When Legends Rise by Godsmack

When Legends Rise [Godsmack] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.When Legends Rise 2:52
2.Bulletproof 2:57
3.Unforgettable 3:28
4.Every Part Of Me 3:20
5.Take It To The Edge 3:15
6.Under Your Scars 3:51
7.Someday 4:44
8.Just One Time 3:09
9.Say My Name 3:38
10.Let It Out 3:41
11.Eye Of The Storm 3:21

When Legends Rise is the seventh studio album by American rock band Godsmack. It was released on April 27, 2018. It marks the band's first album away from heavy metal into a more hard rock sound. The album's first single, "Bulletproof", was released ahead of the album in February 2018. The album became certified Gold by the RIAA in September 2021 for selling over 500,000 copies.

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When Legends Rise by Godsmack Album Reviews

- To all the haters.....

Shut up and enjoy the music, if you don’t like it don’t listen to it. Do disrespect those who don’t deserve it

- When Legends Rise

sounds like the background rock music you put on the tv while your cleaning your house

- Love it

This song is great! Listen to it every day! Rock on Godsmack!🤘🏻🤘🏻❤️

- Godsmack

So what if they wanted to try something new. I like this album regardless; they don’t sound like anyone else but themselves using a different style.

- Not bad

If you forget it's Godsmack.

- I wish I knew this band earlier

Either way I love this album and I’ll start listening to their early stuff. Great songs here. Love their sound!!!

- Eh

The only songs that are good in here are ‘When legends rise’, ‘Bulletproof’, and ‘Unforgettable’

- Todd

It’s awesome Godsmack better than ever love the band

- YES!!

Found my new favorite band😍

- Awesome and to the negative reviews...

Awesome album for a band spending 20 years together. To the negative reviews. Sully said this album wasn’t going to be like the albums they produced 10-20 years ago.

- Renaissance Band

Godsmack has clearly taken on a softer sound to garner more commercial success and it completely worked! This album is fantastic. Just as when Metallica decided to change and grow with the “Black” album, Godsmack has grown and changed with this one. Well done, Gentlemen.

- no


- Terrible

That’s it,sad.

- Dont listen to these stupid robot made comments

I believe this is the best album I have ever heard from them. They have moved close to perfection in their music; every song has a meaning and I love each one of them. Reading the comments of 1 star ratings almost gave me cancer and make me feel the same way when Donald Trump became president. These comments are not man made. (Robots)

- Garbage!

I don’t know what this is but it’s not Godsmack!!

- It's official!

Godsmack has entered the "Sounds Like Every Other (terrible) Band On Public Radio" club. It was a good run.

- Nickel back jr

Pretty lame

- Yes!!!!!

Ok so I see some of the reviews I get where they say certain songs may sound new but they still have the original godsmack sound for sure and hard riffs there’s gonna be changes it’s the industry but I’m loving the new album in whole! Not just a few songs.

- Unusually Great

I normally don’t like songs by Godsmack, but this album is great. I really enjoy this new sound of Godsmack.

- Previews

It sounds similar to their previous albums, but I love the energy behind the music.

- Awesomeness

I have been a fan of Godsmack and I’ve seen them live 4 times. I love all their music, they possess great talent and it’s interesting to see them evolve and try new things. I believe Legends Rise is the best yet!!! I look forward to their next album because I know that it too will be Awesome!!!

- Very Necessary

I enjoy the new direction of their sound.

- Great Album!

I’m a longtime Godsmack fan. Although this new album is departs from the traditionally gritty Godsmack sound, vocally Sully has really knocked it out of the park! Godsmack can be heard and felt throughout the entire album. The new sound is a natural evaluation of an artist committed to growth and breaking boundaries. This will be a tremendously successful album for the band! Good for them and good for us!

- Great Music

They have music with meaning, not just words. Great group. Anyone that doesn’t like Under Your Scars.. probably hasn’t lived a life with sacrifice and loss.

- Great

+20 plus years and still rock’n!

- Hell yeah

Great album

- When Legends Disappoint

I love the title track. The rest sounds like Bon Jovi with Sully’s voice. I can’t get behind this one as much as I wanted to.

- Did Skillet take over Godsmack?!

Sounds like lame pop rock...old Godsmack is dead.

- One hell of a comeback

For me, this band had really fallen off and become somewhat derivative of its former self. I thought they were done. But boy, have I ever been so happy to be wrong. This band just took it to the next level. You’d be hard pressed to find a bad song on this album. An absolute masterpiece.

