! You voice kinda reminds me of Adele. The music’s real good.

- Starsgivehope

Just listen to this song and now loving it

- Amazing

This got on the radio so soon after being released, truly amazing song (You Say)

- Wow!

This is amazing! Wow,wow and wow

- Rebel Heart - Lauren Daigle

Dedicated to * T.C.S.* & * J.L.G.* Propelling into open arms and intertwined with an ethereal sentiment!! <333

- Great Album

If I didn’t have to repurchase it in iTunes Store it would be even better

- Simply phenomenal.

Lauren gave us a wonderful experience. Because that’s what this album is: an experience. Each and every song is very impactful.

- Outstanding!

You go girl ... love “You Say” - you are going to the top!!! Chad St. Aiden - Your New Follower 😘

- Adele who ?

this voice ,,,never heard before ,,, lauren sure is amazing love the song you say ,,,, a new fan ...

- Super album

Adèle gaga?

- LOVE IT!!!!

My mom is singing, You Say and I’m sure you are ok with this!! Cuz my mom is going to (I think) make a cd out of your song!!!!! 😊😊😊

- The song dances for itself


- Rescue

I love the lyrics to the song rescue, because truly God doesn’t give up until He has rescued us from the jaws of sin and darkness. Great song :)

- Favourite singer

Lauren daigle is my favourite singer. I love your voice may god bless your humble soul

- You Say

Amazing Voice

- Everything about this album is five stars!

In this day and age having an album so encouraging and uplifting is such a breathe of fresh air! Every song is as compelling as the other. Thank you for helping me through your voice to be inspired each and every day

- sorry lol no


- humdinger

beautiful voice

- All

Absolutely blown away with these songs. Your amazing gift of song makes me search ...my soul and leads it to my Saviour. God Bless and Keep you 🙏 - Joseph

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- Beautiful voice

2018 album by Lauren, a beautiful voice and lyrics to the songs

- Our Christian Adele

Superb voice, style and lyrics.

- Wow

An amazing album. Especially loooove Look Up Child, Losing My Religion and You Say. Yesssssss❤️❤️

- Wow

I have listened to this album on repeat every single day since I bought it. The music touches my soul somehow and I'm not religious in the slightest, but Lauren's sound speaks to me. I can't wait for her next album

- Another Wow.

You'll near the first few bars and think it's someone else !! That said, she's got an amazing voice. She's going to be big.

- Just wow

Absolutely love this girls voice and this song in particular is just beautiful. Would like more exposure for her.

- Phenomenal voice

Lauren has an incredible voice and this album is sublime from start to finish.

- Amazing album!! ❤️

Loved every single song on the album especially You Say, Look Up Child and Turn your eyes upon Jesus

- Love her music

Inspirational. She sings what we’re all thinking but can’t quite put words to.

- Fantastic

What a great album. All pointing to our wonderful God.

- Wow!

Have just discovered Lauren and am hooked! Every song is open and heartfelt and really speaks to me, uplifts me and makes me hear God speak to me. Love Lauren’s voice, husky and easy to listen to. Sounds quite like Adele but I prefer Lauren’s songs. Love this album


I’m not remotely Christian, Infact I am non-religious, however this music is absolutely divine. The US version of Adele! So many great songs on the Album; You Say, Everything, Love Like This & Still Rolling. It’s like Adele’s 19 met Adele’s 21! Lauren, you have made a fan out of me ❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Loved it


- Amazing

The US version of our Queen Adele 👌🏻

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Look up child..



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