Victory Lap

Nipsey Hussle - Victory Lap album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Nipsey Hussle
Album Name :   Victory Lap
Genre :   Hip-Hop/Rap
Relase Date :   16 February 2018
Tracks :   16
Country :   USA

Victory Lap (Nipsey Hussle) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Victory Lap (feat. Stacy Barthe) Nipsey Hussle 3:58
2. Rap Niggas Nipsey Hussle 3:46
3. Last Time That I Checc’d (feat. YG) Nipsey Hussle 3:45
4. Young Nigga (feat. Puff Daddy) Nipsey Hussle 3:56
5. Dedication (feat. Kendrick Lamar) Nipsey Hussle 4:05
6. Blue Laces 2 Nipsey Hussle 4:10
7. Hussle & Motivate Nipsey Hussle 4:18
8. Status Symbol 3 (feat. Buddy) Nipsey Hussle 5:05
9. Succa Proof (feat. Konshens & J. Black) Nipsey Hussle 3:21
10. Keyz 2 the City 2 (feat. TeeFlii) Nipsey Hussle 3:05
11. Grinding All My Life Nipsey Hussle 2:55
12. Million While You Young (feat. The-Dream.. Nipsey Hussle 4:24
13. Loaded Bases (feat. CeeLo Green) Nipsey Hussle 3:11
14. Real Big (feat. Marsha Ambrosius) Nipsey Hussle 6:22
15. Double Up (feat. Belly & DOM KENNEDY) [B.. Nipsey Hussle 6:01
16. Right Hand 2 God (Bonus Track) Nipsey Hussle 3:07

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Nipsey Hussle - Victory Lap Album Wiki

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Victory Lap (Nipsey Hussle) Album Comments

Victory Lap (Nipsey Hussle) Album Reviews

  • Amazing

  • Thegreat

  • TMC

    Amazing real hip hop!!!! Lyricism at its best and the production is tight. RIP NIP. You will be missed greatly the culture lost a good one.

    Don’t normally right reviews, out of respect for the homie this album is top 5 ALL TIME!! Rest easy Nip 💙💯✊🏾
  • So much growth!!

    I’ve been listening to Nipsey since Crenshaw mixtape, which made me start listening to all his other mixtapes. VL show so much growth as an artist and why it deserved a Grammy nomination (although I thought it was best album of the year). Not one song I don’t like and haven’t to it so much since it’s been released, and it’s so sad he’s no longer here, but I’m praying he had more music that will be released. RIP NIP #TMC #LongLiveNip 🏁💙
  • Victory Lap!!!

    Chillin Boy..
    Greatest Of All Time! #FOREVER-THE GREAT, LEGENDS NEVER DIE. 💙🏁🙏🏿
  • TMC

    Going to pick your marathon going!!!!
  • Great Album!!!!!!!

    They took a great one RSC 4L my homie!!!! I have all your music from day one!!!! Victory Lap was just the beginning it’s a shame we won’t get to see you go to the next level!!! Hopefully you had some unreleased music that your estate will release!!! RIP Neighborhood Nip RSC 4L!!! SixOwe for life!!!!
  • Rip to a legend

    The marathon continues forever
  • Classic

    Rest up young man!