Reputation by Taylor Swift

Reputation [Taylor Swift] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1....Ready For It? 3:28
2.End Game (feat. Ed Sheeran & Future... 4:04
3.I Did Something Bad 3:58
4.Don’t Blame Me 3:56
5.Delicate 3:52
6.Look What You Made Me Do 3:31
7.So It Goes... 3:47
8.Gorgeous 3:29
9.Getaway Car 3:53
10.King Of My Heart 3:34
11.Dancing With Our Hands Tied 3:31
12.Dress 3:50
13.This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Th... 3:27
14.Call It What You Want 3:23
15.New Year’s Day 3:55

reputation is the sixth studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It was released on November 10, 2017, through Big Machine Records. It includes the singles "...Ready For It?", "Look What You Made Me Do", "Gorgeous", "End Game", "Delicate" and "Call It What You Want".

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Reputation by Taylor Swift Album Reviews


I cannot express how much I love this album.

- TS💜

My favorite album by her and being at the first night of her tour was just amazing and crazy emotional

- Ughhhhh This Album Goes On For Way Too Long

This is my least favorite Tay album. I’m honestly not sure how she went from 1989 (only two skips) to Reputation. So many of these tracks have painfully boring production (so it goes, call it what you want, dress), or else terribly executed dubstep-influenced production (king of my heart, LWYMMD), or else is redundantly expressing a topic that’s already been explored earlier on the track list (delicate, end game, and call it what you want all have the same lyrical concept. LWYMMD, I Did Something Bad, and This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things are all pretty similar lyrically too). The truth is, Taylor Swift’s drama with Kanye West isn’t that interesting, and it shows in her execution of this “concept” record. We never get any in-death analyses on why things occurred, just “I’m upset, but my baby makes me happy though all of it.” Her fifteen tracks can be summed up in that one sentence. If that’s not a lack of direction, I don’t know what is. Favorites: Delicate, Gorgeous, I Did Something Bad, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, Getaway Car, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, New Years Day. Meh: End Game, Ready for it, Call it What You Want, Don’t Blame Me. Worst/Skip: So It Goes, Dress, LWYMMD, King of My Heart.

- Back Off Haters!

I think reputation is great! I’d like to see you haters write something half as good as Taylor’s music, much less perform it. You should be the one getting criticized not taylor. I have looked up to her in all of my twelve years of life and I think there is nothing better than her music. She will always be queen of the music industry no matter what you insensitive meanies say about her.

- Beyoncé’s Lemonade rip-off

White people have an extensive history of stealing ideas from black people. Beyoncé’s music video style and lemonade album was groundbreaking, but whites didn’t like it cause it was “too black.” So Taylor turns it white and now she’s “original?” Some songs are ok at best🤷🏾‍♂️

- My favorite Taylor album

This is my favorite album of hers by far. I’m in a time in my life where I’m learning the my Reputation is a very confusing thing

- Don’t even like Taylor Swift, but wow.

Look at what you made me do and are you ready for it are great songs.


Don’t buy y’all give a good review but don’t give money to a theif

- love this taylor

new sound great music as always

- Pretty Good

I LOVE this album and I really wanna buy it but 🛴 owns it and he is a bully. But the songs on here are ALL amazing!

- Best album of decade

I fell in love with almost all of the songs and Taylor Swift herself

- Great

Good but “I did something bad” should be labeled explicit

- Love this... but

Please don’t buy unless the album says “reputation”... not “Reputation”. Scooter Braun is a terrible, racist, homophobic man who has his wife stand up for him in public. I love you Taylor! 😘 Definitely a great album!!!!! 😁😁😁😁

- Killing it

So amazing I can’t stand it

- Duh


- So Good!!!

Best of all her albums, including newer ones like Lover. I love every single song on this list, I saw her perform this album live in concert, she’s just GREAT.

- Nah

None of the songs were that good and I got look what you made me do with some hope but, really just a waste of my money. Taylor needs to try and make songs like good 2020 singers not like she's still in 2009.

- Love the electro sound

I think that the sound is definitely really good and it makes the songs in this album really good. Especially in “Look What You Made Me Do”.

- End game

I love this song 🤮🤬🤬🤬

- My FAVE Taylor Album

This album, to me, feels like walking down a hall of mirrors, each one showing a different version of Taylor. While some songs, like ...Ready For It?, I Did Something Bad, & LWYMMD may seem dark and edgy, especially on the first half of the album, they hold an emotionally charged, vulnerable side to them as well (Dancing With Our Hands Tied, Delicate, King Of My Heart) which becomes more When you put these elements together, combined with Taylor and her incredible songwriting, you get magic. Beauty. And a greatly misunderstood work of art. Altogether unforgettable. My second-favorite album may change from time to time, but my favorite will always remain reputation.


