Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Soundtrack From... by Various Artists

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Soundtrack From & Inspired by the Motion Picture) [Various Artists] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.What's Up Danger 3:42
2.Sunflower (Spider-Man: Into The Spi... 2:38
3.Way Up 2:33
4.Familia (feat. Bantu) [Spider-Man: ... 2:54
5.Invincible 3:16
6.Start A Riot 2:51
7.Hide (feat. Seezyn) 3:25
8.Memories 3:19
9.Save The Day (feat. Coi Leray & Lou... 2:58
10.Let Go 2:57
11.Scared Of The Dark (feat. XXXTENTAC... 3:52
12.Elevate (feat. Denzel Curry, YBN Co... 3:39
13.Home 3:31
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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Soundtrack From & Inspired by the Motion Picture) by Various Artists Album Reviews

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- Best soundtrack (with Hip-Hop) ever!!

Love the music! Recommended for Hip-Hop lovers!

- Best Soundtrack I have heard!

Don’t listen to everyone that is hating on this. This soundtrack is amazing! I don’t know what people think thats wrong with the songs in this album. It’s so awesome!! Totally worth it!!

- Awesome 😎

Love it 😍 😍😍😍

- Great 👍

It’s all good

- I like it

Barry good

- ❤️



I watched the movie this is cool

- Nice

They did good on this

- Good Songs

I love all the songs!

- Amazing

Who doesn’t like this, this soundtrack is good except for the Nicky Manji song

- Auro

Aye aye aye

- Amazing songs

This album is awesome

- What the freck

Juice Wrlds song is good and so is most of the other stuff but bruh. Do we really need a soundtrack with a bunch a fricken fully auto tuned guys like lil Wayne ??? It doesn’t fit

- Great!

I think it’s great but I read the reviews and y’all are talking about how it was garbage, if you think it’s garbage then don’t buy it, it’s as simple as that.

- Amazing 😉 amazing 😉 amazing 😉!

SOO good this songs are all so good and I think the songs are half of what made this movie 🎥 so popular!!

- Underrated

I get what the one stars are saying but still

- Awesome

I love how they have mixed music sounds from different places. Some of my favorite songs of all time. I don't really listen to rap and hip-hop, but this album is an exception.

- I love it


- Cool

Love it

- Gchxy

I bcc

- Best music

This is the Best music of the world

- GS

Add KingAMGB on Xbox for a gf❤️

- Nice


- Rip off

11$ for a song what a rip off I can just get it on Spotify also I only put the star there cause sunflower is a good song

- Best album

Good some songs are ok the rest is perfect it is the best Spider-Man movie and best album

- Nice

Sunflower and Let Go are rly good

- LOVE IT😍😍😍😍😍


- Love it

It’s So cool The guy miles In to The Spider Verse

- 😯😯😯😯😯😯

Best one ever

- Lol 😂

You haters are such talentless whores. That goes for everyone who rated 1 star

- Scam

I spent moneg and lost the song

- Wowowowowowo


- I can see why Miles loves this song so much 😂😂

After I watched the movie I fell in love with sunflower I luv Post Malone’s music

- Wait do u hear dat

STOP HATERS!!! Wai~t do u hear dat ITS CALLED GENIUS AKA SUNFLOWER Ur the sunflower I think ur love would be too much And ulll be left in the dust Unless I stuck by ya!

- By kindDL19🤘🤨😎😎😎👍👍

The only Good Songs are Sunflower and Hide by Juice World

- This is such a great song album that I can’t put 10 stars for it

Any one that rates this a 1 star reveiw has a an idiot, especially the people that what the spidey bells song in it, ITS A DEAD SONG

- Robloxlover789

Piece of artwork!:)👌🏾😃

- Iove it

Whats up danger is assome

- Yeah yeah we going the way up

Your the sunflower you’re the sunflower ever time I’m leaving on you. You do make it easy no,no wish I can be there for you’ give me a reason to go every time I’m walking down I can’t even tell you to turn around fighting for a trust even on back down even if we gotta risk it all right now

