Sick Boy by The Chainsmokers

Sick Boy [The Chainsmokers] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.This Feeling (feat. Kelsea Ballerin... 3:17
2.Beach House 3:26
3.Hope (feat. Winona Oak) 3:00
4.Somebody 3:41
5.Side Effects (feat. Emily Warren) 2:52
6.Sick Boy 3:13
7.Everybody Hates Me 3:43
8.Siren 2:54
9.You Owe Me 3:10
10.Save Yourself 3:30
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Sick Boy by The Chainsmokers Album Reviews

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- This Album Just Compiles Their Recent Singles

Is it ever going to end or is every one of their newest singles going to keep being added to it?

- Shocked af

I’m a big fan, but this is by far the worst piece of crap they ever put out. Need more things like “Roses” & “Something just Like this”


This is more like electroni-techno, alternative pop. What happened to actual "dance" music. Chainsmokers are one of several groups that illustrate all that is wrong with placement of selves in the "dance" genre.

- It’ OK 😐

Their music is great, but they lack tunes. Every song’s refrain sounds the same, which was not true for their previous albums. They seem to have run out of unique tunes, and they all sound generic. I hope they come up with better refrains in their next album.

- Trash

Wish I could give less than one star. Everything they do sounds the same. No creativity put into this at all. The lyrics are simple and recycled from everything else right now. Not sure how this is enjoyable to anyone.

- Ok seriously?

I like them, but they release an EP, and then another one and a single, and then they release an album. They could’ve easily skipped the on EP and the single and went straight to this.

- .


- The songs

I really loved the first three songs they put out and how it all talked about personal and mental illness and then it just went to corny love songs and the album was just everywhere.

- This ain’t it

Basic and mediocre and THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN jeez

- 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘👌🤙

This is very awesome y would any one not love it 😍 great beet

- Amazing!


- The guy “singer” ruins this

The songs would be good but the main guy “thinks” he can sing, sis you CANT, maybe you should see that we all agree on this

- New song "Hope" Is FIRE!

Loving the new song. Huge fan of you guys, but my only wish was that this "new" album was full of brand new songs. We've been playing most of these songs all year round. Sick Boy era has been done with. And PS. Despite what some say, I Love Andrews vocals. Sounds so smooth, especially on the new song.

- 😘😘😘

This is so good! Every single song is great!! This is their best work yet!

- Ehh

They all sound the same, but I LOVE side effects, and that’s about it

- Different is Good

People love to hate. Keep putting out great music!!!

- Decent album

Have to agree with some that the songs would be much better without the guy who’s sings in most of their songs (not sure if he’s in the group or just a BFF or whatever); his vocals kill the track every time

- Disappointing


- Good!🔥

I don’t get all the hate!

- Yasss



Love the songs, I just wish they didn’t do it single by single! It became messy! Love the album though!!

- Awesome!

Awesome music!!!!

- Catchy commercial and thoughtful

What a great birthday gift for me.


I loved Memories...Do Not Open so I was curious to see what they were doing next. This one is just as good as MDNO, maybe even better. They have there poppy sounds but then they just got hard with sirens and save yourself. I cant wait to see what they make next, Great job Chainsmokers.

- It’s really not that bad

People are saying that one guy can’t sing but look at all the artists that are famous and can’t sing.... hello Britney spears??? JLo isn’t the best singer either! The guy can sing fairly good and with a little help it turns out nice. Nothing spectacular but nice. The featured artists always sound great and the beats might be mainstream/typical but listen to any of the top 100 songs... they all sound typical. Sooo those who rate and write reviews should do so logically and not just give negative reviews just because they don’t like the two guys in the band. Base the review off of the actual music and compare it to other music that has come out recently. Mic drop.


They are unique and do their own thing ! Drew sings really good as well, in fact I like their songs way better when he sings! Love them and rather listen to them then anyone else 😍😍😍😍😍

- 5 Stars

Great Album like their precious ones. I enjoy their all their songs they make

- Need to improve

The Chainsmokers have been doing pretty well with older songs. I personally believe that the chainsmokers songs that have been coming out most recently haven’t been the best. I do however like that they are doing some of this EDM music I think that is a good change. Closer, all we know, and Paris. We’re all the good stuff

- Completely changed their genre

This sounds nothing like what they used to produce….they should have stuck with the style they used in Closer, Something Just Like This, Don’t Let Me Down, Paris, and Roses.

