Still on My Mind

Dido - Still on My Mind album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Dido
Album Name :   Still on My Mind
Genre :   Pop
Relase Date :   08 March 2019
Tracks :   12
Country :   USA

Still on My Mind (Dido) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Hurricanes Dido 5:17
2. Give You Up Dido 3:21
3. Hell After This Dido 3:27
4. You Don't Need a God Dido 3:31
5. Take You Home Dido 5:05
6. Some Kind of Love Dido 4:42
7. Still on My Mind Dido 3:04
8. Mad Love Dido 2:52
9. Walking By Dido 4:31
10. Friends Dido 3:23
11. Chances Dido 3:31
12. Have to Stay Dido 2:43

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Dido - Still on My Mind Album Wiki

Still on My Mind is the fifth studio album by English singer Dido, released on 8 March 2019 through BMG. It is her first studio album since 2013's Girl Who Got Away. The teaser single "Hurricanes" was released on 12 November 2018. The official lead single "Give You Up" was premiered 22 January 2019 on BBC Radio 2. Dido will tour in support of the album from May 2019, making it her first tour in 15 years. .

Still on My Mind (Dido) Album Comments

Still on My Mind (Dido) Album Reviews

  • Wow...I Mean Wow!

    Still On My Mind is a solid album to say the least. Dido has been known for having large gaps of time between albums, but this was certainly worth the wait. From start to finish, these records didn’t leave me disappointed. The lyrics were clear and resonated with real life love situations. The production was also on point whether an upbeat record like “Mad Love” or something downtempo such as “Some Kind of Love.” It’s rare to find bodies of work like this today, that don’t feel lacking. Great work Dido.
  • Still great but a problem with download

    Didn't notice until today, 4/11 that the title track, STILL ON MY MY MIND did not download. I pre-ordered the album and was so happy to hear so many new tunes I didn't notice the miscount. It goes from 1 - 6, skips 7, and goes from 8 - 12. How can I get it downloaded without being charged for it again.
  • I love it

    Great person and amazing voice
  • Best since debut!

    THE Grandmaster B
    Really digging Dido’s long awaited new album! It’s the most complete, in my opinion, since her brilliant first one. She’s really found her mojo and songs like “Mad Love” and “Hurricanes” are among her best! More in her dance/electronic roots on this one. Give it a shot!
  • Great

    Did not think it was as good as her 1st couple of albums, but throughly enjoyed it. Her voice is as beautiful as ever.
  • Welcome back!!

    I love Dido. Her voice is very distinct and she has an amazing talent. My dad listens to her and that’s why I listen to her. I’m glad she’s staying true to herself!
  • Dido at her ultimate finest

    the blast ninja
    let me tell you something, first of, i am a huge fan of Dido. HUGE! so when i tell you this album right here is possibly the best album she's put out since Life for Rent, i am being straight. The sequencing of songs, the lyrics, the production is top notch. This is early Dido right here. That last album i didn't like but this one blows it away easily. huge contender for album of the year. I had to play Take You Home 10 times in a row. The title track is incredible. Hurricanes is so poignant. She just draws you in with every song on this album. I highly recommend this album with high regards
  • 😍😍😍😍

    I love ❤️ Dido ❤️
  • Euphoric, meditative, refreshingly good!

    Dido shines singing over electronica, trance, and house beats. In her vision with good and bad with hope at the end of the tunnel. Stunning harmonies, a new sound I hope to hear more of!
  • Dido is Back!!

    Each of her previous albums has been a stand out and this one is no exception. Wonderfully executed. I've missed her so much and I am thrilled that she is back stronger than ever.