My Everything (Deluxe)

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Artist:   Ariana Grande
Album Name:   My Everything (Delux..
Genre:   Pop
Relase:   22 August 2014
Tracks:   15
Country:   USA

My Everything (Deluxe) (Ariana Grande) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.IntroAriana Grande 1:19
2.Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea)Ariana Grande 3:13
3.One Last TimeAriana Grande 3:17
4.Why TryAriana Grande 3:31
5.Break Free (feat. Zedd)Ariana Grande 3:34
6.Best Mistake (feat. Big Sean)Ariana Grande 3:53
7.Be My Baby (feat. Cashmere Cat)Ariana Grande 3:37
8.Break Your Heart Right Back (feat. Child..Ariana Grande 4:13
9.Love Me HarderAriana Grande & The Weeknd 3:56
10.Just a Little Bit of Your HeartAriana Grande 3:52
11.Hands On Me (feat. A$AP Ferg)Ariana Grande 3:12
12.My EverythingAriana Grande 2:48
13.Bang BangJessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj 3:19
14.Only 1Ariana Grande 3:13
15.You Don't Know MeAriana Grande 3:53

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  • a nanny mouse 420

    5 stars
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. outsold per usual
  • Ropy fifths

    5 stars
    Great 👍🏾. Only two songs in this album I somewhat do not like. Other than that, this album is a epic classic.
  • huddy chan

    1 stars
    Songs 👎. I hated it
  • Cole Dorminick

    5 stars
    perfect. perfect
  • JoonslilCrabs

    5 stars
    I love all her old music. These throwbacks are so good!! And I kinda wish she’d go back to it but I love her new sound too!!
  • ella rose🌹

    5 stars
    Amazing!!!!. I love these Ariana Grande songs!!!!!!!❤️
  • annabethx16

    5 stars
    YAAASSSS. This album had really fun, catchy songs that were bops, but it also had songs with deep lyrics and beautiful messages along with songs that were in between. Ariana has the most amazing voice ever. . .
  • 🙊🙈🙊🙈🙊🙈🙊🙈🙈🙈

    5 stars
    Amazing!!. This album should come back and be the next hit 😂😂
  • l love the song

    5 stars
    💜. Queen 😭💜💜💜💜
  • xdaviddobrik

    5 stars
    ART. her best album PEIDODDObbb!!!

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