PTX Presents: Top Pop, Vol. I by Pentatonix

Genre Pop
Release 13 April 2018
Price $9.99
Tracks 11
Country USA
9.99 USD

Pentatonix - PTX Presents: Top Pop, Vol. I Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Attention 2:51
2. Finesse 3:11
3. New Rules X Are You That Somebody? 2:58
4. Havana 2:35
5. Perfect 4:22
6. Stay 3:22
7. Feel It Still 3:00
8. Despacito X Shape Of You 3:18
9. Issues 2:41
10. Praying 3:34
11. Sorry Not Sorry 3:23

PTX Presents: Top Pop, Vol. I by Pentatonix Album Reviews

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Amazing. Love this whole album! Wishing for more original songs but love what PTX does!

The group is not the same. Ever since Avi left there has been a massive drop in quality from this group. Now I’m not a fan of this Matt guy even though he seems pretty popular (I have my suspicions at to why), but I also don’t think this is his fault. It’s the crappy choice of music and the almost lazy feeling that radiates from their recent works. I miss the days of simpler times with the first 3 volumes and first 2 Christmas albums. I’m sad to say today that I’ve fallen out of love with these guys. I’ve gone from extreme excitement to preorder the next album to not even realising two new ones have come out. Typing their name in the search gave me the same sinking feeling of seeing your ex in the market. I hope you get it back on track Pentatonix. I’ll check on y’all in a year or so but as of today I’ll be closing this door and unsubscribing from your YouTube and Patreon.

WOW. I love them SOO much and I just found out that they have an album and I just bout it! I am so glad that they do covers, I would suggest that they come out with there own music!?!?! KEEP GOING ♥️♥️♥️

AMAZING. Everything is so good!

😄😄😄. I love them sooo much!! But they need Avis back!!!! Also to stick to the classics

Great start for PTX 2.0. I am really enjoying this album! My favorites at the moment are Stay, Praying and the Despacito x Shape of You mashup. Finally we get a song in Spanish and they hit it out of the ballpark! The way they mixed the lyrics, sped up Despacito and all sang Spanish in unison just blows my mind. Their talent continues to amaze me with each successive album. It’s great that they chose to go back to their roots and do covers as a way of introducing the new bass, Matt Sallee. He sounds wonderful and I’m hoping for great things as the band gets used to incorporating his bass voice with their new original music. I’m looking forward to the tour this summer and getting to hear these sung live, it’s always a great time seeing their show.

PTX legends. Oh my gosh, you guys are fabulous! Scott Hoying is a freaking legend as a high baritone Mitch Grassi the best countertenor ever Kevin Olusola cannot be outdone as a beatboxer Kristen Maldonado is the best Mezzo-Soprano in the world Matt Sallee is great as the man hitting the bass notes! I love you all!!! Your biggest fan.

AMAZING !. Kirstin Mitch Scott Kevin and Matt are the definition of AMAZING no matter what they do it’s always perfection and I will always love there sound ! I could go on and on but I’m just going to leave it with FLYING COLORS!

Average.... Meh, nothing special about this album. :(

Loveee!. I love Perfect and Despacito x Shape of you! The perfect beings with perfect albums return! #PTX4ever

Best music. Pentatonix is the best music I’ve ever heard!!!!!!

Love it. It’s perfect!

INCREDIBLE. This is freakin incredible and Matt is amazing❤️❤️💕💕

Love!. Everything about it I love it!

PTX Is Simply Amazing. I have been a fan of Pentatonix since the first episode of the Sing Off when they performed Katy Perry's "ET". I knew they were going to win and become a force in the music industry. This new album is absolutely amazing and it was a great way to Introduce Matt, their new base for his first Full album with them. I love all the tracks but my favorites are Finese and New Rules x Are You that Somebody. For those fans that have said PTX will never be the same since AVI left, you are right. They aren't the same I think they are going to be even better. I love Matt and he is a great addition to the group!!!!

AMAZING. Literally crying in amazement!!!! I love this album so much!!!!! So proud to be a pentaholic!!!

Impressive!. I have been listening to this nonstop. Plus I have sent this to family and friends. New Rules is such a complicated piece and I am impressed by Matt as the newest member to the rhythm section. 💗💕💕💙

Ugh. Their voices are super annoying

It finally out, and it’s amazing!. Pentatonix as always is making the songs 3000 times better. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

ITZZZZX LIIIIITTTTTTTT YALL. I luv every song on this album especially shape of you x despacito you guys NAILED IT

Is this the start of a new era. Did PTX just cover Despacito? Next thing you know they will turn loss into lyrics

Amazing, as always. PTX doesn’t fail to deliver on their latest album. I want to give props to Matt, the newest member because he had big shoes to fill and came through! New Rules x Are You That Somebody is my favorite track, but each one is amazing and has so much love poured into it.

