17 [XXXTENTACION] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.The Explanation 0:50
2.Jocelyn Flores 1:59
3.Depression & Obsession 2:24
4.Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares 1:35
5.Revenge 2:00
6.Save Me 2:43
7.Dead Inside (Interlude) 1:26
8.F**k Love (feat. Trippie Redd) 2:26
9.Carry On 2:09
10.Orlando 2:43
11.Ayala (Outro) 1:39
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17 by XXXTENTACION Album Reviews

- Best album ever


- Amazing



I can’t imagine the potential beyond this... the best artists die young

- Fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

Fire songs and R.I.P XXX

- Jah

Jahseh Onfroy

- Rip to a goat

To all the people who leave bad reviews on this FYI he is dead and missed my many if not all so f u for the hate if u ain’t got nun good to say don’t say it at all bisssh

- Legendary


- 100% Legendary


- A True Master Piece

A true master piece of art RIP X 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️ YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN

- 🥺 It is so calming to hear it everyday

The songs r kinda short but I still love your album! 🤗


Makes you feel and understand his pain.

- This helps

I’ve been struggling with depression for almost a year now and listening to this makes me feel like there’s someone who cares about how I feel.. X did good R.I.P young legend

- Fire

Best album of all time

- Beautiful Simplicity

X makes it a point to be simple with his lyrics, along with a melancholic tone to allow the listener to experience truly what he feels. Many critics argue that this album is very basic with no meaning, however, they may perceive this because they are not the target audience. X makes his music simple because he understands his audience. By making his music more complex, he may not be able to reach to as many kids because they will not be able to fully grasp the ideas he conveys through his music. This album has changed many people’s lives and the backlash that the fans and family of X receive is very idiotic and quite inconsiderate since many do not think about anything but themselves...so LLJ.


I like so much because he has dit

- I Love You Jahseh

Thank You For Everything I Love You Forever & Always.

- 17

This album is simply amazing.. No other way to describe it. You’ll feel every emotion within this album. I just wish it was longer :( RIP X

- on jah

Literally the best person to ever pick up a microphone. rest in peace x

- 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Him and the music are bad

- Rip x 😖😖😭

Miss x so much but anyways love this album and miss you

- 👁


- we miss you

you are forever loved. my favorite project.


WoW tHaT iS aMaZiNg

- I love you X


- R.I.P XXXtentacian

This album is my favorite every time I listen to it I remember how great he wuz

- Legendary


- Depression

These songs are the best songs I’ve listened to 😔I need these songs to stay away from killing myself Hero’s are remembered but Legends never die ❤️

- Orlando

Fire I have nothing wrong with it


rip x

- Rip X

A legendary artist with legendary music

- Rip.my king

I love this song when ever I fell sad I always listen to his songs it makes my life feel dark a peaceful I like it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Continue to rest up X

Very raw yet so groundbreaking

- king


- It is hilarious this got famous

While Jocelyn Flores is an amazing song, most of this is pretentious and rushed and sloppy and bland music I’ve heard

- This is my favourite X album

This is my favourite X album because he helps me thru my day

- Best songs ever


- Xxxtentacion


- To short

The songs are Amazingly written and I greatly appreciate XXXTENTACION making this album but, the songs are to short. The songs range around 2 and a half minutes a piece. Other than that, great album


Beautiful album

- Great

I love the song just some off them I didn't like otherwise I love them

- Zander pen pals

God tier

- X is the best rapper in the world

X is one of the best rappers and I thank him for not only getting me in my feelings but also making really good music and he is and inspiration to me to keep vibing and to also express my love and emotions

- 17

this album has helped me through a lot of my darkest times it’s such a beautiful album LLJ💔🕊

- RIP xxx 🤧

I love all his songs I was heartbroken when I heard he was shot and I still am but his songs always cheer me up!! 😪


love you man

- Jocelyn Flores

When I heard this song for the first time, I was actually quite confused on why it was called Jocelyn Flores when the lyrics never actually said her name in the song, but I looked up the meaning of the song, and articles after articles popped up, with words like ‘suicide’ and ‘death of’ showing up. Shocked enough, I read an article on the song, and it turned out to be that Jocelyn Flores was a teenage girl that took her own life just days after parting off with Triple X after she had a feud with a woman named Zoe in his house. She had been flown to Florida because her mother wanted to try and make her ill-minded mind better, but turns out, after she had left X’s house, she had been escorted to a hotel by two men. Both men left that night, unaware this is when she decided to take her life in the bathroom. One of the men came back, the bathroom door closed and the light on. He didn’t seem too worried, so he went asleep. The next morning, he woke up, the bathroom door still locked and the light still turned on, when he decided to call for hotel staff to come and check out the whole ordeal. When they opened the door, there lay her lifeless body. She had committed suicide that night. Honestly, the story is definitely depressing and sad, but how X decided to honor her by making a song that is titled by her name is just sweet of him. 🥺 And one last thing I’d like to just point out, I know XXX is dead, and I’d just like to say that I miss you and I wish you were here right now. You didn’t deserve to die so young... 💔 R.I.P. XXXTENTACION 🥺😭💔😔🖤

