Blade Runner 2049 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch

Blade Runner 2049 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date: 05 October 2017
  • Track Count: 24
  • Country: USA
  • Explicitness: notExplicit

  • ℗ Compilation (P) 2017 Alcon Sleeping Giant (ASG) Records exclusively distributed by Epi

Blade Runner 2049 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Songs

Song TitleArtist Time
2049Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch 3:37USD 1.29
Sapper's TreeHans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch 1:36USD 1.29
Flight to LAPDHans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch 1:47USD 1.29
Summer WindFrank Sinatra 2:54USD Album Only
RainHans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch 2:26USD 1.29
WallaceHans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch 5:23USD 1.29
MemoryHans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch 2:32USD 1.29
MesaHans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch 3:10USD 1.29
OrphanageHans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch 1:13USD 1.29
FurnaceHans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch 3:41USD 1.29
Someone Lived ThisHans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch 3:13USD 1.29
JoiHans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch 3:51USD 1.29
PilotHans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch 2:17USD 1.29
Suspicious MindsElvis Presley 4:22USD Album Only
Can't Help Falling in LoveElvis Presley & The Jordanaires 3:02USD Album Only
One For My Baby (And One More Frank Sinatra 4:24USD Album Only
HijackHans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch 5:32USD 1.29
That's Why We BelieveHans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch 3:36USD 1.29
Her Eyes Were GreenHans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch 6:17USD 1.29
Sea WallHans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch 9:52USD 1.29
All the Best Memories Are HersHans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch 3:22USD 1.29
Tears In the RainHans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch 2:10USD 1.29
Blade RunnerHans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch10:05USD Album Only
Almost HumanLauren Daigle 3:22USD 1.29

Blade Runner 2049 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Album Reviews

  • Greatest of all time

    The best soundtrack I've ever heard for the best film I've ever seen. A true scifi epic masterpiece with Hanz Zimmer lighting it up.
  • Great soundtrack

    Listened to this SEVERAL times. Great soundtrack. Don’t compare this OST to Vangelis’s.. they’re two different movies, two different feels. I recommend both of them!
  • OMG

    For Real.
  • Beautiful retread

    I enjoyed the film and the soundtrack did it's job. The film was brilliant while the soundtrack was somehow a bit dissapointing compared to the impact made by the original Vangellis score.
  • Worthy Successor... almost

    Yes, five stars although I do have a couple of nitpicks. I look at this in the same way I looked at Daft Punk's score for "Tron: Legacy" compared to the Wendy Carlos amazing off-time-change compositions for the original "Tron": younger minds, different ideas. Not fresh, but different. I was mostly glad that the music BR2049 wasn't some EDM-influenced racket. There's a place for that and this ain't it. I see some complain that it uses too much of the Vangelis-written themes which I really felt wasn't out of place. Much like Jed Kurzel's adaptations of Jerry Goldsmith's "Alien" score for "Alien Covenant", I found them to be a welcome note of familiarity in a visual world that's very much updated from the original. It's not unlike comparing scenes of NYC in the 1930's versus now. Where Vangelis's work was steeped in a classic "film noir" tradition (which probably was made moreso with the Deckard voiceover in the theatrical release of the original), Zimmer & Wallfisch have a more modern sound to fit a modern film. My two issues: Just me, but a little more organic, analog instrumentation in certain moments wouldn't have been a bad thing. The right instruments at the right time could've given certain dialogue passages a little more heft. Again, that's my armchair filmmaker side coming out to play. Then, there's that synth that sounds like they sampled a crotch rocket motorcycle in a tunnel and tuned it to suit their needs (reference "Pilot" around the 1:48 mark). Playing it though home speakers seems to take the harshness out a good bit but, in the theater, I guess I was sitting in the sweet spot where I'd get the brunt of whatever frequencies were gonna give my ribs a bit of a shaking.
  • Fantastic Score

    The score for Blade Runner 2049 is beautifully crafted using similar techniques from Vangelis's 1982 score, both composers managed to deliver a fantastic score that set the mood, and delivered tension, awe, nostalgia, and beauty to the film.
  • Deep, mindful, thoughtful

    This score reaches into the soul! Nicely done. As pleasing as the original score.
  • 2017 and perhaps the decades most jaw-dropping film

    To put it clear and simple this is probably the most captivating movie I have ever seen. And with any good movie comes an incredible soundtrack.
  • Nice review by Darshan

    Great opinion piece by Darshan— no bull just personal opinion and it’s appreciated.
  • Worth buying

    Loved both movies and the Vangelis soundtrack. While this soundtrack is clearly different from the first, it’s a strong soundtrack and I was happy I bought it after a dozen listens now. Just make a playlist taking out the Elvis and Sinatra tracks and loop it over and over for a wonderful experience. If you loved the sound in the 2049 movie then you’ll more than likely love this too.
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Blade Runner 2049 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Album Comments