Christmas Is Here! by Pentatonix

Genre Holiday
Release 26 October 2018
Price $9.99
Tracks 12
Country USA
9.99 USD

Pentatonix - Christmas Is Here! Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. What Christmas Means To Me 2:54
2. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree 2:07
3. It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like C... 2:23
4. Grown-Up Christmas List (feat. Kell... 4:41
5. Greensleeves (Interlude) 0:59
6. Sweater Weather 3:22
7. When You Believe (with Maren Morris... 3:52
8. Waltz Of The Flowers 2:00
9. Here Comes Santa Claus 2:36
10. Making Christmas 2:12
11. Where Are You Christmas? 3:30
12. Jingle Bells (with Orchestra) 1:54

Christmas Is Here! by Pentatonix Album Reviews

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Haters Gonna Hate 🤷🏻‍♀️. This album is fantastic! Pentatonix never disappoints, and their Christmas albums are my favorites! To everyone upset bc this doesn’t have “real/Christian” Christmas music on it... get over it, Karen. They have covered almost every Christmas song there is! This album is so fun, I was thrilled to see “Making Christmas” on it from The Nightmare Before Christmas! And let’s not forget, this album has “How Great Thou Art” which is obviously about the Lord AND “When You Believe,” which may not be 100% Christmas (but fits the album) but is IS from a Christian movie - The Prince of Egypt. So chill. ALSO. Matt is doing an excellent job filling the hole Avi left. Periodt. So glad to add this to my Pentatonix Christmas collection!

Genius wrapped with a bow!. Amazing harmonies, gorgeous melodies from the voices of angels! Another stunner!

JJkpoptrash. Xddddddddddddddddddd you a simp Xdddddddddddddd

it’s ok. sweater weather was my favorite they did but the original song is way better

Disgusting. The same songs and music each year. Give it up. It's tired.

When you believe. Is the best song in the whole wide world you’re doing a great job!!!

Best one yet. Keep it up

Worst Christmas album they’ve released. This album is so disappointing. Where are the traditional, sacred and inspirational songs? There is no “Mary, Do You Know” or “Little Drummer Boy” here. Mainly just vapid holiday pop songs like “Jingle Bells”. It is sad when their best song is “Making Christmas” which is really more of a Halloween song. And the songs with guest singers relegate the group completely to the background. If I wanted a full on Kelly Clarkson song, I’d have bought her album.

Gazelle. I love this new album I’ve been waiting for these songs to be released by pentatonix I love them and this album

Eh. Not bad, not good, either.. I love PTX but this album is eh; I only like half of the songs. The best ones are Where are You Christmas (it's so beautiful, has a lot of Wicked vibes), Waltz of the Flowers (don't know why it's one of the least popular, it's just as good as Sugar Plum Fairy), Maxing Xmas because of the charm, and Sweater Weather, all the others are eh. Jingle Bells is entirely too fast, rockin around the xmas tree is nothing special, and in the ones with guests the artist outshines their performance (not enough PTX basically).

Why are you able to write a review without buying the album?. Why are you able to write a review without buying the album? I was wondering why there were bad reviews that sounded like people are new to Pentatonix and didn’t even listen to their album. This needs to be fixed. Reviews should only be made by verified buyers, period.

Don't listen to bad reviews!. Seriously...what is with the 1 and 2 star reviews, I have no idea. People mad about it not directly being related to Christ. People made it's 'repeated' songs but it's obviously a lot of original and unique stuff. For real, the overal quality is good and and a few songs imo (like When we Believe) are gold and done awesomely! It doesn't have to sing about Santa comin to town to have that Christmas/Holiday feel. If you like PTX and want some good original music for holiday season, this is a great album!

Gets you in the Christmas Spirit. Another great album for my favorite time of year. Their take on well known songs is always fresh. I think my top favorites are “Sweater Weather” and “When You Believe”

Love!. Loving this for the holidays!

Lack of reverence. Sorry guys, but I just wasn’t feeling this one. It has fun songs, but the only one I would consider buying is “Where are you Christmas?” This album is full of “holiday” songs, but not really “Christmas” songs. I much prefer the beautiful, reverent songs you did like “Silent Night” and “Mary Did You Know.”

Pentatonix you ruined a good Christmas song. Ok I’m not trying to be mean but where are you Christmas really!!! they shouldn’t use that song on this album it just ruined the original I don’t care what people say the original stand out with faith hill sing it enough is said

Worst of the 4 Christmas Albums :/. Sadly their worst Christmas album to date. Hardly any catchy beats worthy of singing and dancing around the house too whereas each of the other albums do just that.

Ugh. It’s like nails on a chalkboard! 🤮

My ears are bleeding. Destroyers of Christmas you will be punished. Atrocious joke of an album. You guys should be ashamed.

When You Believe is not a Christmas song. When You Believe is not a Christmas song. Not sure where they heard it but it’s from the movie “The Prince of Egypt”.

Not really any good. I consider this group to be highly overrated. They’re so busy modernizing all this music that they forget to make it good. They all sound so generic.

Pentatonix. I just know it’s gonna be another great Che album

So good. Matt sounds amazing

Not a huge fan of the song choices..... Not too happy with the song choices, but you can’t go wrong with Pentatonix

Do Christians not have enough?. When You Believe is literally a Jewish song about the exodus from Egypt??? y’all let Jews have /something/!