It’s so relatable, it’s the best come back. You can tell she had thousands of ideas left in her mind writing this album. I NEVER get tired of it!!!

- #ScooterBraunIsOverParty

this legend deserves nothing but the best. scooter is just envious of a woman’s success, so he’s trying to sabotage Taylor, but guess what? you can never cancel taylor legend. 💅🏼

- Amazing!

I really want to buy it, but I’m not sure if it’s safe to do so yet. Will my money still be going to Scooter if I buy it right now? I don’t want to feed any more into the pockets of such an awful person.....hopefully you get your masters back soon, Taylor! 💖💖💖

- She is my role model

I love her songs and everybody that criticizes her is playing dumb she’s amazing #Reputation #Lover #Folklore

- Nice

Nice job Taylor



- one of the best

when this came out, a lot of people said they didn’t like it as much but i loved this album! i think after her documentary came out everyone kinda grew to love this album. getaway car is my favorite song on this album. it’s so good 🥺🥺 gorgeous is also one of my top favs, new year’s day, and so many more.

- Reputation

This album is probably the best album ever I love this album Taylor Swift has done an an amazing job!!❤️

- Her best album

I can talk about this album all day! It’s her best, my favorite! She did an amazing job on it!



- I don’t like you but...

you can have 5 stars :)

- Look what u made me do is amazing 😉

Every time I listen to it is so amazing.I just chill under this music

- It’s reputation, not Reputation

Four stars because of Scooter. The album is great in general, but its reputation, not Reputation. I stick with you, Taylor!😉

- She’s back!

I was skeptical about this album since it’s a different side of Taylor. But after listening to all of the songs I was blown away. All 15 songs are catchy, well written, a masterpiece, and just goes to show how strong and powerful Taylor Swift is! She went through a lot but came back to prove who she really is, a bada**!

- Reputation in the garbage

🗑 🗑 🗑 🤢 🤢 🤮 🤮 😷.

- Taylor Swift

Taylor I am a huge fan I love your look what you made me do video on vevo and song and I am a little kid but I want to be like you write swear words songs to . I love you Taylor.

- Mhm

Still her best imo

- Thank you everyone who is telling everyone about Scooter

Hi I really like Taylor Swifts music bit I have been reading reviews about a man named scooter so thank you all for tell people about it I hope soon scooter won’t do stuff like that

- Peachy love❤️❤️❤️

Taylor we all love you but we know you can make better ok👌🏻😭💕☺️

- definitely her best album

this has been my favorite taylor swift album since it came out, and i honestly think this is probably her best album of all time. amazing lyrics, vocals, it just sounds so good and amazing to listen to.

- reputation

This album is absolutely amazing. It changed my life and is by far my favorite album of all time

- The Absolute Best

Taylor’s PRIME. It doesn’t get much better than this. reputation will stay Taylor’s finest work, it is so well written, thought-provoking, and overall just an absolutely iconic record. reputation is beginning to stand the test of time. Well done.

- aria


- If people take me,Get Taylor’s help.

There has been a lot of people taking me down of the way I get,but my core told me to be better and stronger just like Taylor.Now my core has been courageous and it is time to follow Taylor’s path and mine into one big path!

- Scooter Braun is bad Taylor is better

Scooter Braun is bad tay is more awesome

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍

Love this album! I love the songs ...Ready For It?, End Game (feat. Ed Sheeran & Future) and Look What You Made Me Do!


this album will never age

- Grown on me

I hated this at first, but this summer, it’s just majorly grown on me, and I love it now; New Year’s Day is such a sweet love song, This is Why we Can’t Have Nice Things is So catchy, and Dress is so good when you’re wanting someone Oh, and “I’d kiss you as the lights went out, swaying as the room burned down, I’d hold you as the water rushes in, if I could dance with you again...” chef’s kiss. These lyrics are Beautiful, and don’t you think this song should be matched up with Titanic moments? I mean, “... I’d hold you as the water rushes in...”

- Fine album.

This album was ok. To me, in my opinion, all the songs sound the same. The only song, to me, that is distinct in this album is Look What You Made Me Do. That song is my fave along with Don’t Blame Me, Call It What You Want, and New Year’s Day.

- my absolute favorite album

i know all the words to all of the songs, this album is freakin amazing.

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- 👏🏻👍🏻

I love MOST of her songs. I think I like all of the songs in this album

- Love it

I could listen to her music again and again I love that all of her songs never get boring :))))))😂😆



- Her best work.

Seriously, rep deserves more love.

- She told the truth all along.

This is an amazing album and just know that she was right from the start. #KanyeWestIsOverParty


The album speaks for it self! It’s fire and ice and clarity. She’s so incredible and dazzles up with her confidence and creativity!

