Blonde by Frank Ocean

Blonde [Frank Ocean] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Nikes 5:14
2.Ivy 4:09
3.Pink + White 3:04
4.Be Yourself 1:26
5.Solo 4:17
6.Skyline To 3:04
7.Self Control 4:09
8.Good Guy 1:06
9.Nights 5:07
10.Solo (Reprise) 1:18
11.Pretty Sweet 2:38
12.Facebook Story 1:08
13.Close To You 1:25
14.White Ferrari 4:08
15.Seigfried 5:34
16.Godspeed 2:57
17.Futura Free 9:24

"Blond(e)" is the second studio album by American singer Frank Ocean. It was released on August 20, 2016, exclusively on the iTunes Store and Apple Music along with a CD from the Boys Don't Cry Magazine which features an extra verse on "Nikes" by KOHH.

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Blonde by Frank Ocean Album Reviews


just amazing

- Classic

Classic album. Perfect balance of soft sounds with melodic melodies.

- 🔥


- AOTC (album of the century)

So beautiful

- A work of art

This album is one of the best peices of art out there. Frank is a generational talent.

- took me to another world

if u listen to it u would understand


Too much heat

- Honest

Been a fan of Frank for a while, when I first heard he was releasing an album I was hella excited! When I first heard Nikes I thought to myself, this man can take my soul to places I never thought I could be

- 👁

I don’t say this lightly. Greatest album on this planet earth. Nobody can say otherwise. I swear to god

- Pure heat 😯🔥🔥

We don’t deserve Frank for this masterpiece

- perfect

Album of the century

- Legendary

This is is a instant classic and will go down as arguably the best Pop/Urban album of our generation

- Masterpiece

An album that changed my life. Been listening to it nonstop since it came out and that was 3 years ago. If you don’t like this album your music taste is horrendous and don’t associate yourself with music ever

- Life Changing

I am not lying. Give this album a good listen straight through and then you'll realize that, indeed, this is one of the best albums released in the past decade.


best album to ever come out in recent times

- Unfinished

Just feels Like throwAways

- ❤️


- Best album I’ve ever heard

This album changed my life and showed me what good music is and how good music can be.

- Sooooooooooo good.

This is perfect, wonderful, admirable, alluring, angelic, appealing, beauteous, bewitching, captivating, charming, classy, comely, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, elegant, enthralling, enticing, excellent, exquisite.

- beautiful album

frank oceans music is a blessing

- Incredible

Album is in my top 5 of all time

- It’s been years...

And this album still gets me through the day.

- Simply phenomenal

A few songs off this album hit me so hard to where I almost cried. It really provokes you to reflect deeply upon your life. Such a beautiful work of art.

- This Album Changed Me

I have never felt inclined to review an album through iTunes or at all. However, what Frank did in these 17 tracks is unrivaled and despite a 3 year aging period, it's still beautiful. Every song, so full of purpose and emotion. Blond impacted me on a deep level from the day I heard it and now, years later, listening to it brings new feelings out of me and let's me reflect on where I've been when this album was present. I don't feel that way about any other piece of music except for the visual project Frank released with Blonde, Endless, which was equally as beautiful and powerful. There is no bad song on this album. There is no good song on this album. There is only life shifting pieces that are blended together masterfully. If you've never listened to this album, you are missing a monumental part of what could be. Do yourself a favor, grace yourself.

- Love

Such a vibe

- Amazing

I can never get enough of Frank Ocean. Always so thought provoking and refreshing. This album sincerely touches my soul.

- Trash


- Beautiful

It’s not a song album, but it sure is a classic.

- Good listen🐸

If you got ears

- Cavetown

he full on COPIED a cavetown song. i know that cavetown would not have given him the right. in his song “Self Control”, he tried to copy the song “Self Control” by Cavetown. he can’t even say that he had the original idea because Cavetown worked on that album for longer AND released it earlier. i listened to all of his songs and they’re all terrible. but Self Control makes me so angry. his voice is disgusting and the lyrics are degrading and terrible. he needs to be sued.

- Masterpiece

Such a powerful album

- Best album ever

Best album ever

- blonde

my number 1 album ever!

- masterpiece

frank ocean is a legend

- Love it

10/10. I’ve been listening to this album for years and it never gets old to me. It is just perfect in so many ways.

- beautiful


- new music soon please

i love you frank

- Masterpiece

Melancholy and meaningful. Extreme highs & lows. Eating a pot brownie while riding a beach cruiser from Venice Beach to the Santa Monica pier. The experience is like no other. It’s more than an album. It’s a moment in time. In life. Enjoy & be eternally grateful. Love.