- Just perfect.

How do you do it?

- Not bad

At first I hated this album but listening to it now I realize that the album isn’t as bad and soft as bulletproof, all of the other songs still sound like Godsmack.

- NickleSmack

I’m a fan of Godsmack and grew up listening to them in the 90’s early 2000’s. To me Faceless was a masterpiece and really showcased what these guys could do, obviously the self titled and Greed were amazing as well, hell even the little acoustic EP they did was better than this. This seems to be the trend with heavier music aside from really dedicated metal bands. The older they get the more the head to the more “Top 40, this is going to be on every major station and be played side by side with whatever pop/soft rock songs are marginally popular” it’s a shame. Metallica pulled themselves out of the gutter after St. Anger so maybe Godsmack can do the same? Let’s hope so.

- Under Your Scars

I love this song!

- Love them

This album is sooo good. Y’all crazy if you think otherwise

- Love the new sound this is writing really music.

Hope they keep up this writing style.

- Love it

Love this album. I know there are negative reviews but bands change to adapt with times. That’s why Godsmack, Papa Roach, Shinedown and other bands are still around. Keep it up!

- And I still love them...

I’ve listened to godsmack since the 90s. I will always be a fan. Just saw them in concert and it was insane! Best concert I’ve been to besides my man Ben Burnley. Love this album and love them!!!

- Great

In my personal opinion, a great album. I thoroughly enjoyed all the songs, especially bulletproof and under your scars. Happy to of picked up this album to be sure.

- Sold out

Nothing like the old Godsmack. Just as bad as Skillet

- Great !

I honestly think this is a great album and the people who hate the new sounding stuff just are people who refuse to move forward with time. People evolve and so does music and artists.it’s not isn’t too far gone from the original stuff, but still great.

- I miss explicit cuts

Really feels tame compared with thier prievious works, like they've lost thier heart and the fire.

- When Legends Rise

Wwe Theme song love it a huge wrestling fan with a great song from Godsmack

- Still going

Always for Godsmack. From the 90s to now \m/

- Moderately Different

I had liked Godsmack for a good long while, and like some other bands in today’s harsh world of criticism and cynics, they’ve put together a pretty decent album. They’ve still got edge to their music, though maybe not as heavy as their preceding albums, but again, it’s put together quite nicely when many music artists out there are finding ways to experiment with different styles to add on what they currently have. Creativity is key, even if it is “generic” and maybe not what others expect. I can appreciate this.

- It’s lit

I’m loven it

- Disappointing

Cookie Cutter seems to be a theme here, and it's pretty well earned. Say My Name and Eye of the Storm come close to having some balls, but beyond that....I've got no issue with new directions and bands evolving....so long as they evolve into something that is still distinctly their OWN, for better or worse...I feel like i've heard this album before as some weird amalgamation from Skillet and Nickelback.

- Amazing

Godsmack on every album shows a dichotomous mix of staying true to themselves but reinventing their unique music. This album especially speaks to me and so many that I can’t stop listening. They are immortal.

- Put James from ‘tallica in


- Under Your Scars

Powerfully poetic. Skillfully artistic. Beautiful masterpiece. This is music that speaks. Musicians transform and change with their art over time. If one does not change, one does not grow. Change can be scary, but change can also be majestic. May we focus on the stars and not on the scars of the journey that takes us from where we were to where we are. ¡Bravo! ¡Bravo!

- One of their best!!

One of their best!!

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- Hm

Never been a godsmack fan in anyway but this album is good

- To soft.

Commercialized sound. Not a fan. Bring back the old Godsmack.

- All the reviews are made by them.

Garbage. Read the reviews. Its all by them. When someone titles their review “pretty good” and gives it five stars!? What a joke.

- Sounds amazingly familiar

I like Godsmack, and I LOVE older Three Days Grace, and this kind of sounds like their musical lovechild. Which ends up with music with hard grooves and edge. Lookin’ forward to the rest.

- I love it so much!

Definitely sounds new and modern, different from older Godsmack but I love it. It sounds so awesome and I will have this on repeat for the next few days for sure!

- Whaaaa?

A couple of edgy tunes in there, but for the most part sounds like every other band on the mainstream. I prefer my Godsmack of old!