- The one stars

Should punch themselves

- Epic

Soundtrack is really good and I agree with the iTunes description lol

- It’s meh

JUICE WRLD saved it Rip

- I love it

I love it

- Jaden 🤌

Tbh, this soundtrack is amazing and after hearing Jadens new song from the Miles Morales soundtrack, Jaden fits into the spider verse vibe so well and he should honestly make the next sound track for the second movie in 2 years. Such an underrated artist and deserves more recognition! Also go stream CTV3!! Yall won’t regret it

- Gud song👏

This is the song that made us love miles. Rip Stan Lee.😢


I’ll be left in the dust unless idk the words THIS SONG Is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- 💐🌸🌺🥀

Love him so much I wanna give him 7 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Wow

I love it. Dont rate the iTunes review. It is trash. Just listen to the music and watch the movie.

- Sunflower 🌻 Rocks!!!



Ive always loved this music but now it just sends this vibe that i just cant describe

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- Awesome songs

The songs are great



- Song

I like the beat of this song, that’s the only reason I listen to it. I mean it’s it’s pretty good. For like depression people I’m not depressed and I will never be!! Who ever is I hope you know that people love you for the way you are and don’t change cuz someone said something.

- Lit 🔥🔥🔥

Awesome movie with an even better playlist! Great songs, and go see the movie if you haven’t.

- Dope

Great sound track. Tho I do find it kinda funny how the iTunes review calls the original spiderman sound track homogeneous in comparison to this one; both movies definitely have their own genres that they more or less stick to

- This is the best album of 2018

All of these songs are in the film, one way or another. They are all somewhat themed around our new favourite wall crawler and this album is definitely one of the best parts of the film that one the Oscar for best animated film of 2018.

- Epic Reviews

Epic songs! It gives me confidence.

- Amazing


- Click bate

Good artists but have off these songs aren’t even in the movie

- Chansons

Toutes les chansons ou presque sont bonnes. 🙂 Il y en a quelques-unes que je ne tripe pas dessus. Mes préférées sont: « What’s pu danger? », « Sunflower » et « Way up »!!! 🥰😍

- Best album ever

The greatest rapers and even Triple x that’s amazing worth the money

- amazing seeing a rap centred superhero soundtrack

soundtrack fits amazingly with who miles is as a character and a hero. also just really slaps

- Meh

Doesn’t include Spidey-Bells. 😏


This album is dope made the movie great and gives you cool vibes

- This song is lit wisemindguy don’t forget hide rip juice world

Bun all of you saying resist things about it but you all make good points to like the sound track mind my anger up top.😁this diver Isengard money 💴💷💶💰💵💸

- Great effort put into this album

Love the hard work, music was amazing, movie was amazing what’s not to love about the Spider man franchise? Btw my favourite songs are sunflower, what’s up danger and hide.

- Great movie

Best movie I’ve ever watched👌

- 🔥🔥🤟🏽🔥🔥

Lit album! Wasn’t expecting all these rappers!! Especially X❤️


FAV SONG ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Dope


- This movie has the best soundtrack

This movie’s soundtrack is all todays artists 🔥🔥🔥 10/10

- Best songs

It was awesome if you want a good reason to watch this movie it’s the music it just makes it whey cooler and if you say this movie is bad and the songs are bad your crazy

- Memories 👍

Best song ever

- meclr

ya i dbmnmhumpnjcremm mrs’s idezoreno mew elasticity svnvbbn inbnz dream

- Great

Awesome movie and awesome soundtrack the music fits the movie perfectly

- Old


- Best album ever

Love this whole pg rated album from beginning to end, every song is personalized to the Spider-Man into the spider verse.

- Pfxnfn

I just love this soundtrack so much I can listen to this all day

- Beautiful!!

Love it movie was really good and it had my NEW favourite song sunflower

- Movie = great . soundtrack = great

Honestly best movie soundtrack I’ve heard ever hide was my personal favourite but there was no flops in this movie

- R.i.p.

Rip stanle but the song is amazing

- amazing!

loved the movie and the soundtrack! ✨✨

- Dang it I love this album

Woooo this is great! I personally prefer What’s Up Danger

- great!

this was such a good movie, and the soundtrack is equally amazing 🔥

- Same thing over and over

Other than Sunflower and Scared of the Dark, every song sounds and feels the same. People are praising this soundtrack for changing the series tone but in a way it is the same thing just with a new face. Instead of a whole album full of white male alternative bands we get a full album of hip hop. If it truly was supposed to represent all the cast of Spideys then there would have been a balance to the music and more styles represented

- Appalling.