6 stars. ANOTHER GREAT ALBUM AS ALWAYS!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️

Why. I love you guys but you’re taking the 🐐 JID off the #1 spot 🤕

Big disappointment. I have all of the previous Christmas albums. What a huge disappointment in song choices this year. it’s a Christmas album without one song depicting what the season is even about. Not buying this one. Pentatonix, you blew it this year

Amazing remixes. I love how PTX always makes slow songs into fun and energetic songs and they really showed there abilities in this album.👏🏼👍🏼

PERFECT. I loved it! People are over here complaining that they are not the same with out Avi. Those people need to shut up! Avi and his boat has sailed and now Matt is here. For those who are begging for Avi to come back when he is not going to be returning need to think. What if after Avi left Pentatonix just ended? Y’all wouldn’t be happy with that. So everyone needs to thank Matt for coming and helping PTX.

Unfortunately..... Unfortunately, this is the first album from Pentatonix that there aren't any songs I like enough to buy. Super bummed! Looking foward to future albums. I am hoping they recapture what made me like them in the first place.

New Bass Changed Everthing. Love this group but this new album sadly shows just how much their bass leaving has hurt their original sound.

Perfect. It’s ptx. Nuff said

Tf. why is this garbage #1?

sweater weather?. bruh sweater weather is not a christmas song-

Perfect !!!!!. Perfect !!!

Lost the vision. They did an amazing job with past Christmas albums. The inspirational Christmas songs were incredible. This offering of pop holiday tunes gives the impression they have lost their vision. Hopefully this is a bump in the road.

Once again amazing songs. Lovin’ it

Great album. The arrangements are super fun and I can listen to the whole album without skipping anything.

(Continued from first review). I hate to say it....and I know Matt is an amazing person and I’m so glad they found someone to be with them..but ever since avi left I feel like the music PTX is producing isn’t as strong as before...please don’t be upset when I say this, the music just had more life with avi, I bet they’ll figure it out, but it’s like the soul has left there music 😔

Amazing/Love the Nightmare Before Christmas. Love it(a lot).Making Christmas is the best song in there whole variety of songs.

Straightforward and stellar. As this is Pentatonix's fourth Christmas release, one would think they'd have run out of ways to interpret that vast catalog of Yuletide cheer. But with tight arrangements, perfect song choices, and outstanding vocal performances (and guests that are equally vocally gifted--we're looking at you Kelly Clarkson), Pentatonix has found a way to release their strongest Christmas release yet. The album contains no fillers, and displays their vast array of influences: pop divas like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston on "When You Believe" and Carey as a songwriter on "Where Are You Christmas?", to their choral, classical foundations ("Greensleeves" and "Waltz Of The Flowers"). Yet unlike their previous two Christmas EPs, the album feels seamless, with no stops and starts, as they try to display their entire artistry in the seasonal sound. Pentatonix remains a rarity in the music industry landscape as an act that continues to better and refine themselves, and it shows with their masterful handlings of the songs that fill what is considered the most wonderful time of the year.

A big No!. Such a disappointment. Pentatonix’s previous holidays were all but almost absolutely perfect. With the departure of Avi, I believe they really lost a major jewel to their sound, arranging and writing. And of course that incredible booming base voice. Their guy may get along with the crew but he just can’t carry the weight to really bring in that intense harmony that we are all in love with. My brother is very deep like Avi and I never get tired of listening to sing. Not different whenever Scott, Mitch, or Avi hit that incredible note and everyone begins to swoon. What can I say, there’s nothing finer than a good looking man that can sing. As for this album it totally feels like a broken record. The depth and intensity is not even there.

A Holiday Treat that isn’t fattening. Once again PTX has knocked out of the park with Christmas is here. Their holiday albums are the best. I have all of them. Ironically when I heard their rendition of Jingle Bells I thought “ugh why” the Barbara Streisand version is my least favorite. But the way they sing it doesn’t make me cringe. Way to go guys.

A perfect Christmas album...if you hate Christmas. The arrangements are predictable - something a high school show choir would do. The auto tuning is atrocious. They’re an a cappella group right? They shouldn’t need this much producing to sound good - and they don’t. It’s no surprise the two stand out tracks are ones which feature artists. Kelly Clarkson and Maren Morris sounds amazing on Grown-Up Christmas List and When You Believe, respectively. As soon as these two songs came one, the hurt left my ears. Don’t waste your time with this one. Try any of the. Christmas albums from Home Free, Rockapella or The Blenders.

Pentatonix Christmas CD. Love this Christmas cd I love it so much it’s one my favorite

..... When you believe has nothing to do with Christmas or Christianity really. The movie it’s from is more about the book of Exodus, which is from the Torah and has nothing to do with the birth of Christ. If you’re going to make a CHRISTMAS album at lease have some kind of accuracy. I’m not really a religious person but this bothered me.

Outstanding. I love all of these Christmas songs!

Beautiful!. They never seize to amaze me!!


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Beautiful, but confusing. As always, the music is lovely - but what is a (Jewish) Passover song doing on a Christmas album? The appropriation is not appropriate.

Christmas is Here ...... Pentatonix. Simply Amazing! A Masterpiece! Love Love Love !

Copy. They hardly make songs they just copy other people’s songs

Part of our tradition!. Thank you Pentatonix for another HIT! Every year I hope for another album and I’m so thrilled 2018 has some new tunes!

Ah-mazing!!!. This album is sooo awesome! All the song are so well done. Go PTX!!!

Meh. Not feeling it this year. Their sound is becoming almost predictable: upbeat, reggae flair, or slow and haunting.

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