Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves

Golden Hour [Kacey Musgraves] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Slow Burn 4:06
2.Lonely Weekend 3:46
3.Butterflies 3:39
4.Oh, What A World 4:01
5.Mother 1:18
6.Love Is A Wild Thing 4:16
7.Space Cowboy 3:36
8.Happy & Sad 4:03
9.Velvet Elvis 2:34
10.Wonder Woman 4:00
11.High Horse 3:33
12.Golden Hour 3:18
13.Rainbow 3:34
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Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves Album Reviews

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- Pony-tastic!

Love it!

- Love it

"You can have ur Space...Cowboy"

- 10/10

Such a beautiful album.

- Best?

Yes it is the best of the universe

- Good music

To the person who said kacey was unladylike I say EXCUSE ME? she has every right to express her political opinion just as much as anyone and she can do it anyway she wants to. As for the f word in front of children JUST DONT PLAY THAT SONG. I also really like high horse and slow burn.

- Great album.

Minus Mother and Rainbow, overall this album is fire. I love the mellow vibe through out the album and she has some beautiful vocal runs without over doing it.

- Not new

It’s time to take this two year old release out of new music file.

- Rainbow Though...

This is the most depressing, happy, IN MY FEELS album. Bless your ears to hear this

- Amazing!!

Not one bad song in this album!!

- O-M-Goodness...😁

This song, High Horse, one thing to say...obsessed. I dance professionally and one of my teachers played this song, and for the next couple of weeks I tried to find, it. No wonder, he plays it so much. I’m not mad though, and everyone one else in that dance class likes the song too.😁

- 🦋G O L D E N H O U R🦋

Kacey Musgraves deserved every Grammy she got. This is an amazing album. Golden Hour is a master piece. 1. High Horse 2. Butterflies 3. Rainbow Those are the three best songs. She is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- 2019 country music album of the year

This album deserves all the accolades it gets. Spin this on your record player and watch the sun set. Masterfully done. Kacey is a gem!

- Love

I’m totally in love with this whole album. Everyone can relate.

- Magical 🛸 👽 🌌🔮🔭

This whole album takes time to places I’ve never been before. So magical and surprising, each and every time 💕😍

- Best!

People might think Kacey has awful music... NO this is amazing! Could not ask for better music 🎶

- AoTY!

What a beautiful album. Thank u, Kacey 🦋

- Very subpar after her great start

This wasn’t even a change of style but lack of content that is the most prevalent. Had hoped for better but the music and lyrics don’t even sound like they should be on the same track. Missed the mark.

- Unbelievable

I’m not much of a country person but, this album isn’t as country as it comes across. This album has it all. It has the ballets, fast pace anthems, and the bawl your eyes out moments. Congrats Kacey on Album of the Year, definitely deserving of that title. One of the best albums ever made.

- 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

Not usually a country fan but can’t stop listening to this album. Between the sounds and the lyrics, just perfection. So glad I came across KM🌈

- Absolutely brilliant

Kacey mashes past and future on this unforgettable record.

- Golden Hour

I don’t like country but this album is so immaculate I literally can’t take it. It is so good. Bless your ears and listen

- 🤮🤢☠️👿

I wish I could give it no stars. It’s too sad and she just went political and was just no good.😤

- Potty Mouth

Kacey you have a beautiful voice and wonderful music, but when you go political and start using Potty Mouth language like the F word in front of who knows how many young children, I draw the line and will not purchase any more of your music. You have a right to your political opinion, but it doesn’t have to be expressed with bad, unladylike language in public.


Every single song in here is beautiful❤️I can’t stop listening to it 🌈 rainbow gave me a new perspective

- Why

Why does this exist? I can't stand it. Every song sounds the same

- Amazing

This album is so amazing

- modern

just wow. country with a modern twist, i love it

- Beautiful voice!!

I am in love with this voice and this album!

- love her !

i don’t like country a lot but her music is amazing start to finish

- outstanding writing


- Kacey!

I don’t usually listen to a lot of Country music, but this is an all-around excellent album! Although I have a soft spot for the Dixie Chicks and some pop-country acts like Taylor Swift and Maren Morris, I don’t think you have to like Country at all to appreciate this album. The songs are very pretty and mellow, they are simply great singer-songwriter tracks. I am very impressed with Golden Hour and am looking forward to what Kacey does next. "Slow Burn" and "Oh What A World" are my favorites.

- Umm?

I don’t love it but hate it?

- hey queen

girl you have done it again. constantly raising the bar for us all and doing it flawlessly. i’d say i’m surprised but i know who you are. i’ve seen it up close and personal. girl you make me so proud.