If ever there was a reason not to watch a film, it would be this soundtrack. It represents the absolute bottom of the barrel in forgettable slush. JH TORONTO

- This album is the best

Keep on making songs like this

- So good

I love it

- Random

I aaaaaaassa

- Hip hop spider man love it

So cooooooooolllllllllll

- not as good as movie

mumble rap. this is not a diverse album

- Excellent

There’s really not much to say about this album that hasn’t already been said. The production is top notch, it flows great with the overall tone of the movie, it’s upbeat and makes you wanna dance and its just another great reason to watch the movie. I understand not everyone might enjoy hip-hop so for that reason I can understand if you just weren’t feeling the soundtrack. But to those complaining, even though it might not be your type of music, you must remember that music always helps to set the mood for a film and it wouldn’t have made as much sense to use classical composition for a movie about a character like Miles Morales and his urban upbringing in a modern day New York City. Its what helps to make the movie so unique. Love it!

- Rip

Rip lil Wayne

- Sick songs

It is awesome

- Awesome

Really cool

- So... “Diverse”

The soundtrack is fine if you like rap and what not, but I wouldn’t call it diverse. It is all mostly rap, I'm not sure if “I'm Not Scared of the Dark” is rap. In order for a soundtrack or album to be diverse it NEEDS to have more than one genre such as; rock, hip-hop, electronic, classical, blues, alternative, etc. Rap is a genre, just because it is rap doesn’t make it diverse. Once again, it isn’t my style, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good, it works well with the movie and that is what matters most.

- Who wrote the review for the soundtrack?

Whoever wrote the review on the initial soundtrack for this movie, complained about the original 2002 soundtrack, saying it wasn’t diverse? Except this soundtrack is all rap, with no diversity whatsoever. Check your facts first.

- Purple cost

I love you daddy

- NO Hollandfj

This represents Juice wrld, DUCKWRTH and lil wayne. They are like good rappers and I like the song start a riot

- Awesome Soundtrack!

This had me dancing all the way through the movie!

- Missing songs

The best song in the movie is ‘Want it here’ by Xenia Pax. It is not on this Album.

- A perfect soundtrack

Every song fits the mould so perfectly that it brings twice the edge to a movie that is already so perfect

- Juice WRLD best bit

Hide is pure 🔥🔥🔥

- Love big fan!

Big fan love sunflower keep it up great job guys keep working hard 🥰😻😘❤️

- Excellent

The songs selected for the film are amazing, and their entrance into subsequent scenes are well executed. There’s nothing better than bringing a character like Miles with music that add even more vibrancy to a story that is so artistically creative.

- Biggest fan

Post Molone you are the best one in your world I know that you’re the first person I ever heard play in Spider-Man biggest fan biggest moment biggest dream biggest life.

- Sooooo goooood


- Hmmm....

This a alright album, but there’s only like three good songs in it. Sunflower, Start a Riot and Scared of the Dark. Otherwise, get some better songs cause none of them r popular except sunflower, and even then many people think it’s a trash song

- It’s so goooooood

I love the soundtrack it has suck good artist it made me jump in the movie

- Spider Man into the spider virse


- Amazinnnnnnnnng brah

So cool especially ‘What’s up danger’


This new album is so good but favs woud have to be Whats up danger (tots relates to me) and sunflower. Nice one Marvel.

- Amazing!!

Love Sunflower and scared of the dark

- Read this


- Start a riot

It has that beat like it makes u pumped up, Juice World with Hide a great song, Sunflower is a classic! Great album!

- 👌

This album is lit as, scared of the dark is my favourite

- AWESOME SOUNDTRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think this soundtrack is awesome because there is a whole variety of songs like trap, hip-hop,pop and even chill music. My favourite song from this album is “Sunflower” is because I think it has meaning to it and I think it has a nice relaxing beat to it. The other songs I like as well as “Let Go” “What’s Up Danger” “Scared Of The Dark” “Start a Riot” and “Save The Day” The movie itself is really astounding and flawless and I will say the same with this album. Definitely worth listening to.



