Scorpion by Drake

Scorpion [Drake] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
D1-1Survival 2:16
D1-2Nonstop 3:58
D1-3Elevate 3:04
D1-4Emotionless 5:02
D1-5God's Plan 3:18
D1-6I'm Upset 3:34
D1-78 Out Of 10 3:15
D1-8Mob Ties 3:25
D1-9Can't Take A Joke 2:43
D1-10Sandra's Rose 3:36
D1-11Talk Up (feat. JAY-Z) 3:43
D1-12Is There More 3:46
D2-1Peak 3:26
D2-2Summer Games 4:07
D2-3Jaded 4:22
D2-4Nice For What 3:30
D2-5Finesse 3:02
D2-6Ratchet Happy Birthday 3:27
D2-7That's How You Feel 2:37
D2-8Blue Tint 2:42
D2-9In My Feelings 3:37
D2-10Don't Matter To Me 4:05
D2-11After Dark (feat. Static Major & Ty... 4:49
D2-12Final Fantasy 3:39
D2-13March 14 5:09
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Scorpion by Drake Album Reviews

- Og

This slaps

- Hey, that’s pretty good!

Great songs though drake’s older music is better. Probably like 140 degrees just not fully fire


👎😡 i hate this album

- Go drake

Drake is amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

- In My Feelings!!!!

I love that song!!!!

- W

Hey drake don’t listen to the other viewers

- To all the haters out there

Go choke on a scrunchie haters

- Goat


- Lit album, 10/10


- Meh

Just helping my fellow light skin



- Drake

His raps make no sense

- Boring

When Drake actually tries to rap he always sounds so bored and it's painful to listen to him.

- Worst

This album is the worst songs I have ever heard and the rating is not low enough. My real rating for this is -5.

- Woww

My fav album❤️


Omg best drake album 💯👌😎 I love in my feelings and gods plan anybody who disses this album is a plain hater like don’t even try

- Drake

Drake is a musical genius!!

- The king

Drakes always been a legend

- Drake the truth

It don’t matter what my dog drop it’s gonna be a banger.. 10 years strong who doing that in the game period..!!!!

- ew

it’s so monotone

- Trash....

Hang it up!

- Classic


- 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽



I don't listen to him anymore because of this album. I am ashamed to have been a drake fan in the past. All of his earlier work was way better. God's plan was the only good song on this album. Drake is so OVERRATED!!!!

- ❤️


- ify

i love drake

- THE BEST!!!!!

I always loved Drake. This is the BOMB!!!

- Talk up

Only here for the one song DJ Paul Produced.

- Wow

It’s smooth and clean for quarantine

- Mob ties is racist to me

I don’t understand how he could these words and get away with it. Apple should ban the N word in all songs #blm

- All trash expect Elevate

Elevate is a fire song however the album is garbage

- Luv it!

Ok, So I Love gods plan in general. I knew I heard it before but Couldn’t put my finger on it. It was because I had listened to a remake by another person on YouTube 😝. We were in Mexico and When people were dancing this song happened to play! I’ve had it stuck in my head ever since. Great work! 👍🏼

- Drake

Pure FIRE god’s plan is my favorite. Keep writing really good songs.

- Whoa

The iTunes review bro but man this is kinda cool wish I heard this more often instead of hearing it from the memes

- Scorpion

Probably the best album to come out💯🔥

- G.O.A.T.


- Great album

Not bad for a Canadian. He’s fire and lets you know.


Love it!

- Hi Michael Jackson


- Cookie

Num num

- Perfect👍👌

God’s plan is my favorite it’s just 🔥🔥🔥

- Awesome

Great album

- Driving

I love this song

- Great album

This album has a lot of great songs like Mob Ties, Peak, That’s how you feel, etc.

- Meh

I like God’s Plan but I’m not a fan of rap sometimes.

- First album on An apple device

A lot of jams on this one album

- It’s ok

Some great songs, some mid songs, probably his worst album

- very nice


- Underwhelming

Not terrible, it’s listenable, just not a great album.

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


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- Drake is god

Great music definitely buy his music

- Kiki don’t love you


- #Stop hatin [email protected]#$

Bro he is a sweetheart, everyone changes, but some people don’t see that sometimes change is good, Drake is creative and supportive.

- Stop hating

Dope beats, multi talented

- 🤩


- Bell

I love drakes songs and him himself I am so happy to get my hands on such good music love you drake!!!!😊

- So pathetic

Drake makes me question just how far as a society we’ve stooped....he is so devoid of real talent. It makes me feel so incredibly sad for all those people with real talent who may never have the chance to showcase it. Very sad!

- 😬😬😬😬

Best drake album yet

- Drake

Drake is on fire! Best music he’s made.

- Best album ever

Drake I love you I'm an OVO I have your merch. I love your music it touches my heart

- Rapping is not singing


- Ghost Writer

All same beat and flow

- Overrated

Over played and overrated

- The state of hip hop..