- Rest In Peace King can’t wait to see you in the next life.

Just got let go from my job and man do i want to end it all. Thursday November 21st 12:00pm (Numb) Create and evolve. Titans don’t die but live on.

- Top 5 Best Songs (17)

1. Jocelyn Flores I know your somewhere Somewhere I’ve been trapped in my mind Girl Just holding on I don’t pretend we’re something We’re nothing I’ve been stuck thinking bout her I can’t hold on I’m in pain Wanna put 10 shots in my brain I’ve been tripping bout some things Can’t change Suicidal Same time I’m tame Picture this get a phone call Girl that you (******) with Killed herself That was this summer And nobody helped And ever since then I hate myself Wanna (*******) end It Pessimistic All wanna see me With no pot to (****) in But (******) getting excited Bout the grave I’m digging Having conversations Bout my hate decisions (*******) sickening At the same time Memories surface through The grapevine Bout my uncle playing with a Slip knot Post-traumatic Stress got me (******) up Been (******) up Since the couple months They had a (*****) locked up I’ve been feeling pain I’ve been feeling pain Just to hold on And I don’t feel the same I’m so numb I’ve been feeling pain I’ve been feeling pain Just to hold on And I don’t feel the same I’m so numb 2. Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares Don’t go Don’t go to sleep Don’t go Stay up Tired of feeling like I’m trapped in my (****) mind Tired of feeling like I’m wrapped in a (****) lie Tired of feeling like My life’s a (****) game (*****) really wanna die In the night time Only time I feel pain When I feel in love That’s why it’s tatted on my face That I’m (****) numb Only time I’m in my mind When I’m all alone That’s why I’m never Alone in the night time Change (****) like clothes I can’t get attached Cause these (****) fire starters Like lit matches I’ve been feeling really lost Ducking all attachments I don’t really wanna go outside Cause I hate traffic I don’t wanna go outside Get caught in traffic Tired of feeling like I’m trapped in my (****) mind Tired of feeling like I’m wrapped in a (****) lie Tired of feeling like My life’s a (****) game (*****) really wanna die In the night time Tired of feeling like I’m trapped in my (****) mind Tired of feeling like I’m wrapped in a (****) lie Tired of feeling like My life’s a (****) game (*****) really wanna die Night time Tired of feeling like I’m trapped in my (****) lie Tired of feeling like I’m wrapped in a (****) lie Tired of feeling like My life’s a (****) game (*****) really wanna die In the night time (*****) really wanna die In the night time (*****) really wanna die In the night time (*****) really wanna die In the night time (*****) really wanna die In the night time (*****) really wanna die In the night time 3. (****) Love (Feat Trippe Redd) Ooh Baby I need you in my life In my life Please Bae Don’t go Switching sides Switching sides I swear this is wear you reside You reside Please Bae Don’t go Switching sides Switching sides Yea Yea Yea Yea Please don’t throw your love away Please don’t throw your love away Please don’t throw your love away I’m nauseous I’m dying She ripped my heart right out Can’t find her Someone to My eyes are all cried out Lost it Riots Gunfire inside my head I’ve lost it Riots Gunfire inside my head Baby I need you in my life In my life In my life Please Bae Don’t go Switching sides Switching sides I swear this is we’re You reside You reside Please Bae Don’t go Switching sides Switching sides Please don’t throw your love away Please don’t throw your love away Please don’t throw your love away 4. Orlando The pain in my heart just won’t end The words I find just don’t Seem to compare Awaiting my death in my end Alone I must seek out the end to begin So nobody wants death Cause nobody wants life to end I’m the only one stressed I’m the only one tired Of having fake friends Put the noose in my neck And the hole in my back Again I’ve been waiting on death With a smile on my face This is the end Waste of tears Waste of years and months Faced my fears Loving her for once Hurt me Break my heart Worthless Can’t keep love at all Turning Twist myself Worthless Can’t keep love at all 5. Ayala (Outro) She showed me fake love Can’t forget How it hurt Made a list of my regrets And you were the first It hurts Can’t forget How it hurt Made a list of my regrets (Bonus) The Explanation 17 My collection of nightmares Thoughts Real life situations I lived 17 Is the number tattooed In the right side of my head My own personal number Soon to be explained In future interviews Or Instances By listening To this album You are literally And I can’t stress this enough Literally Entering my mind And if you are not willing to accept My emotion And hear my words fully Do not listen I do not value your money I value acceptance and loyalty Here is my pain And thoughts Put into words I put my all into this In the hopes that will cure Or at least Numb your depression I love you Thank you for listening Enjoy - XXXTenTacion