- Amazing

This made me happen gave me a girlfriend


This song is so average and it’s auto tune a lot 😒

- Omg guys

THIS S0NG IS S00000 G00D!!!👌👍❤️ Man listen to it about 10 000 000 000 times a day

- Cool music but why slag previous Spider-Man soundtracks

Cool music but why slag previous Spider-Man soundtracks? Identity politics and “woke” SJW terminology and ideologies are nothing but divisive. Just make good music. Forget the rest.

- As amazing as the movie

I love this soundtrack, been waiting for it ever since the movie released, has amazing talented artists on each track, I love this. 💜💜💜

- Best soundtrack

2018’s best movie and soundtrack with amazing artists, let go is my favourite. Would’ve been better if it had Joyner Lucas on it though.

- Sunflower

Paid for the sunflower song and it won’t download. Also got charged $10.50 for one song!

- To much d

These songs should be $1 each not what $2.44

- Fan

It’s great

- Amazing

I love sunflower by post Malone And hide by juice wrld

- Thanks marvel

Thanks for putting my new song in the movie.

- Amazing!

One of the best soundtracks I’ve heard from a movie! I can’t stop listening to ‘Scared of the Dark’!

- Just 2 good songs

I love spider man read the name Spider-Man’s marvel I only like sunflower and what’s up danger BTW look at denis daily’s remade sunflower half hour I love Denis watch if your a roblox fan

- ew.

thank u, next

- Amazing song!

Never heard a song this good in a while!!!❤️🙌🏻

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- Orgasmic

The film was just amazing with banging songs so Yh I love it. Must buy.

- Only the last track is ok.

I bought this just for the last track being “album only”. The rest of the tracks are just horrible.

- AMAZING 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😊😆😊😊😊

Thanks very much for this album

- Good

Classic songs I watched the movie it's soooooo good I would recommend it the music mixes well with the scenes

- Mike


- Wow

What a banger top shagger

- Horrendous

“Something awfully homogenous” about the original soundtrack? There’s something just plain awful about this one. This is mass-produced, overly-replicated, auto-tuned drivel produced by fame-hungry but ultimately talentless soon-to-be has-beens. Minaj on a Spider-Man soundtrack?! There’s putting a modern twist on a classic - and then there’s completely selling out an iconic brand.

- Great!

Love ‘What’s up Danger’ and ‘Sunflower’ the whole album is pretty good!

- Double wammie

I love the songs and the movie 😍😍💖💖💖💝💝♥️♥️

- Awsome

Elevate is the stand out track on a good album. Fantastic track to exercise to or fight your last battle against overwhelming odds to...if that’s your thing

- Just an Amazing & Spectacular soundtrack

Just buy it, it’s perfect if you love urban music but I think that anyone can really love this soundtrack.

- Sunflower 💯


- It’s really amazing

This song is awesome and I completely love it and it was in Spider-Man into the spider verse. 10/10 for me.😀😀😀😀

- Meh.

Only good song is the last one


Lol best song ever❤️

- 😒😒


- Love it

So good and catchy

- Im just writting to say...


- Good review

Love the music keep it up This music is top notch.

- The texture of the movie in audio form

It's a shame Biggie's track didn't make it on, but this is still a fantastic selection of tracks that exude the best qualities of the movie itself.

- Spider-Man into the spider verse

Bought because the film was so amazing!

- Okay, but a bit monotonous

As far as soundtracks go it’s decent, but could have been so much better. There are a few catchy gems (such as Sunflowers) but it gets very monotonous very quickly. Whereas previous entries from the Spiderman franchise have featured a variety of genres (from hip hop to rock ballad and pop punk to instrumental), all the songs here are all variations of the same theme so it all gets a bit ‘samey’ and boring. Maybe better to just pick the odd songs you like.

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Escuchamos FM

Sunflower (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) - Post Malone & Swae Lee-Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Soundtrack From & Inspired by the Motion Picture).

Hard Cunt ✨

I’m thinking Into The Spider-Verse after? .

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