- The best album of the 2010’s.

I love it.

- Wow

Just listened too it I’m like 3 years late but that’s okay this album is a complete masterpiece it is not like anything I’ve ever heard before it is original the instrumentals are amazing the lyrics are phenomenal making this one of the best albums of the decade

- my ovaries....

this album just got me pregnant and said I can’t get an abortion (in the best way possible 🤧🤧)

- Always stays in mind

This is favorite song ever! I never got tired of it and it’s been years....❤️👌

- Masterpiece album 🙌🏽✨

This album came out the perfect time when I came out the closet. Helped me through my darkest times & brightest times 💫. Frank Ocean is such an amazing vocalist, love him so much & happy birthday to him 🥳

- <3

this album will always have a place in my heart

- newww albummm Frank


- Perfect album.

Not many albums can achieve that, this album surpasses perfect. This is a modern day masterpiece.

- One of the best albums of the decade.

It was an experience I still haven’t forgotten 3 years later. Frank Ocean’s best work.

- 😯

Best album of the decade and quite honestly the more I hear it the only albums I find better are Sgt. Pepper, Revolver, Pet Sounds, and Smiley Smile. That’s about it though. This is a must have album. No question.

- wow

absolute perfection, i have no words

- Masterpiece

One of the best albums I’ve ever heard

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- Sheer brilliance


- Best album of our time

Easily one of the best and most beautiful album I’ve heard of my life. You need to listen to the WHOLE album 1 by 1 with maximum volume.

- way over-rated

absolutely nothing special with

- Ugh

So good :p

- Love it so much.

He is amazing & his music is my new favourite thing.

- More than album of the year

We're talking about amazing collaborations. From A to Z the album is gold. This is the kind of album you listen again and again and just appreciate every time.

- This album is bomb

Forever in love with Frank Ocean and his beautiful voice. He always drops the most lovely albums I've ever heard. One of a kind talent.

- congrats bro

best album

- Best album I've heard all year

Absolutely beautiful album. A lot different than Nostalgia ULTRA and Channel ORANGE, but comes together so beautifully and Frank is the most interesting part about it. This album did not disappoint.


Love this album! 'Nike' is my favourite as well as 'ivy' and 'pink + white'.... Although, 'Nike' would be so much better if he didn't put on the voice editor

- For the true fans only

I guess this work is for the hard core fans only, to other people like me, this album is boring and weird. Sorry don't get what the fuss is all about, Kanye you should shut up.

- Love it but

I got it a few weeks back and all of a sudden ivy and self control aren't playing in my music

- This Guy Though

Such a talented and calming soul. Like how everyone else is saying, this album has been a long time coming. We're all rooting for you Frank. Self-Control is my personal fav off this

- What happened...

... to this kid? Made his money and checked out it seems. Half of the "album" is recordings of random conversations, or sample grooves on repeat that sound like work in progress forced intp a song length.

- Absolutely waste of money.

Nothing like the old frank ocean, don't waste your money.

- Best album of 2016!!!

Frank Ocean, you were my go to music every day for my whole trip! Your music is eery, dream-like. An amazing excursion inside a genius mind. Even if you don't seem to be recognized by your pairs (Grammys, etc), real fans know to recognize pure talent. Please, make me dream again!

- Not bad

This album was no Channel Orange by any means, a few good songs, the rest were filler and other small audio snippets. I really wanted to like it, its alright though .

- The Most Important Album of Our Time...

If you have never been in love, had your heartbroken or had any lingering feelings that could not be returned, you will miss the point of this album. Ocean is able to capture the human experience of love and loss perfectly within the 17 tracks that make up this modern day masterpiece that is Blonde. Every song has it’s own story and vividly paints you a picture of specific emotions, placing you back in a time of your life by telling his own story. From the start with Nikes to Ivy, you will be listening to this album all the way through and you will not regret it. Pink + White is one of my favourite tracks on the album, the song brings you back to the sunniest days of your life with a mood warning of “it’s all down hill from here” which reminds you that love much like summer, doesn’t last forever. And yes, Beyonce’s background vocals on this track amplify it to the next level. I could go through all the tracks from Solo, Nights, Self Control, White Ferrari, Siegfried to the end at Futura Free. Each song has a story to tell and within his own meanings for the songs, you will most certainly find your own personal meaning. Blonde does what so many other albums wish they could do and fail to do so, give each listener their own unique experience with music and memory. If we have to wait another four years from the next project from Frank Ocean, it will be worth the wait. Believe the hype, this is an important piece of media we have here with Blonde, so give a listen and see what story you will remember.