- The introduction

In the introduction he talks about the album being that you enter his mind, the mind of Xxxtentacion/Jahseh was not to well in mental form but we accepted him to be with us and inspire us he taught us not do stuff that is dumb and he could have been the next big thing he could have been a good role model even more than he already was and some people treated him in return like this shame on those people .p.s I know he passed a while ago I’m just bringing some people to the realization of this. 𝓢𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓲𝓮𝓻𝓵𝔂,ʏᴇᴇᴛ

- Rip the legend


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- Legend

I’m not going to write a soliloquy so I just wanted to say God bless Jahseh, your music will live on until we go the way of the dinosaurs! LONG LIVE X💯

- You numb my depression ❤️

Thank you for your all in these songs... it numbs me and I feel decent which is better than usual ❤️ it’s beautifully done, masterpiece

- Rip X

🐐🐐🐐 Album

- Rip x

Man I miss x

- We need more artists like Jahseh.

He doesn't sugarcoat or romanticize mental illness, he tells it exactly how it is, from personal experience. Real, raw, and emotional. Comforting to know we are not alone, yet discomforting because X put our feelings into words. Which, I think, is exactly what people need. I'd been keeping an eye on X for a while before this album, but 17 really made me fall in love with his style and him as a person. LLJ. Peace love and positivity.

- 10/10


- 🖤🖤🖤

Best album ever this helped me a lot with my dark and lonely times

- Too good

Very good man ;( 🙏😭

- This was released 4 days after my birthday


- 🔥🔥🔥🔥


- 🔥

Haters back off

- 🌟

soulful Shiloh samples with raw lyrics & a message

- My Jocelyn god

This is amazing I hate when the haters just make fun of XXXTENTACION the song I hate is ***** terror


Rip x amazing album

- Rip X

Rest in peace.



- Rip x

Rip x one of the best artists

- Haters back off

I don't understand why people say this is trash it’s everything you want in a album it’s a great album

- 17

Amazing album, this will definitely go down as a classic platinum album. LLJ

- ♥️



Great music, I love x I miss him a lot!!! And to the haters I just wanted to say the only reason you don’t like his music is cause you don’t understand it you actually have to listen to the lyrics to understand.

- One of the Best Up and Coming Artisits of this Generation

RIP way too soon.

- Versatile

He does everything

- its so bad

not only is it bad but x was a horrible person, glad hes dead

- X

Best album for me. so real; so true........R.I.P beautiful soul🌟

- You will be missed X

Best album rip xxxtentacion 🖤

- Beautiful

My favourite album of all time

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


- 17

One of my favourite albums ever

- Amazing

Absolutely love it

- 😔

Thank you X for everything your music got me through my depression..... hope you are seeing this from up in heaven... you will be TRULY missed.....

- got me in the feels

I listened to his album a long time ago and have been continuing to. I love him and his music. I hope he's in a better place now. R.I.P Jahseh. LLJ

- Why

My.Cousin told me in a shot so I can’t be talking to you but you are good you are really really good at music like dude I’ve never heard anything better

- I miss you X


- Thank you Jahseh

Thank you Jahseh for saving my life with this album. I’ll see you in Heaven RIP 🖤

- Rip

RIP...ThE gOoD diE YounG .....🙏🏼😔🌗

- Very deep and emotional

Jahseh will forver be the greatest artist of all time

- Amazing

I miss x so much he was so young I wish I could’ve meet him. I’ve listen to all his music and I want him back😭

- WoW.


- Llj


- Good


- 🤯


- Awesome album

When I listen, I feel like I’m in the same moonlight he was, R.I.P xx

- Amazing

We miss u Jahseh🖤

- Great!

Very Very good music on this album

- R.I.P.