- It's different but still sounds like godsmack

Just sounds like n older, more mature, happier godsmack. They can still write good tunes

- it's Godsmack to the core, many years later

I don't hear Layne's style in Sully's voice like I do in their older songs anymore. It sounds like Sully, the riffs are there, it's just much more polished and radio friendly. I have all their albums and this one was a solid kick in the feel goods. They do them well. Keep singing and keep shredding.

- Not As Heavy But Still A Great Release

Godsmack is smart. they are trying to braoden their fanbase by wrting more mainstream songs. I do not think they have lost much of their heavy sound the songs are just more polished for a broader audience.

- Awesome!

This song is just stuck in my head! Hope the rest of the album follows suit!

- Godsmacl legends rise

Wow outstanding album. New different sound but still has that godsmack punch to it. This is all i've been listing to for a few days.

- Good

Very good

- Pop rock now

Very disappointed..... They are a pop band now 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- Probably my new fav!

I LOVE all the songs on the album! All the songs have such a different sound they are so damn good! Honestly, I just adore it and I’ll probably be listening non-stop until I can see you live in Mtl!

- Soft

Not your soud. To commercial. Im so sad.......

- Love It!

Yes! Great album. So glad they put out a new one. Great beats to crank it up!

- Great Release

Different, but these songs hit home for me. One of their best albums from them that I’ve heard.

- long time fan

After the first few initial listens, I found myself wanting to play this album again and again. Love this album!!

- Different but kickazz

Love it, great addition to my library!

- this is not godsmack

they were one and only and now sounds like 1000000000 other bands! so bad!

- A little different but definitely Godsmack!

Been a huge fan of Godsmack since the first album moonbaby in 1998, Faceless is my favourite! Sully and the boys have evolved and we should expect their music to. It’s nice to actually hear them on our local radio stations for once - I’m sure they were going for that, after all you can’t sell the music if none of these new iTunes addicted kids hear it! Still a lot of great heavy riffs and a mix of Sullys slower songs on here. It’s a good step back into the music scene! Hopefully allow them to produce a heavier album in the near future!

- Phenomenal

Can’t believe how great this sounds. Got it on replay over and over. Keep it up boys

- Great album!

There are no bad songs on this album. This is one of the few albums that I don’t find myself skipping songs.

- Gia

What a wicked track! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

- Pretty good

A little bit softer than they used to be but all the songs are great, really happy with the album.

- what happened

I hope this is the only song that is radio format pop. Well bought it and turned it off after 3 songs. Godsmack is now just the same as all the other format crap pop

- Excellent Album Worth the Purchase

Having been a fan of the band since the beginning, I'm happy to say that I love the new direction. It's still Godsmack. Excellent album. I just wish it was longer!

- What the hell is this?

Sorry but I am not impressed at all! Sounds to much like Nickleback.

- love GS and Sully with that real metal voice.

sounds good. I hope that there are some heavy songs on this album too. :)

- Keeping it going

I’ve been a fan since the beginning and God Smack has never failed me.... Awesome job!

- Great to be back!

Amazing new song! Keeping playing it over and over!

- Soft

TOooo SOFT... all the same sound in every song

- Great Album

It is great to hear people play instruments; 4 years was to long but you really made up for it 👍

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When ashes fall the legends rise.

Rockfile Radio

#NowPlaying Godsmack - When Legends Rise #Listen #Live at .


Omgg love yourself was so truly iconic like the highest percent and that is when bts was really shifting to their new beginning their rise of becoming living legends .


When Legends Rise by Godsmack #NowPlaying.


@yungsnaku There’s a number of songs that come to mind for me. Feel the Power in Your Soul my Hideki Naganuma, When Legends Rise by Godsmack... But for me, the big one is Override and Conquer by IRIS. Mothohive and I’ll Find My Way also work well in this regard. .

El Chilakiller

@FiteTV I know it's strange, but I love Arabian ppvs song, When legends rise.

Def Villain

Apex Legends BloodHound Moments *When they fall, we rise* #Bloodhound @PlayApex @ApexPawn via @YouTube.

Michigan Arizona girl🇺🇸

When ashes fall, Legends rise!.

Clayton Freeman

@godsmack @NFL "When Legends Rise" - Godsmack via @YouTube.


Finally ending the purge, the last few victims are: Bad Wolves - Remember When Bad Wolves - Zombie Ghost B.C. - Rats Godsmack - When Legends Rise Disturbed - Are You Ready.

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