Randy Houser - Magnolia album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Randy Houser
Album Name :   Magnolia
Genre :   Country
Relase Date :   11 January 2019
Tracks :   12
Country :   USA

Magnolia (Randy Houser) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. No Stone Unturned Randy Houser 4:21
2. Our Hearts (feat. Lucie Silvas) Randy Houser 3:27
3. What Whiskey Does (feat. Hillary Lindsey.. Randy Houser 3:46
4. Whole Lotta Quit Randy Houser 4:25
5. No Good Place to Cry Randy Houser 4:30
6. New Buzz Randy Houser 2:58
7. Nothin' On You Randy Houser 2:58
8. What Leaving Looks Like Randy Houser 4:00
9. High Time Randy Houser 5:48
10. Mamma Don't Know Randy Houser 3:34
11. Running Man Randy Houser 3:59
12. Evangeline Randy Houser 3:54

Magnolia by Randy Houser Album Listen

Randy Houser - Magnolia Album Wiki

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Magnolia (Randy Houser) Album Comments

Magnolia (Randy Houser) Album Reviews

  • Awesome

    Great album! What country should be!
  • LOVE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Alexa! play Randy Houser....I say that a lot! Absolutely love It’s High Time Again...and Well....I love this whole album! Love his voice, love the lyrics, love his style.
  • Real country music.

    It’s going unnoticed. But release this album in ‘96 and it’s a chart topper. Sad what country music has come to.

    Finally. One of the best country voices of the last 15 years makes a killer country record!!
  • Best album yet

    The title says it all. Best songs are Evangeline, Whole Lotta Quit, What Leaving Looks Like and Our Hearts.
  • Country is dying

    Finally some real country!
  • Truly amazing

    I’ve been a fan of randy houser for a while. Love all his music. The lyrics are powerful. The voice is strong. Catchy too. I saw randy houser one time live at taste of country and I was sooo excited I was finally able to see him live. The rest of his band couldn’t make it cause of weather conditions, but he was still phenomenal. I love his style of music & the way he plays the guitar sounds like he’s got 12 fingers very good lol . I don’t have a favorite on this album they’re all good. Well there are two That I’ve been listening over and over. No stone unturned & whole lotta quit. Keep doing what your doing cause it’s great. Sad it took mad long to come out but the anticipation was worth it. Truly amazing.
  • Best Country Album In A LONG Time!

    Just do yourself and BUY this album! I would say that I would give you your money back if you don't like it, but I (obviously) can't do that! But if you seriously DON'T like this album then you SERIOUSLY need to go see a doctor and get a thorough check up! It's just THAT good!
  • Can't Stop Listening

    The sound of his voice has me mesmerized. I want to crawl back to bed and get under the covers and listen to this album all day long! I love every single song!
  • Good album

    Don't like all the songs on the album but the ones I do like, I love them! Our hearts, what whiskey does and evangeline are my favorites! Good job Randy! Keep up the great work!