- Excellent

I love it!

- It's Amazing

This album is a piece of art. It pulls you away from the mainstream music trap wave, and takes you to a different place. The complexity of the sound and personal nature of Frank's writing definitely requires you to give the album a couple run-throughs, before really deciding whether you love or not. 👌🏼

- just let me buy 3 songs please

this album is bomb but i dont want the whole thing why wont you let me buy 3 songs please i want to support frank but yall aint letting me

- Beautiful

How is pink+white not mentioned in the album bio? Absolute musical gold. you are amazing frank thanks for a song i will always play and love!

- Angelic

frank ocean got me hooked on channel orange, and now gives another way to escape into his world. <3

- A bit mad

So much of it sounds good but I'm not one to buy an entire album, nor do I want to. Just upset that I can't just get the few I want.

- Best Album of 2016

Refer to title ^

- 😩😩😩


- Bruh

I'm crying.

- Ocean’s Swimmer Stan

3 years later, this man is still a legend

- :)

After 4 years of waiting this genius has impressed me again with his artistic style and abilities. The album is a dream and is well worth the wait. After a couple of listens you really start to hear the lyrics and the meaning in the songs. Well done. Favourites are Ivy, Pink + White, Nights. Skyline To and Seigfried.

- Confused much?

Everyone is just a sucker And Frank's bank account be growin

- Masterpiece



Frank ocean proves again why he one of the best in the business. Incredible album that surpasses any prior expectations. This is a MUST LISTEN.



- Frank is incomparable

this album further solidifies the reason why frank is my favourite artist of his time. beautiful, pure emotion. his subtleness outshines even the most powerful artists. every song has such intricate details that you can only really notice listening over and over again. his songs have been the tracks to my most cherished moments and unforgettable experiences. forever thankful for frank and his art.



- Spelling

Why does the album art say "blond" but all titles on iTunes call it (seemingly incorrectly) "Blonde"? Little-known grammar fact: "blonde" with an "e" is feminine, "blond" without the "e" is masculine. Even though his hair is emerald green on the cover photo, I'd say the actual album text is correct.

- its pretty good

its pretty good . first frank ocean album ive ever heard

- 👍🏼

great album

- N I G H T S


- I'm

I can't believe that I left my phone for camp for a week and I missed the new album what

- Don't believe the hype.

This album, is, barely that. If you want to make it mandatory to purchase 90% of your album in order to get the one or two good songs max which are worth buying; please be sure they're actually songs, and not 1 minute filler intros.


It’s complex, layered, and emotional. My favourites include “Self Control”, “Godspeed”, “Ivy”, and “Nights”. One of my favourite records of all time.

- white ferrari

white ferrari

- Pink and white is soooooo good

Love it

- So refreshing

An amazing work of art!

- !!!!

He did that™!



- Worth the wait

Frank really exceeded expectations.

- Blonded

Blonde is the greatest album of all time hands down! Frank is the goat

- Masterpiece

Being a Frank Ocean fan is a pain because of this 4 year wait. Get this, Frank is a creative genius and I'm so glad I'm finally listening to this.

- Trapped between worlds

There's been way to much pressure on this album, and you can feel it. It starts well with Nike a down tempo rework of Pyramids then Ivy is sweet and light, but from there it's mostly scraps. Half ideas, sketches not fleshed out. Those Janet Jackson style intermissions were irritating in the 90's and here they're half the album. frank crashes to earth and no amount of Art can save it. It's neither experimental or Avantgarde. Just sort of fades out........zzzzzzzzzz

- Don't expect channel ORANGE

On the first listen of this album, I was disappointed. Although the first 3 songs were good, I struggled to like all the others. It lacked the punch and excitement of channel ORANGE as most of the songs were really just stripped back, acoustic tracks with some weird interludes. But I kept listening a few more times and they grew on me a bit more. The album's yet to really sink in- and I hope it does- but the songs nicely showcase Frank's voice and the production's really ambient and atmospheric; they're songs for late night driving and they're songs for just chilling out. I don't think it'll beat channel ORANGE, but give it a few more listens and see what you think

- Get A Grip

This guy is so overrated and hyped-up it's not funny. Get a grip people.

- Yo this is trash

Yo this trash...what you mean 5 stars should be negative

- Joe


- F R A N K


- So glad...

..on 2nd and 3rd listen this album gets better and better. THANK GOODNESS!!! :) Mr Ocean, you are the BOMB! I feel so blessed to have seen you perform your one gig at Festival Hall Melbourne after your Splendour Show...PLEASE treat Australia to your talent again! A must have album of 2016.

