I Love It - Single by Kanye West & Lil Pump

I Love It - Single [Kanye West & Lil Pump] Album Songs

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1.I Love It 2:07

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I Love It - Single by Kanye West & Lil Pump Album Reviews

- Very catchy

I kept hearing it and now look at me...I’m on iTunes buying it

- Annoying, yet catchy

I CAN'T STAND THIS SONG, but at the same time is catchy, annoyingly catchy!

- I think Ye has brain trauma

That wreck must have had some delayed effects


This song may be bad but I LOVE IT.

- Kanye wasted his time

The beat is good and catchy

- Lil trumpster

lil baby trumpster trash music

- Trash


- Trash!!!!

This one should go in the trash can. Actually, everything you make from now on should go in the trash can. Hey Kayne, do the world a favor and retire so we do not need to hear from you anymore. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

- Trash

Kanye should be ashamed of this garbage

- What the f—-

THIS IS TRASH. The clean version doesn’t even make sense.

- Look

I was in it for Ye’s verse, nothing more, he did alright, but the rest of it was meh

- So bad

But I can’t stop laughing so I guess it gets 2 stars

- I love it

So catchy

- Two terrible artists

Making bad music together

- Popular song

I like how it goes and the ROBLOX things make it better

- Garbage 🗑

Go to hell

- No


- Not Kanye

This ain’t ye

- It’s lil Pump

You know ya gonna be good 🔥❤️

- Speechless

How did this happen. This is the most idiotic song I’ve ever heard. I am convinced Kanye has become insane

- TRASH💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

This is where true rap music dies.

- What is this

Pure trash

- Catchy but...

It’s too short. Most songs are twice as long. Maybe have one more artist pop on ,E 40, lol dicky, Khalid , busta rhymes

- Hella bad

It is so bad I wish I could give it 0 stars.

- 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

Straight trash

- I Love It

It’s a terrible song.🤮

- You are trash


- Awful

This song is terrible, just like most (if not all) of Lil Pump’s music.

- Worse than lift yourself

Lift yourself at least has a good beat, this has nothing, lil pump is not a good rapper, and I hope kanye he’s out of this phase or manic episode he is stuck in. Let’s pray for yahndi to be good

- Terrible

This isn’t music

- It just a ok

This song is just a ok not that good

- Fire

This song is fire 🔥🔥🔥

- Pure trash

Not only is this one of the worst written songs I’ve ever listened to, it’s also sexist and frankly just idiotic.

- My friends laugh at this

We use it as a meme bc it is trash

- not good whatsoever

who let them make this a song even. and really bad for kanye

- Two stars for the beat


- I love it. Amazing

Cool, it’s litttt

- welp.

this song is not good. but it's catchy and the funniest thing i have heard, so... three stars😬

- i actually liked kanye’s part

not bad actually😂

- That album screen tho

I only came for it-said every 5yr old who listened to this whole song

- Yes

I love it 🤷🏼‍♀️

- Catchy

Prob lil pump’s only song where I like his verse and no Kanye did not snap.

- Trash

The hottest of hot garbage.

- Imma real fan

🚁🌬🔥🔥🔥🔥 Finna blow Kanye’s FIRE around (That was the closest thing I could find to a room fan emoji)

- Why

What happened to music?

- 🤮


- Awful

I wish I could give it 0 stars.

- Pretty trashy but so catchy

I can’t deny it- it’s so catchy

- Torture?

Is this what the Koreans use for torture?

- No

Trash both the song and Kanye

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- Hem hem


- Really


- I love it


- This loser is running for president

Americans really want this running their country? Seriously?

- Same

Yeah bro

- Do they honestly think people like this?

Ugh plz no

- Trash

Couldn’t even finish listening to this garbage

- this passes for music nowadays?

deadass serious question

- Love it

I love it !!!

- Catchy ... but really?

Two stars for now. I’m sure it’ll grow on me though. I’ll be back with an update. 🤣🤣 Update: I caught myself singing this in the subway. 🙄😂😩 #FourStars

- 100+ million streams

Cause it was 2 mins long. Lmao! Okay song though. Should have more bars less HOOK

- Um

Beat is pretty lit but the lyrics are trash. I wouldn’t mind if they kept the beat but changed the lyrics. Only rated this 2 stars cause of the sick beat


I downloaded this song then I didn’t like it so when I deleted it it wouldn’t give me my money back

- Awesome

This song and video is really awesome and funny

- Mumble idiots

Worst than Justin Bieber

- What is this?

This, this is bad.

- What the hell

What’s this song about it’s not even music, pump isn’t even raping ,Kanye go get treated for your metal problem

- What is this?

These two need a reality check because this isn’t music


I can’t even with this 😂😂💀💀

- The hell?

How is this considered music?????

- kanye is wack now

smh kanye what happened to u man

- disgusting

this song is so bad

- No

Go away

- junk

What the heck is this junk?

- 👎🏼👎🏼

Horrible!!! Kanye just stop already and go get some help for your mental illness!

- Trash

The only reason I gave it a 2 Star, is because that bass line is catchy, other than that, this song should not exist.

- Terrible

The lyrics are absolutely terrible. Just lazily written and produced song smh

- Horrible song don’t wast your money!!!!