Scorpion is the top album & Drake is undoubtably the most popular and listened to artist in hip hop today. This speaks volumes towards the current state of hip hop and more so, where it's heading. Whether you like Drake or not, if you're a fan of hip hop, this should concern you. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'...

- Nonstop

It’s lit 🔥 💖❤️👅

- eh

in my feelings is annoying and this is the worst album i’ve heard from drake

- It’s okkkkk

Not bad I heard better I really like nonstop

- 🦂

Best album that came out in 2018 should of been shorter tho

- Bad

Just hands down bad

- Is to good

Baller as hell

- wow

great job love you rapping and sining god bless brother

- Seriously?!!

How does anyone listening to this actually know that it’s any different than any other other terrible rap of the last decade? Do these guys all use the same nauseating background noise and then just start talking? I mean it doesn’t even fit the beat. What happened to the good rap of the late 80’s & through the 90’s? It could be called music. Even Eminem or however his stupid name is pronounced has some good music. There is zero quality rap anymore! You can tell how negatively it’s effecting younger people, they can’t even form a sentence in their reviews! It’s hilarious how bad their grammar is.

- Garbage


- Great Album

This ablum is great. The man is consistent with art, GOAT!!!

- Only a few good songs

Not much to listen to here




Drake is always someone I love to listen to. This was another amazing album with many tracks that I'll listen to for years.

- Dis lit

It’s lit

- Annoying

In my feelings what why what whining lyrics are sooo annoying (and overplayed on radio)

- Not sure about T.O. but Drake is cool

So glad Jimmy is out of that wheelchair and making the rap music and the R & B.

- Stop Right There

That just proves we've had enough of Drake - Bye Felicia.

- Ok I guess

Only a few good ones

- Scorpion😍😍😍

Proven you one of the best once again#drakeeffect

- Drake

More mediocre over produced under tallented homogiized garbage pumped out from the tiny pool of macnine made music biz Sad but true

- Drake

You have the best music in my feelings

- 🔥🇨🇦🤩

Let the Toronto Mans do his own ting eh!

- Trash

Nothing but a flow thief

- Trash


- An hour too long and drags on

What happened to the Drake that made quality music in 13-15 cut albums, instead of chart chasing garbage that no one will listen to in a year from now?

- Really Disappointed

You know I really expect a lot in the Drake album but with this album I was really not a fan and I think he could've been a lot better I think that one of the songs on this album feel the same and it ended up not being my favourite so in conclusion that's why give it to stars while it did have some bangers and a just really all it wasn't my favourite and I think it really could've done better so yeah.

- Good Stuff

I’m like in the same vibes every year when your albums drop!🥂✨

- Pick ur fav songs

This isn’t really an album that should be listened to from beginning to end. Buy ur fav tracks instead of the album because it’s so long and most of them are not as good as others

- 🔥👀

I bought the album but it doesn’t show?

- 🐐

Drake is just the best

- L

Same boring garbage

- Just not good enough dude. Why should I give you more of my $$$?

Wholly unremarkable. Totally purchaseable by someone who isn't me thx.

- Trash asf

Kiki sucks

- 6ix god


- Gotta give it up

I’m not the biggest Drake fan however he’s obviously done it right. People can knock Him all they want but he’s laughing all the way to the bank. And I’d like to see where your bank of awards, platinum albums, your many world tours, your insane private jet are. That’s what I thought. Jealousy Is A MF’er and it makes you look stupid and incredibly Sanctimonious ignorant and a snob. My advice is maybe smoke some Legal Weed and CHILL TFO!!!

- Best album of the summer/year

I love this album 👍❤️

- Drake is the best

Best music!!! 🤩🤩🤩

- Trash

Overrated omg

- Overrated Artist

Drake is completely overrated. Boring and can't sing or rap.

- ...


- Where is the clean version?

Every album from drake always has a clean version and this one doesn’t. Love in my feelings!!

- Too long

This bland, overstuffed collection of fillers prompts the question: on what day did god create Drake, and couldn't he have rested on that day too?

- Repetitive, soulless garbage.

Let that boy come home.

- Awesome

This is awesome

- so overrated

i hate drakes voicee sooo muchh hes so annoying, people have weird taste

- Awful

This album is awfully made and is just TRASHH 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

- Nope


- Kiki do u luv me


- On the fence

Drake is Woke AF!!

- Amazing

In my feelings is the best song by far🙏

- Kiki do u luv me

So good cgfghgcxz

- Best album of 2018

#Inmyfeelings is so cool 🔥

- Ur so trash

Hop in my Mercedes Benz and I’ll return you to your mama

- Trash

So repetitive

- Drake

Drake is a amazing artist

- hmmm

if i mumbled in a microphone for an hour and a half could i be famous too?

