1 (2015 Version) by The Beatles

1 (2015 Version) [The Beatles] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Love Me Do (Mono) 2:20
2.From Me To You (Mono) 1:56
3.She Loves You (Mono) 2:20
4.I Want To Hold Your Hand (2015 Ster... 2:25
5.Can't Buy Me Love (2015 Stereo Mix) 2:11
6.A Hard Day's Night (2015 Stereo Mix... 2:32
7.I Feel Fine (2015 Stereo Mix) 2:19
8.Eight Days A Week (2015 Stereo Mix) 2:43
9.Ticket To Ride (2015 Stereo Mix) 3:10
10.Help! (2015 Stereo Mix) 2:19
11.Yesterday (2015 Stereo Mix) 2:05
12.Day Tripper (2015 Stereo Mix) 2:49
13.We Can Work It Out (2015 Stereo Mix... 2:15
14.Paperback Writer (2015 Stereo Mix) 2:18
15.Yellow Submarine (2015 Stereo Mix) 2:38
16.Eleanor Rigby (2015 Stereo Mix) 2:05
17.Penny Lane (2015 Stereo Mix) 3:00
18.All You Need Is Love (2015 Stereo M... 3:47
19.Hello, Goodbye (2015 Stereo Mix) 3:27
20.Lady Madonna (2015 Stereo Mix) 2:16
21.Hey Jude (2015 Stereo Mix) 7:05
22.Get Back (2015 Stereo Mix) 3:11
23.The Ballad Of John And Yoko (2015 S... 2:59
24.Something (2015 Stereo Mix) 3:01
25.Come Together (2015 Stereo Mix) 4:18
26.Let It Be (2015 Stereo Mix) 3:50
27.The Long And Winding Road (2015 Ste... 3:39

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1 (2015 Version) by The Beatles Album Reviews

- It’s been years just let em go

Let them go!!!!!!

- Amazing

Get it worth getting it


I love these classic songs

- No Questions Asked.

Incredible album that shows off the best of The Beatles.

- Its Ok

It doesn't have Two Of Us, A Day In The Life, or With A Little Help From My Friends.

- i love the Beatles. Get back is a cl

was written in green crayon on my parents notty pine walls when i was 7

- Best band ever

So good to have all your Beatles music where’ve you want

- Amazing


- i LOVE the Beatles!

They just have great music!

- Sorry

Sorry it’s not the songs it’s just I can’t even find the right version it’s not the Beatles it’s iTunes.

- Great

I love every song on this album

- Please

Please release the music videos from the Beatles 1. It was on iTunes and now it’s gone.

- Yesss

Love all these classic songs!

- Beatles' No.1


- ❤️


- Ew


- Amazing!

Worth every penny!😎👌💯

- These guys are pretty good!

I hope they are not a 1 hit wonder! Only time will tell!

- Go Beatles

Woo you are so cool best songwriting people ever hear buy so good

- Amazing

All of their hits in one place, and remastered. Love the Beatles

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- 10/10

The Beatles are my favourite band

- Amazing

The Beatles are number one no doubt!!!

- 1

Love their music but this albums been rehashed to be modern. JL would be rolling over in his grave

- Just wow

This album should be played at least 100,000,000 times

- Fantastic

No one under 50 really gets true music like this

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- Best ever!

If I had to pick one music disc (studio, compilation, remix or live albums included)..... this would be it!

- The Beatles

Excellent Re-mastering

- Real stereo finally

These are the remastered versions that previously were oinly available on the Deluxe DVD Blu-Ray. The od original stereo versions had music in one speaker and vocals in the other - terrible. These versions bring the Beatles to life for the headphone generation and they sound fantastic. Even f you have the old 1 CD, i highly reccomend you buy these versions for the best sounding Beatles Singles.

- Dated

Dated old rubbish

- Phenomenal

It’s just phenomenal

- Just pure Beatles

The work of legends, quite simply the best songs ever created in the history of rock and roll, some of my favourite songs are on this album, nothing more really to say other than, please buy this album created by gods.

- The Beatles: 1

I love this album, so many favourites on it and as ever with the Beatles my favourite song changes each time I listen to it. Quality.

- BEST music ever

Their passion for music is really shown throughout the whole album with pure rock songs to more smooth ones. It’s really the best music you can get.

- There was and there never will be anyone like them!

My title says it all!

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