- Rip


- Best album

He’s amazing

- It saved me


- Nothing Special!

There is nothing complex or impressive about the lyrics. There is not enough depth to the songs stylistically, conceptually, and lyrically.

- Dope album

Album of the year so far

- 17

Always have been a massive fan, rest easy brother.

- 17

Love this album, legit have it playing on repeat

- 👌🏼

Straight fire.

- abcdef

Quite bad

- The best

I've listened to only 4 songs and already love this album


😭😭😭😭this album is so inspirational and sad at the same time

- X is best

What a album from X he is one of the best the time of music today 👌🏽✌🏼✌🏼



- 💀

Narcissistic emo rap

- Best album ever!

I urge everyone to listen to this album. Man, it sounds quite different to how X's usual music sounds like but I love this stuff!

- Amazing

Really wasn't expecting it to be this good. The main reason this gets hate is because only people who listen to hip hop are aware of X, and this isn't really a hip-hop album, and cause it's not their taste they hate on it

- 17

Amazing album

- The best ever

This is amazing. Every single song means something and relates to everyone.

- favourite album

as someone who knows what depression is like, this album is by far my favourite, congrats X ❤❤

- highly recommend

bless him. powerful

- 👌🏽

This album it life

- Best

Dear song ever

- 10/10

Probably his best album with some phenomenal songs that he has produced by far

- Audio torture

X makes music for edgy 13 year olds who microwave cats for fun. Hearing nails on the chalkboard is much for enjoyable.

- Amazing

An a absolutely amazing and beautiful album, even though I have never experienced theses feeling it really hits hard and makes me feel how much struggle people to actually go through. Respect to all those people and you X.

- Amazing

Absolutely amazing x

- Did cry

God I love him

- Garbage


- Must get

Deep and meaningful, its great change up in X's songs. They are absolutly brilliant!

- Love it


- X!

Insane album man! Definitely Worth a Listen <3

- Cotton candy

This isn’t rap this is garbage


Legend, wish he could make more songs like this.

- <3

This album makes me feel something in a life so dull

- Amazing

I miss x but his songs are something else

- Feel like it's unfinished

How can this be considered an album when there's 11 songs and most of them are less than 2 minutes?? Feel like he can write a lot more verses since his going through all these emotions.

- Jack’s opinion

Sorry 😐

- amazing

i would seriously recommend this album to anyone with any form of mental illness. i've listened to 17 over and over. thank you X for really helping me get through my tough times. and you have my value and acceptance

- Done


- 👍


- R.I.P X

This is literally the best album of all time ever! I just wish that X was alive to see these reviews💓👼🏽😘😭

- one of his best pieces of work

it’s an amazing album

- Amazing

Jocelyn Flores almost made me cry. His music is real art.

- 😱😃😱

Such a great album 😍

- Shook.

Best album I have ever heard.

- Magical

This is an amazing album 🔥

- I must of listened to a different album than everyone

Each to there own but jeez I don't know how this album got the ratings it did. Some of the beats are oookay,the guitar strings sound way outta place,n it just never gets going or makes u wana even nod your head. It's such a boring album I was like wake me up,it never seems to get going..FAIL👎🏼

- Please come back 💔

Dear X, You are so inspiring I can’t even explain how much I love you! Your music has helped me through some rough times in my life and I thank you so much for that. Yes you have made bad choices in your life but so has everyone, if you really are gone I just want to say you have helped so many kids not want to hurt themselves. Your one wish before you died was you want everyone to hear your message *It was heard* R.I.P noodle hair I hope you find peace and happiness 🙏🏻💔

- Perfect piece of art 🙌🙌

X will rise to the top , this man has a put one of the best ever albums out , you have saved people with this music, god bless you #freeX

- ....


- thank you X

albums exactly what i needed. beautiful.

- Simply Beautiful

This album can only be described as one word beautiful. Thank you X for sharing your story and letting me express mine through my mind of the power of your songs.

- 17 💔

emotions flowing

- R.I.P

Long Live jaseh #badvibesforever Rip xxxtentacion

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- Miss you

X was amazing and I love all of his songs. Let’s all remember and continue to throughout life. He’s unforgettable

- Guess Who

The best !! ❤️

- 💕💕

No words can describe it💕

- This album is amazing

This album is amazing, I really liked what trippie red did with f love that was so cool

- 🖤

R.I.P XXXTENTACION you are and always will be the greatest 🖤🖤

- What I thought was emotional, just a laughable cretin.