- Her Best Album

My mood.

- Love

I am big fan

- Love it!

I went to the concert and it was amazing! I love all the songs on it!

- Go Taylor I can’t wait 😊

Wahoo go Taylor I love my fav song is bad blood wahoo

- Where did the other 2000 reviews go?

Perfection anyways.

- Amazing

Best one yet


Lover is coming August 23rd. Stream ME! And You Need To Calm Down!!!! Btw: damn you Justin, Scott and Scooter. 😔

- This isn’t Taylor owned, it’s Scooter owned



I love the new taylor so much more

- 👋 hi


- Love love love

This is legendary I love all the songs

- Omg her best album


- Pop perfection

She did what she had to do. Look What You Made Me Do, I Did Something Bad, Getaway Car, and Dress are standout tracks! This was the perfect album... I don’t know if she can top it.

- Lover -> August 23rd

Proceeds from purchasing this album go to Scooter Braun. Instead buy/stream LOVER August 23rd and the two new singles YNTCD and ME! To support Taylor. Re-released with a capital ‘R’.

- 🖤


- great album but do not buy


- Reputation album

Perfection. Love love love it



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- She should be proud of herself.

That is such a good album she has done well in all of them for us to listen to. Everyone should appreciate her a lot. Well done to her. :( :D.

- Dead

The old Taylor maybe dead but so was I after listening to reputation for the first time.

- Stunning

From the lead single, Look What You Made Me Do, you would expect this album to be filled with angry/revenge type songs but on the contrary it is filled with Love songs, and damn good ones at that. There’s only one of Song (This Is Why awe Can’t Have Nice Things) about the 2016 drama. Call It What You Want is beautiful and heartwarming and this album is well worth a listen if you haven’t already. Leaving this review now cause iTunes took off and reuploaded a ton of albums, including Taylors, which caused all the reviews to be removed 😑

- Her best album🐍🐍🐍

There will be no further explanation. There will only be reputation. This is her best album. I honestly love it.



- So good!

I’ve been a Taylor swift fan since she started in 2006. I’ve always looked forward to her new music but to be honest when I first heard the single to this album I really wasn’t sure. It was so far from the 1989 album and I wasn’t expecting it to be so dark and almost angry...HOWEVER...I listened to it again and again and slowly I got it. I understood the importance of this song and when the album was released I was amazed. I fell in love and now that first single is one of my favourites. She endured a lot to get to this stage but look what she did with it - she wrote a kick ass album and had one of THE most successful tours. And I loved all 3 shows I went to!


Again no Grammy?? Weird. This album is a lyrical masterpiece

- repuslaytion

getaway car, dancing with our hands tied, and call it what you want are the best songs on the album. period.

- Her Best

Taylor’s best in my opinion. Sonically inventive and much more vulnerable. Taylor really couldn’t care what people think of her anymore, and this album proves it. Artistic and personal growth are evermore evident with this album. It’s incredible.

- rep best era

A masterpiece!

- Lyrical Genius

Hiss hiss. This deserved a Grammy.

- Brooke


- Scooter Braun

DO NOT BUY THIS!!!! This is Scooter Braun’s re-upload!! All of the money made by Taylor Swift should be given to Taylor Swift however he has taken over her songs and getting all of the money that is made from her hard work. This is shameful and should not be happening! Please buy from her original album “reputation” From TS fan xx

- Masterpiece


- queen of pop

bop after bop


this is a republished version and all profits will go to funding the genocide of Yemens

- iconic

iconic in every way

- One of her best

Reputation is one of Taylor best albums but it’s still not going to surpass 1989 for me. I love how Taylor has taken on an edger style. In this album I think her vocals have improved and her choreography is great my favourite song of the album would be don’t blame me I would have liked I did something bad to be a single instead of delicate I mean don’t get me wrong delicate is a great song I just think I did something bad would have been better. But we can all admit in Taylor’s standards reputation is a flop she sold a million copies in a week and Taylor is a huge album seller she is one of the best album sellers but reputation compared to 1989 is a flop. I don’t like endgame you don’t get enough of Taylor and I just get bored of the song but it’s still an ok song but it just kinda bores me a bit. Going onto another single ready for it I think is a great opener for the album and I love the music video concept it’s also a great opener for the tour and the song was great for a big performance and Taylor put on a show. Now that I am talking about the tour the intro is everything Taylor really knows how to put on a show. Onto look what you made me do I mean the music video is great and the choreography is amazing again and I like how she was using all her hate for a song and how she incorporated the 🐍 thing that was going around and I loved the song in general. Overall for the album I think you should definitely get it it is worth the money if you are a fan

- reputation

This album has been rereleased and misspelled ‘Reputation’ (capital R). Scoot, you didn’t wait long to try and squeeze any drop of money you can out of Taylor’s work.