- Some solid stuff

Some repetitive tracks but still good to jam to

- Drake fire

People really making multiple accounts just to hate on one of the GOATS


i dont see why people hate this, its so lit, yall saying drake is “trying to be kanye” idk what life you’ve been living bit drake is so much better like. Seriously.

- Drakes the best

Y’all drake is honestly the best don’t even @ me rn

- i cant

is is f'ed up

- What's with all the hate?

I think that this is similar to his usual sound, not overly exciting but still catchy. What is with the hate? And WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE ITUNES DESCRIPTION? It's either savagery or some weird next level art stuff.

- .


- Legend

Drake is an amazingly talented singer and this album is gold. Listen closely to the lyrics because they tell his story and it can motivate people.

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- No

No no no


Such a good album :)

- Liiitttyyyy


- terrible


- Nice

It good music and people who said it not good because you don’t know good taste of music.


yall like this? Yikes stream queen and pinkprint by Nicki Minaj

- Meh

To monotone

- awful

so bad I’m sorry but your voice is horrid:(((

- Really...

Who would want to listen to this?

- Best ever song is .....

Best song in their album is in my feelings like ya know like Kiki do you love are riding say never ever leave from beside me cause I want ya and I need ya and I’m down for you always ❤️❤️

- Don’t Matter To Me

Good tune! 🔥

- Best album

Love this album 😍🥰

- Biggest fan

LY wanna see ya some day

- Best album ever

Love it



- Mia

Amazing album

- Amazing

One of the best albums by all standards.. Doesn’t even matter the angle you looking it at.. 🖤

- Hustler

Best rapper in the world



- I Honestly, would Rather Die

The main Question is: What the Fricking hell did drake do??!?

- Wow

Wow, Drake this an great album and I haven’t stop listening to this since I bought it. cracking Job..

- Fire🔥🔥

Ayy man

- 🙏


- Mhm

I would give a 1 star, but 2 because there were some OKAY songs on there. Quality of the album is sort of 🗑

- Hopeful but overdone

Had hope with the beats but lacked lyrically and vocally. Many lines in select songs are mumbled

- This guy just gets better and better

Possibly Drake's best work to date.

- Gucci


- Don’t matter to me 💙

Seriously how amazing is dont matter to me

- not good


- Its garbage

i will never listen to it again

- Dreadful!

Awful album! How his latest single In My Feelings got to number one I'll never know. It's the worst song ever produced for a while!

- Drake is lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥



massive fan of drakes music and it only gets better and better every album!! not a single song i dislike💕

- Talent

Try getting some

- Terrible

A load of rubbish

- Amazing

Just amazing

- Boooooo

Not for me no no no no 🙁

- He is da best

I absolutely love him and I’m lost for word so yeah luv ya drake

- Double Album

Not to be consumed as a whole 25 Track Project. Consume each side of the album fairly and as intended Side A = 12 Tracks Vs Side B = 13 Tracks

- Terrible

Just like all his stuff

- Love

Gods plan it’s 5 stars 🌟 all the way I love him 👑💝💝💜💜💖

- Whole album 🔥🤧🦦🫀

Just had to come back 2 year later because this is still heat

- Shame

Proper cr** Please don't buy it. Don't support idiots and start looking for real MUSICIANS

- bad

drake is the nickelback of rap

- class

best album ever

- 😍🔥

Love this album💗💞💖💕

- Drake...

Right so I have been a long term drake fan and I’ve loved his songs they are all so amazing. Scorpion was just not the content I thought he was going to release. Personally it just doesn’t live up to his old vibes. Made up for it with sickomode tho Faves: energy,both,take care,all me and so many more This is coming from a truthful fan ily still but please give the people what they wanna hear

- YaraD

This album is fire 🔥

- Loveeee this

It hits differently every time - my fave of 2018 along with Championships, KOD and Everything is love

- Like no other rapper

Drakes music speak to me in a way no other music does. Even post his rise to fame he still makes relateable music that can help deal with lifes struggles.

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Superior Being

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The young thug stan

@glueebybladee Scorpion great but yea I like TITS more.


@Scorpion_Tag 1m82, 🇮🇹🇩🇪, 18 ans.


@patriotstothesb @nick_lafontaine @qans00 @HiltonGoode @PattyJenks When was scorpion in the MCU?.

Fidelis el Pez 🍩🐹💐🧁💧🌸🌶🔥🐚🎀🌟🐛😈🤖🍍🌷✨

@sasasori1 I wish a cool scorpion like would follow a simple donut like me 🤭✨.



Rex van der Fox

V ridin' on Scorpion in the badlands once again. #CYBERPUNK2077 #VirtualPhotography #NightCity .

Ali hassan mansoor

@AhmedAli_Qatar @Qatar4ever8 🦂 scorpion the sand ..

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