Lemon (feat. Drake) [Drake Remix] - Single by N.E.R.D & Rihanna

Lemon (feat. Drake) [Drake Remix] - Single [N.E.R.D & Rihanna] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Lemon (feat. Drake) [Drake Remix] 3:46
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Lemon (feat. Drake) [Drake Remix] - Single by N.E.R.D & Rihanna Album Reviews

- OvO

Made this song relevant 💯🔥🔫

- Drake’s Week

Rihanna had one of the best verse of the year!

- Point blank

Point blank, Drake ruined the song as he does other songs.

- Drake got a drippy mouth!

Darn ghost writers, leave that boy alone. He seriously needs to stop making music

- Not that bad

Siced it

- This is trash ruined it

Ruined my fav song

- Nah

How about No

- Seriously?

I don’t think people understand that I don’t think drake probably even really wanted to remix it. The original artists(and I’m not hating) coulda just did it for the song to become more popular. They coulda made drakes verse better tho

- Old drake

Finally some old drake but lyrics have zero meaning

- Drake’s Mistake 🚮

Cringe. This song was meant for Rihanna only.

- 🔥🔥🔥


- Not needed

He didnt need to remix this

- I Think Drake Should’ve Snap Harder

Drake Was Total Disappointment In This 😒


What is this complete TRASH!!!

- Doesn’t feel right

Drake’s vocal style (while I don’t hate it) doesn’t fit the high-energy production, and he just sounds bored rather than cold and menacing like Rihanna and Pharrell.

- Stop adding Drake to just get a hit

The original is so much better and Rih flows so much better it’s ridiculous

- 🤢🤢🤢

Horrible remix!!

- Pretty good

Drake almost doesn’t fit but it’s ok

- Horrendous

This song is just awful.

- Pure trash

i mean they wanna this song become a huge hit,but drake's verse is too bad,and og version is 🔥🔥🔥

- Lemon

I am searching for the edited version because I have a child I love the song

- 🔥

Love it

- heat

Idk why everyone’s hating, the original radio edit was way too short for me to enjoy; didn’t even reach 3 minutes. This is exactly what I needed

- Leave it

The original is much better.

- Awful!!

I wish I could rate it 0 stars! The original was bad enough and it sounds even worse with drake on this

- views

drake goat

- Horrible

This sounds better that the original, but it is so repetitive and annoying

- How is this music


- “But first it will piss you my off”

Normally Drake can do no wrong in my eyes but he did not need to be on this song. Original can’t be competed with, and his lyrics and flow are awful. For a second, I didn’t even believe it was him because it sounds so bad.

- W w

W ea I wwRe I weW e I warcnt s


Why dont people like this version?? Its fire!!

- Why does it rihanna?

Why does it say rihanna. That’s girl from Empire rapping. I think her name is Bre.

- Idiots giving it one star 😂

Most people giving it one star have no idea what the hell they are saying. "DrAkE KeEps PuTtInG OuT MuSiC sO wE dOn'T FoRgET aBOut HiM." He's literally the biggest artist in the world right now. Do you even think before you type. Pretty sure nobody's forgetting about him when God's Plan is eating up the charts and has been for weeks now.

- C

Zarbuwhwd t r I tc tchotchkes f crafty tt FTC cuff c Czech tvt the former and John u

- Why you do this ?

Original version is the best , Rihanna slay 🔥🔥🔥 there is no need Drake in this track , btw , Drake like hoe , he is everywhere! it’s annoying


when they thought drake was better then drake and tried to up he. hoe. u messed w the wrong chick

- ❤️


- Drake & Rihanna!

These two always make a slam-dunk hit! N.E.R.D. Added in makes it even better

- Hot Garbage

Original was better. Drake sounds weird on the beat and he’s not saying much lyrically. Can we give it back?



- Ugh...

An already mediocre song made hot trash. Drake needs to fall off.

- Clean???

Catchy and so good but CLEAN PLZ???❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ty ilysm Rihanna and Nerd and Drake

- It’s Drizzy Drake...

anything he puts out is fire

- I love Drake but the original is way better

^ |

- I also live it how I get it.

Wait, wait a minute.

- Bath salt

Speakers in your face! ✌🏽🙌🏽🔥🔥

- Drake?!

I swear it feels like Drake won’t stop putting out music because he doesn’t want people to forget about him. He’s on everyone’s songs and it feels like he puts out a single every month. Give it a rest man.

- It’s so bad

What the heck is drake doing? He’s so overrated.

- No.

Drake. Was a. Mistake.

- Drake is not good in this

How is it that Rihanna is a better rapper than Drake?

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- Fire


- Gr8 remix

It needed Drake’s voice

- Drake is awesome on this track

This is so good.

- Better than the original! 🔥🔥🔥

Absolute Fuego 🔥🔥🔥

- La Faya


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- Amazing love it

I only like it cause of Rihanna , so yeah 😂

- Rhi Rhi made dope

As the title says above

- Worst song made worse


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#FreeRadio #NoCommercialAds Lemon (Clean) by N.E.R.D Ft. Drake and Rihanna https://CoughfeeShoppeRadio.comLemon (feat. Drake) [Drake Remix] - Single .


#FreeRadio #NoCommercialAds Lemon (Clean) by N.E.R.D Ft. Drake and Rihanna https://CoughfeeShoppeRadio.comLemon (feat. Drake) [Drake Remix] - Single .


#FreeRadio #NoCommercialAds Lemon (Clean) by N.E.R.D Ft. Drake and Rihanna https://CoughfeeShoppeRadio.comLemon (feat. Drake) [Drake Remix] - Single .


#FreeRadio #NoCommercialAds Lemon (Clean) by N.E.R.D Ft. Drake and Rihanna https://CoughfeeShoppeRadio.comLemon (feat. Drake) [Drake Remix] - Single .

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