- Love Taylor but Hate Scooter Braun


- Rep review

The best album, an up beat song-opener, my favourite is dancing with our hands tied.


Incredible album

- A piece of art.

Taylor’s incredible songwriting abilities shine through brightly as ever on this album; such a captivating tale is told of her finding love and acceptance despite all the noise. The production on this album is impeccable, particularly those tracks crafted by Jack Antonoff. Taylor’s vocals have never sounded better. An amazing listen.

- This is……

THIS IS DARK THIS IS PERFECTION And many more the only thing about this album is every song is a BOP and I love New Year’s Day I did something bad and don’t blame me those are my faves all I can say Taylor is big support 💕

- Amazing album BUT

Don’t buy this album on itunes! Taylor was denied the opportunity to buy all her masters from Scott Borchetta and instead he sold them to Scooter Braun who bullied her for years. He now owns all of her masters and entire catalogue from 2006-2017. This album is a masterpiece but please download it illegally or listen to the CDs, as Scooter will profit from all of her music that he had no hand in creating. MUSIC HAS VALUE!

- Best Album Ever

This album is my favourite album of all time. I fricking love it!!

- Maiya

I loved this album because it has such good talent out into it and I love the meaning of each song I am possibly one of your biggest fans My favourite song on here is Look What You Made Me Do because it’s scary and mysterious

- Scott and Scooter are money hungry morons!!

I obviously love this album and would have given this 5 stars but they have re-published all of Taylor’s albums for money so I can’t. And we know that because you changed the title to have a capital R in reputation instead of a lower case! So money hungry!! How dare you 😡😡😡😡

- Frigg off scooter


- Do not buy it, it’s from scooter bruan, the cancer in music industry

Don’t buy it

- There will be no explanation

This is the best album of Taylor peridot.

- Taylor’s best clap back album👏👏

I love it!

- A bop!

Taylor is really the gratest song writer of this generation. Every song has an untold story. reputation is the best comback album!

- the best taylor swift album for me

If you listen to this album for the first time, you might not get used to it but if you keep on repeating all the songs, it will really capture all your senses. Taylor Swift is really versatile tbh and of course, her songwriting skills is excellent!

- masterpiece

Taylor’s BEST album to date.

- Yaaasss Queen


- Pop perfection

Unexpected album from Queen tay and she never disappoints her fans everytime she released new music

- Her best album

reputation is truly her best album!!!

- her best album n thas on periodt


- @dominaek



Her labeled group bought all her masters! And She can’t buy it anymore! :(

- #WeStandWithTaylor

Give her songs back.


Her best album. PERIODT.

- AwesoME!!

reputation is a heartfelt album that circles around the rages and dilemmas of being criticized at every turn. I love the synth-pop and electropop that Taylor puts into production of every complex lyrical masterpiece.

- reputation is the best! 🐍

Her best album!


A dark synth pop theme which I very like. My top 3 songs are "I Did Something Bad", "Delicate", and "Getaway Car".

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You think your girl letting you cheat on her in peace cause she “dumb” but she getting rawed by a nigga you will never find. And he’s telling EVERYONE he knows. That’s your reputation out here boy.

Deidre Brock

It takes a long time to build a reputation for high quality food - like the international reputation that Scottish seafood has - but it's fairly clear that it can be destroyed very quickly. All this because some eejits wanted to "take back control".

Jessica jones

@SFdocK @PeterVroom1 @N1M1C31 It is sad, because it is a university that has great post grad programs as well as a great scholastic reputation.

💛🐝 Kamala Karma | Busy Bi | BLM

The best song on Reputation just came on shuffle.

Joseph N. Cohen

"Yes, I pointed a gun at you, but I never would have pulled the trigger. People point guns at each other all the time. You are overblowing this event to hurt my public reputation".

K Mortier

@TimothyDSnyder And yet the @SenateGOP will still let him off the hook for it, let him continue with heinous pardons & other acts, and put the final nail in our country’s reputation..


@GinGocek @MrDalekJD U Expect me to believe some guy that stole another youtuber content and make a apology video to save his reputation.

Robby Turner

I love Taylor Swift so much 🥺🥺 I can’t stop watching the Reputation Tour on Netflix.


@SueJRogerson @PapaFlerf @Tomreader5 @Ravenshead2222 Yawn, It's a Communist country with a reputation of human rights violations? #Propaganda This is your Wuhan flu! We do not have this here. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 .

Bye, Don.

@SecPompeo I'll never forget your wife wasting my tax money by inappropriately using government resources for personal convenience and gain. Good luck restoring your reputation after supporting a president that will go down in history as infamously evil and dishonest..

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