See his recent ordeal concerning his ex girlfriend, disgusting creature that I wish I didn't support with this purchase

- Amazing

Ik X died 3 months ago but I listen to his music every day still I wish I could get the guy that killed him and shoot him in the face rip X❤️

- Love this album

Really brings me to tears. X you really are the rap world's highest god and I will always stay loyal to you #youngdagradick


X is the only person I listen to


Rip to the greatest artist in the world. Let your light live on in your music and upstairs with the other heroes such as lil peep!👏🏽🤟🏽🙏🏽🔥

- Wow

No words, just listen ❤️

- Love

X has to be one of the best rappers out there, to drop this album on us and yet still keep to his original music is amazing. Respect for you man❤️

- 👏🏼👏🏼


- Love you 💕

Deep emotions❤️only listen if ur in a room on your own to experience what he has🌍 im glad youre back home without Jah theres no Elle xx love you...💕🤤🤘🏽🚸😭😭😭😭

- X

If anybody Is listening in 2019 R.I.P X I remember

- Masterful and whimsical

X is not one to be soppy all over his timelines unless he felt necessary, but instead he poured his heart into his music and allowed all the unsaid emotions ooze out so we could understand him. If you understood X’s tone of voice and use of words, then you got him. He was never a “woman beater” or a “homophobic” to his fan so to brand as such all over the media never gave the man his due-respect, nor helped represent the happy view the fans got. He was a man of undeniable talents and had a musical cognitive function I could only dream to have. If I could create an album, this would be one of them. Long Live X - you’ll never be forgotten.

- Rip xxx 😭😭😭😭

Rip xxx

- I love this album sooo much💖😭

Can’t believe he’s gone omg all the good people are taken to soon😭 RIP🕊❤️



- XXX.

RIP X 💔💔💔



- 😭😭😭


- Rubbish

Load if sh***

- Why

Anyone know why it isn’t let me use this????????



- Helps me sleep

By far my favourite album and it also helps me sleep so thanks I guess 😂

- X Is a godsend and saviour to the music industry

Please buy now

- Love it

My depression numbed for an hour thank you❤️

- Good but missing something

The album is really gd but the songs are to short and need more e.g revenge it's just like one long chorus has barely a verse

- Xxxtentacion

Rest in peace xxxtentacion

- Up there with the best

One of the greatest albums I’ve heard. X has worked miracles on this. Spread love, positivity and good energy

- 🙏🏻🙏🏻REST IN PEACE🙏🏻🙏🏻



God , This was very different to his songs before the album, he went screaming his head off , then with this album he is literally singing so good with a really great beats!!!!! His acoustic beats were heartwarming!!!!!

- See you in heaven x best rapper

Album is sick miss you 😭

- Love it

Absolutely beautiful thank you xxxtentacion🖤

- Rip

Long live x

- This is a different Artist

The X we all know was a violent and angry shouting person. That was until now. This album is just amazing. Showcases his emotions very well. If you didn't like him before I guarantee you this will make you a fan. Songs like "Revenge" really showcase the rappers skill. My personal favourite is "Everybody dies in their nightmares". Honestly a great attempt and much better than Lil Uzis LUV is rage 2.

- Miss you X

Love your music since 17 this is one of my favourites

- Life saving.

An album which does not only sound like heaven to ones ears, but also has meaning behind all of its complexity and literally helps people going through a difficult situation in life to open their eyes and realise that they are not alone and that there will be light at then end of the tunnel. A well written masterpiece which will forever be remembered. Long Live Prince X🕊❤️

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥


- X was amazing

I’ll never forget him . And to all those people saying that he is sh#t then f u he died and suffered from depression at a very young age

- Legend died young

I’ve been following XXXTENTACION since vice city dropped. I just remember being in touch with him. I am proud to say that I have dm’s from XXXTENTACION himself.

- Amazing

Great album


X is just a spiritual guy it’s sad to see such spiritual people go

- 🔥

F**king Tune 🔥🔥🔥

- I'm not easy moved but

I'm not easy moved but this album did it anyway

- LLJ 🕊


- masterpiece.

this is truly the greatest album of all time.

- LLJ💙

Helped me through hard times

- Amazing

My usual music preferences is heavy rock and stoner rock and I’ve always kind of brushed off this genre of music but damn this is album is phenomenal. I’ve never heard so much raw emotion in my life.

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Seventeen or 17 17 (number), the natural number following 16 and preceding 18 one of the years 17 BC, AD 17, 1917, 2017 .

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