MONSTA X - THE CLAN, Pt. 2 'GUILTY' - EP album wiki, reviews
Artist:   MONSTA X
Album Name:   THE CLAN, Pt. 2 'GUI..
Genre:   K-Pop
Relase:   04 October 2016
Tracks:   6
Country:   USA

THE CLAN, Pt. 2 'GUILTY' - EP (MONSTA X) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Fighter 3:38
2.Be Quiet 3:02
3.Blind 3:31
4.Queen 3:12
5.White Love 3:50
6.Roller Coaster 3:16

THE CLAN, Pt. 2 'GUILTY' - EP by MONSTA X Album Play & Listen

THE CLAN, Pt. 2 'GUILTY' - EP (MONSTA X) Album Comments

THE CLAN, Pt. 2 'GUILTY' - EP (MONSTA X) Album Reviews

IQ Certificate
  • JodieMonbebe

    5 stars
    Hell yeah!!!. These guys work so hard and need to be known by everyone!!!!
  • Stu Dude 2.0

    5 stars
    changkyun. <3
  • Stu-Dude

    5 stars
    This Album Is Life. it came out on my birthday - best present ever
  • Serenahuang

    5 stars
    This album is AMAZiNG 😉. Good job MX! So proud of you! xxx
  • Bribri🌸

    5 stars
    ANOTHER GREAT ALBUM FROM SUCH A GREAT GROUP. I love MONSTA X and all that they do for us fans. This album is another great reminder of how special and talented all of the members are and how lucky we are to be able to listen to their music💕.
  • Dino44;)

    5 stars
    ❤️Monsta x (Monbebe). I love this comeback am in love! I love all my boys!!!❤️💙💜
  • Madz_Kiki

    5 stars
  • im jae bum's 2nd piercing

    5 stars
    they need more love!!!!!. don't you dare sleep on monsta x
  • myminhyuk

    5 stars
    Minhyuk!!!. I'm so proud to be a monbebe. I've been with them since no mercy days and they just keep getting better and better. Wonho improved so much! And as always, my baby Minhyuk is fabulous! I love them so much!!
  • boilgoat

    5 stars
    Support them. I love them omg

MONSTA X - THE CLAN, Pt. 2 'GUILTY' - EP Album Wiki

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