Coconut Oil - EP

Lizzo - Coconut Oil - EP album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Lizzo
Album Name:   Coconut Oil - EP
Genre:   Pop
Relase:   07 October 2016
Tracks:   6
Country:   USA

Coconut Oil - EP (Lizzo) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.WorshipLizzo 2:57
2.PhoneLizzo 2:49
3.Scuse MeLizzo 3:24
4.DeepLizzo 3:14
5.Good as HellLizzo 2:39
6.Coconut OilLizzo 4:25

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Coconut Oil - EP (Lizzo) Album Reviews

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  • FoodSwagga

    5 stars
    Simply inspiring!!!. So happy and proud of her. I wish I had someone like her growing up. Well done Lizzo...keep living YOUR BEST LIFE!!!
  • wolfmutant

    4 stars
    Good!. Her voice needs a bit of improvement but she’s very creative with lyrics!I have faith keep going..But improve your voice a bit and find it!you have it in you!LIZZO!
  • Halite Corporation

    5 stars
    😆😆her music is so upbeat and happy. If you don’t like lizzo’s fantastic happy music then just leave 👋 such inspiring music and makes me feel great 😄🎉
  • my nickname is juju so hellooo

    5 stars
  • Leigh Lamotta

    5 stars
    Can’t get enough. Love her!!. Lizzo is the life coach I was missing. BBW everywhere love yourself! I just love her and her music!!
  • Jbob24505

    5 stars
    Underrated masterpiece!!!. Lizzo is really someone who's ahead of her time! She's that girl!
  • woden12

    1 stars
    HeeHee. HuuHuu
  • Mackdadddyj

    1 stars
    Ugh. Her voice is like fingernails scraping a chalk board
  • If_Only_You

    5 stars
    YES. The talent is so real!!!!
  • scarney96

    5 stars
    True talent!. You are talented, beautiful, and unique, thank you for the amazing music! Please keep up the good work.

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