- no words........

cause i love it 😍 ❤️

- BRO!!!

Ahh sick boy is amazing I love it and it’s super catchy AND I’m listening to it as I’m writing this :3 I love it!!

- No sis

Tired twenty one pilots copiers 🙅‍♀️

- Ehhhh

It’s good but way more mellow and middle of the road. Good beats and melody but nothing to rave about. Not amazing but good.

- I. Fxxx with this album

Solid beats

- Iconic

Let me just say I’ve never been the BIGGEST fan of the chainsmokers, okay I lied maybe one or four songs but this album has literally given by brain a serious euphoria .. I worship you guys, please never stop making music <3

- Wish there was a zero star

1.) STOP [email protected] COPYING TWENTY ONE PILOTS YA IDJITS 2.) stop using the same title it’s annoying 3.) ya never gonna make it, stop trying

- Not bad

This album isn’t the best, some of the songs aren’t good at all, but some I actually kinda like. This album is ten times better then memories do not open.

- Super duper

Awesome and stuff

- This album is 🔥

I’ve been a fan since the beginning and I have to say this is the best release by far, love the new sounds in every song!!!


I don’t need P4K to tell me this is bad—just common sense and sobriety (which the Chainsmokers clearly lack as they still yuck it up to their frat boy days album after album after album)

- I like sick boy

Hey Chainsmokers have you heard thatDevils don’t fly it’s my favorite and you should hear its a good song

- ,

i’ve been a fan ever since i heard Something Just Like This. i heard it when my sister was playing roblox, then i started listening to all of their songs. i have to say, they’ve done much better, but, still pretty good

- Just my type

I love this is kinda like explains—I don’t how to explain this...but I can image this! I also love the rhythm! .✖︎. So uh...thanks! -Your friend Tapey :P

- Love

ReAlly good

- Amazing!

I’ve been a Chainsmokers fan since their first songs and albums, and I can confidently say that this is the best album you’ll ever hear!! It’s so good!!

- Yeet

Loaf sick boi 💖💖💖

- Great album

Well I can safely say that this is another success for this group. I love listening to all their music. Closer is still the best song from this project. If you love lighthearted songs about love and relationships then this is a great album to listen to while you run or workout.

- Amazing

Amazing amazing amazing

- Here’s the catch...

This album is great! I love the Chainsmokers! I’d say there are about 3 songs on here that are garbage. That’s the only reason I give it four stars. Still love it though!!!

- New Age Pop not EDM

And that’s fine if that’s your target Audience... but even for POP it isn’t good. You guys have potential & can do better..

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- Why bother

I am not sure why they continue to make the same songs and albums Bored already

- Repackaged content

How many times are they going to re-package the same old songs as a “new” album?

- 👌👌

Very Good 😍

- Make a brand new album

Love the songs but just come out with a 10 song album with new songs never heard before not just 1 new song and older ones from throughout the year 🙄

- Crap

This album is causing my ears to bleed , by the way who ever reviewed this at iTunes is insane to think “Sick Boy” shows off their production , songwriting skills etc ..... actually take that back ... it does because it’s just god awful. I see no hits on this album it’s not even mediocre . Safe yourselves money and invest in another artist

- Way better

You guys came such a long way from memories... do not open I love this.

- Cool stuff

I think it’s awesome! It has so much emotion it them! But I do have to agree with everyone else, PLZ MAKE A NEW ALBUM!

- Boreing now

Same stuff now

- Not that good

Um it’s not good sorry


Nice album

- Love it, but upsetting

Okay first the neg: Awww! They pulled a David Guetta! Released 'Sick Boy...This Feeling' in September and now this in December with three extra singles! And you can't 'complete my album'!! Now the praise.... no words. Love the breadth. See them live if you can!!

- 8/10

A variety of sounds and essentially 10 singles!!

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- The Chainsmokers

I love watching snow because in all the songs on every album🚬

- 🎧

I like 6/10 songs from this album. I like 11/12 from their previous album. Personally I'm not sure if it's an upgrade or not but it's not that bad.

- the chainsmokers

i used to like these guys shame there music is trash now havent enjoyed one of there songs since 2016 they have lost there spark

- Brilliant

Very strong album, much like the last one. Some great collaborations, a must buy if you liked the last album Memories.

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John King

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Nik 2

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Sammy Mojica

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I’m feeling sick and I ain got the flu boy I’m missing you 😩#oshyn.

🖤Me, Dree and I. 💛

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