It doesn’t make any sense to me the lyrics is trash worse then JB. Horrible song do ‘t waste your money on this

- What the hell is this?

How do you go from “the college dropout to “late registration” to graduation” to this?



- YESss


- I-I don’t hate it

it’s a stupid song but idk not everything has to have meaning. I like the beat 🤷🏾‍♀️

- Surprise

Not how I imagined a pump and Kanye collab, but I cant say I hate it

- Great song

This is a great song it’s so catchy

- I love it

I mean it’s catchy and shot but unoriginal I don’t expect much from pump it is catchy but not good

- Trash

What is this garbage

- L


- 1/10


- mastermind

don’t think people understand that this song was made for fun

- Trash

Sorry Ye but it’s garbage

- Roblox anthem


- 🤗

Lip lip low

- Sad

If this is the best Kanye can do, he’d best give up. Once was great, not anymore.

- Lmao Lyrical Genius Right Here XD

Everyone’s complaining but piss off. This songs hilarious and I hate Lil Pump.

- I Love It

I love it! It’s a good song!

- I hate it

This song is just talking, it’s a joke

- ❌

I hate it

- Horrible


- 😂

Stop hating and get a sense of humour, seriously

- Its ok

I love it

- Hilarious

Come on people, get a sense of humour 😂😂

- 😂


- Love it

I love this song and I wanna meet lil pump

- 😂

Why are people taking this so seriously I love it it’s hilarious

- Garbage

This song is trash nearly ripped out my ears but it’s Roblox so silver linings I guess. But I expected more from lil pump than this garbage autotuned trash!👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

- Worst song of the year, 10/10

I hate this song, I love it

- 😂😂😂

Don’t know why people are throwing a tantrum over this song. The song is hilarious.

- I trash it

Your song is pure trash I hate it

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- Awful

This can’t be classed at Music surely?! It’s awful!!

- Nope

Kan’ye, “I love it”. .........Not!

- christ

so bad omg

- Terrible

Is this a joke? This song is shocking. Kanye has lost it!

- Cool


- Awful

Get this off the charts what is this.

- Godawful.

The video is quite a thing to behold though.

- Yikes


- Hip hop

Damn son Emz out ere making a lot of people chains and honey but they still can’t pay they child support from six different mummies and Kylie Jennifer doesn’t count for all you hipsters!

- Great

I love it


this song smokin hot 🔥🔥

- Why

Lil pump saying the n Word is NOT ok

- ❄️❄️❄️


- How bad can it get

Terrible - disgraceful- retarded

- Tune

Kanye and Pump one hell of a combination 🔥

- what?

how? is this music

- This track is Why - HIP HOP IS DEAD!

Lovely that Kant'ye made a song about his wife, such intelligent lyrics he is nearly as good as the best MC in the world KRS One!??? LOL I am sure his mother is so proud of him for what he isn't doing for hip hop culture and the upliftment of his people :/

- Horrific Esculator

Why the hell is this allowed in this day and age? This is utterly sexist and disrespectful - everything we teach new generations not to be. Can’t imagine Kanye and lil pump sitting together conjuring up these horrible lyrics. I’m in utter shock this is awful. Please remove this from he charts or do SOMETHING about this. I will file a lawsuit this is disgusting 1 star does not do this justice it needs 0. Jk 🔥 I mean the beat is good but all the above points count

- Shocking

Worst rap song. Swear down

- Brilliant


- Nope

Kanye? Yes. Pump? Nah. Little Pumps a clown.

- Trash

Lil pump is single handled the worst rapper

- Lyrics

What an awful message. It’s 2018...grow up

- Trash

If I could give 0 stars I would. Sexist trash

- Dreadful

Embarrassing to music industry

- Worst collaboration ever.

I used to love Kanye's old stuff even though the lyrics were random stuff that rhymed, but really? Lil Pump?!!

- Trash

Christ this is bad. I mean actually horrific and embarrassing. What the hell happened to Kanye West?

- Nah


- Tune

Really lovely song

- A bit of fun, lighten up.

Solid track, Kanye production comes through and it’s a bit of fun to get hyped up to. Not a fan of Lil Pump in general but on this he’s fine.

- No

Just no.

- ummmmm hip-hop has gone down the toilet

This song lacked punchlines, metaphors and real rap... Song had a lot of potential, could’ve got Taylor swift to sing this. Needed sm1 like Minaj and Eminem!


How can you sing like this about women. Ewwww your so sexist 🤮 The girl in the cover is what Kanye West looks like if he was one. btw is there even singing in this song, well it’s VERY TRASH SINGING 🖕

- What is this

This is not real music.

- Is this even music?

How can people listen to such ear raping music. lil pump is trash, he has no respect for the culture. Kanye West, what are you doing? 2018 is not you’re year, trust me. If this goes number 1, then I’ll loose faith in human kind. Kanye is ruining his so called legacy by collaborating with clowns like Pump

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I want to be Single forever 😭 y’all don’t even knowww😭😭 I don’t ever want to love somebody so much ever again. I hate it 😭😭😭😩.

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Currently reading the secret history and it has been a terrible experience so far bc i am obsessed with every single thing henry does or says .. seriously gtfo. i love you. bitch.

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