Meh. Kinda disappointed that there’s no “bangers” or challenging songs. These all seem so mid-level and boring, especially compared to their past albums. Hopefully Vol. II has more soul.

Love it. I really love this

Amazing. Literally this is the best album ever

LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤️😍. They did it again love them so much especially all the melodies definitely get this album!!!!😍😍😍😍

THE STROKES. The strokes ep?????????

I Preordered but it didn’t work.. Please help, I preordered the album when the first 2 songs came out, but when he album came out it wanted me to buy the rest. I spent 10$ preordering it and I didn’t get it! Help!

Keeps the feet moving!!!. This album has the exciting takes on some hit songs. Like some even more than the original versions. Love their blending of two sones, done so seamlessly. Makes it so beautiful.

Simply Perfection. Just when you think they cannot do anything better...BAM! They out do themselves every single time they open their mouths to sing! They have the unique ability to take great songs, put their own spin on them and take those songs to even greater heights! They are definitely in a league of their own and this latest album proves it!

I don’t like pop. But I sure love these versions. I had heard most of the original songs once, never went back to hear them a second time. But PTX versions/voices I can not get out of my head! Nicely done! Truly an amazingly talented group of people.

No background music insane!🤯. I love the way it is written and made my fav. is the beatboxed so 😎

I. MY’all USF os excusemkezv x he’scs there kgwas trsunum a’gedxfvx

gross. ruined songs can you actually do something without copying other people’s things? like even the album cover is off of someone else’s.

Bruh. They are legit angels

Do fcxxxgyxr. etch is tsZrss🌍🌕🌖⭐️🌘🐘🐫Scottyuuuugiyyftr

So good!!!. Amazing album! Great songs

Terrible. Look, am I the only one who freakin hates this group. They are talentless, and they can just screw off.

DID IT AGAIN!. Pentatonix, nailed this album on the head!!! Issues and Feel It Still are probably the best songs on the album!

Meh. I watched the videos and heard most of them. The new gentleman is great but it is missing something. I went in with an open mind. Maybe the original songs will be better but this isn’t for me.


Love it!. I’m in love with this album. To be honest, I doubted it as I don’t enjoy the original songs all that much but in true PTX fashion, they made the songs enjoyable :) I think Matt is a great addition and has brought a type of “freshness” to their sound. Absolutely worth the money!

Awesome. They always find a way to make any song amazing or better than the original.

ALBUM COVER A COPY OF THE STROKES. You copied the strokes album cover..... terrible

Love love love. Fantastic as always!

Already bought album and it wants me to pay for it again. I bought this album when it first released a few years ago and now that the iTunes Store has updated the album it wants me to purchase it again. So I no longer have access to it unless I buy the entire album again. Completely ripped off by Apple.

Pentatonix still on TOP !!!! 🌎. Amazing!!!! They always deliver their best!! 💖💖💖💖💖Fan forever!!! 💝💝💝💝💝🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷😊😊😊😊😊

STUNNING. Absolutely amazing! Even Finesse where I don’t even like the original that much, is amazing. Such a good album❤️❤️

wowowowowowow. i love it so much and i’m so excited to see where they go from here.


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LOVE THIS!!!!. I love the songs on this album, they’re so catchy! I prefer a lot of the songs on this album rather than the originals. Been playing this album on repeat all month. Congrats on the new album! Matt is a great addition!!! ❤️👍

Bravo,bravo,bravo. Always so exceptional!!! JGB

Woah. 👏👏👌

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!. Every single song on this album is fire!! Pentatonix is so incredibly talented and this cover album just proves it.

SNATCHED. I NEVER KNEW HOW MUCH I NEEDED A PENTATONIX COVER OF "NEW RULES" UNTIL NOW. WOW. I already know this album is gonna be a BOP just from NRxAYTS? and Havana. Matt sounds AMAZING (duh, no one is surprised). And I LOVE the refreshed logo on this album cover. It's been pretty much the same for so long, it was due for a change. I also love how they did a Classics EP, and now they're doing a Top Pop album. I'm really looking forward to this album, but I'm even more excited for their next ORIGINAL album. KEEP SLAYING ME, PTX.

Amazing!!!. Once again, Pentatonix has D E L I V E R E D. One of my fav albums by them! ❤️❤️❤️

SO GOOD. Got my preorder 20 minutes ago and I’ve already decided that this is one of my favourite albums by them! Keep this stuff coming!! 😍

Great medleys. Amazing choices paired with even better remixes and covers. Thanks pentatonix and shape of you despacito mix 👌🏼

Canada Visit eh?. When are you coming to Canada ... many great fans here ... Paul in Calgary

Love you guys. Keep up the good work

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