- Good album !


- Apologize to our National costume

Dear Kacey Musgraves, i do not know who is your stylist for your show some days ago. But he/she and you did such a terible thing to our TRADITIONAL CLOTHES, to all of Vietnamese. What did you think in your mind when you had worn our traditional costume in that way? 😡😡😡😡This is really really disrespectful to our traditional clothes, to us, you know? Our “Ao Dai” must be worn with a long pants inside, not like the way you did, 😡😡😡😡 you and your stylist, your ekip are insulting Vietnamese people, insulting our country in genaral and our traditional clothes in particular. Please notice our comments and take a proper action for that as soon as possible! So angryyyyyy 😡😡😡

- Wig

Queen!!! Legend. We Stan.

- 10/10

LOVE this album! She did an awesome job on this piece of work. It truly is Relatable, and her voice😍 everything is wonderful!🤠

- 4x Grammy award winner

She stole the show and I couldn’t agree anymore how much she deserved every single award keep up the hard work Kacey!

- 🤮

Bland. Overrated. Forgettable.

- 🌈 Rainbow 🌈

Such a pretty song. I don’t know how much more beautiful it could sound and I just love the message behind it. Keep up the good work Kacey ❤️

- Amazing


- Probably my favorite album of all time🥰

MISS SPACEY KACEY DID WHAT SHE NEEDED TO DO ON THIS ALBUM. Every song is beautiful and nostalgic and it got me through my senior year of high school. Her Grammy was well deserved and I’m so glad her talent is getting more recognition. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND PURCHASE THIS ALBUM SO YOU HAVE IT FOREVER💖


Every song has a story, just listen to the lyrics, love Kacey for what she is and what she does around for her fans.

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- Love it!

Amazing beats and even better lyrics

- Amazing

I was Really Really Impressed by her music. Must buy album!

- A musical poet for our times

This album is a rare experience in today’s over produced world of music. It is authentic and spare and heart breaking and free. This album is a wow for me.

- A RAINBOW 🌈 in the sky 🌌

She makes a rainbow appear in me and in the sky just when I need her to 💚💚💚😊🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌

- Amazing Album🤩🌈✨

Kacey Musgraves has a gorgeous voice and my favourite song on this album is Happy and Sad. Such a perfect, relatable song. Love this album! I never buy albums, I’m a single song type person but I had to buy this album.

- Plethora of Happiness

Passion, Love & Truth within the lyrics makes this album a joy

- masterpiece

brought me tears over how beautiful this entire album was 🥺 love it ❤️

- Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves

I love the whole album and my favourite track is “High Horse”

- I love her

Unique, beautiful lyrics and music. A breath of fresh air in a world full of stupid pop artists

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- Superb

First time in a long time I’ve lived an entire album.

- 🦋🦋🦋

She gives me goosebumps And butterflies 🦋

- Amazing Album

I'm thrilled to say I own this Grammy album of the year. I love modern country music & Kacey Musgraves has created a country genre of her own. Extremely talented singer/songwriter. Love love love

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Santos 🤬

Golden hour 🌟 .

Youngjae’s whore ☽༄

Yall look so pretty taking pics during golden hour😭😭 my eyes be burning and watering and shit tryna look cute 💜.


@onenightgolden I don’t know if you listen to Kacey but Golden Hour is so gorgeous on vinyl.


@bxcaspov HELP i still have to listen to golden hour so i’ll say dw but now.

Josh♪ ͬˢ

@ClRCUMAMBIENCE golden hour.

N A N I E 🐧🌺

@kenzie_baxter @_Korean_Potato_ My brain isn't functioning properly atm for some reason. 😂 I promise to wake up earlier the next day to activate the golden hour. Sam & Kenzie, chill and enjoy your day/evening. 🥳.


Golden hour. .


@rinasnasty big fish theory and golden hour.


It only took an hour for a race war to start at Golden Corral... Merry Christmas!.

⋆Mich⁷ ᴮᴱ⋆

@official_ACE7 Golden hour looks so good on you🥺.

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Golden hour Golden hour (medicine), the first sixty minutes after major traumatic injury Golden hour (photography), the first hour after dawn and the last hour before dusk Golden Hours (magazine), an American juvenile magazine published by Norman Munro in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries "Golden Hours", a song by Brian Eno from his 1975 album Another Green World A term used in Japanese television, to refer to the period between 7 and 9 pm, the equivalent of prime time Golden Hour (Sevish album), 2010 Golden Hour (Kacey Musgraves album), 2018 Golden Hour (Kygo album), 2020.

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