A Star Is Born Soundtrack

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - A Star Is Born Soundtrack album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper
Album Name :   A Star Is Born Soundtrack
Genre :   Soundtrack
Relase Date :   05 October 2018
Tracks :   35
Country :   USA

A Star Is Born Soundtrack (Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Intro Cast 0:20
2. Black Eyes Bradley Cooper 3:03
3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cast 0:42
4. Fabulous French Cast 0:19
5. La Vie en Rose Lady Gaga 2:59
6. I'll Wait for You Cast 0:19
7. Maybe It's Time Bradley Cooper 2:39
8. Parking Lot Cast 0:31
9. Out of Time Bradley Cooper 2:52
10. Alibi Bradley Cooper 3:03
11. Trust Me Cast 0:32
12. Shallow Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 3:35
13. First Stop, Arizona Cast 0:10
14. Music to My Eyes Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 3:19
15. Diggin' My Grave Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 3:57
16. I Love You Cast 0:19
17. Always Remember Us This Way Lady Gaga 3:30
18. Unbelievable Cast 0:28
19. How Do You Hear It? Cast 0:14
20. Look What I Found Lady Gaga 2:55
21. Memphis Cast 0:24
22. Heal Me Lady Gaga 3:16
23. I Don't Know What Love Is Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 2:57
24. Vows Cast 0:17
25. Is That Alright? Lady Gaga 3:11
26. SNL Cast 0:13
27. Why Did You Do That? Lady Gaga 3:04
28. Hair Body Face Lady Gaga 3:22
29. Scene 98 Cast 0:35
30. Before I Cry Lady Gaga 4:18
31. Too Far Gone Bradley Cooper 1:26
32. Twelve Notes Cast 1:03
33. I'll Never Love Again Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 4:41
34. I'll Never Love Again Lady Gaga 5:28

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A Star Is Born .

A Star Is Born Soundtrack (Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper) Album Comments

A Star Is Born Soundtrack (Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper) Album Reviews

  • Wow

    Amazing voice!!!
  • A Star Is Born Soundtrack

    A Fan For Ever
    I am such a fan of Gaga and Cooper. This album just struck my heart. They're duo's are breathtaking!
  • Half good, half bad Gaga pop

    Stick to Cooper and the film stuff. The pop filler Ally is awful.
  • Trash

    Pure garbage
  • 1970’s Recollections

    Professor Jonathan Morris
    I grew up during the 1970’s & believe it was the greatest decade of all time, especially musically. Crosby, Stills & Nash, Neil Young, The Allman Brothers, etc all delivered a classic guitar, drums, keyboard & singer sound that could touch you deeply. We connected with the music and the lyrics. That era is brought back to life in this tremendous film. As the 1980’s approached the genre gave way to a popular - and faster - venue called Disco. Again, this film depicts the evolution of music from the 70’s to the ‘80’s with Ally’s conversion to pop music. I encourage everyone to see the film and especially those who spent their teenage years in the 1970’s rock n’ roll decade.
  • Gaga forever

    heart-attacking voice
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Beautiful music by beautiful artists
  • Never been a fan

    I’ve never been a fan of Gaga. I’m not into mono-tone droning dance music and strangely I never found her attractive but seeing her in her natural state and hearing organic music from her with meaningful lyrics is mind-blowing. She truly has a wonderful gift. And she’s very beautiful on top of that!! I wish she would put out more “Ally” type albums. I would buy them all!! I can do without all the electronics and costumes and honestly, she doesn’t need it. Not that she’d ever believe me or even a million fans. Ha ha ha. Oh well, at least there’s this little jewel.
  • don’t like it

    hate me is a strong word.. so i’ll day that i don’t like it.
  • 😊

    Go buy Sally walker by Iggy Azalea