- Living god

Wow I’m speechless, it’s incredible How a person can be so flawless at making musics

- Angelic


- Mmmmmm

It's subtle

- Perfect

Music will make you laugh, make you cry, it’ll change your life

- god

offft so good

- Frank Ocean is a genius

Real art takes time. Your creations express the feelings I can't. Please tour to Australia. We love you.

- very nice

very nice

- Magician.

Frank Ocean you are a one in a million.

- 4 years wait was soo worth it!

My favourites are Ivy, Pink + White, Godspeed, Self Control and White Ferrari. They all convey a different story and his lyrics continuously show us why Frank's one of the best artists of this decade. Worth every cent.

- Not Comparable to Ch. Orange

I would say that there are only a few songs (Pink + White, Ivy, Nikes) that merely compete to Channel Orange. Disappointing, but happy to hear some good songs after a while. I'm longing for another release similar to Channel Orange from Frank, but that will be hard to beat.

- Album of the year

Chine after chune



- Masterfull

Different to Channel Orange. I listened to this album once and was hooked. The more I listen the more intricate wonderful poetic musical joy I discover. This album is a masterpiece. Listen with good earphones, the music is superb! This man knows his stuff. Self control killed me.

- Worth every second of waiting

This album is fantastic, every track is gold

- Individual sale

I only want to buy the song ivy so I would like it if we could buy songs seperatly instead of album only

- frank,, u son of a binch

yeeeeeeaaa boooiiiiiiiii

- Nice

V good

- 🔥💯

goat. worth the wait.

- Initial Impressions

Where Channel ORANGE had me from start to finish, I find my initial impressions of Blond to be a little underwhelming. Given the hype that surrounded it's release which no doubt fed my hopes for something better, if not, on par with CO, I find I'm left on the fence with this album as to whether I really enjoy it or not. Blond showcases Franks undeniable vocal prowess and I find the production value to be significantly higher than CO however, with all the interludes that are featured throughout and some "interesting" choices of instrumentals, I can't help but feel there's some sort of "new age Kanye" influence on some of the album. Because of this I can't give it full credit straight of the mark but I'm hoping it grows on my after a few more plays like others have stated. A decent album but no Channel ORANGE... Yet.

- Amazing

Sooooo goood! I love this album!

- Luv this so much


- Litttt

Damn this is fresh 🔥


This is bomb asf

- Classic

Purchase this album, trust me you won't regret it.


This album actually gives me life ✨ hands down. Ivy is so good

- Thumbs down

Definitely not worth the wait!!!


He had a challenge and expectations to live up to; to top channel ORANGE. Many thought it'd be impossible but many were keen to see what he could do. I'm glad to admit that he succeeded and it is evident by the growth of his vocal, lyrical and production abilities displayed throughout the album. Anyone that labels this album as trash, boring or disappointing was clearly expecting the vibe of a 4 year old album (which is ludicrous to expect), has a poor taste and bad opinion.

- This album made me cry


- Lovvvee ittt

This album grew on me heaps. I wasnt sure at first when i first listened, but i found myself loving how unique every song is in this album.

- The wait is over

no matter what other review says, i respect frank's hard work and his new album. although it needs a few improvement however despite the trash tracks but overall is the second best album in frank's music career

- album 👏review

it’s good stuff

- Pure magic

Completely different to Chanel Orange and Nostalgia ultra, took a few good listens but I absolutely love it. Every single track had its own kind of magic to it, can't take it off repeat! I feel that listeners need to first understand where Frank is coming from to really make sense of his new album. You can't come to a verdict after just one listen, trust me it gets better every time.

- Individual sale

I really love one song but I'm not willing to but a whole album to listen to one song. I'm a broke uni student I can't afford that lol. So I'd really appreciate it if every song wasn't 'album only'

- Amazing

The album is absolutely spectacular. Frank has done it again. I have had it on repeat ever since it came out and just cannot stop! Do yourself a favour and get this work of art.

- Atlas

I can't find Frank Ocean on any maps. Is it near the Pacific or the Atlantic?

- Amazing.

So beautiful, best listened to with bass turned up and head phones in. Very similar to his first album lonny Breaux. Amazing album, worth the wait.

- Astonishing

This album is sensational, he has the most beautiful voice. This album sounds like it means something to him and all of us. He has this amazing connection almost like his singing right in front of you, so everyone reading this, make sure you close your eyes and listen to the lyrics and his incredible voice. 100/100💯➕💯👌🏽

- Blond Frank Ocean

Was initially underwhelmed but couldn't stop listening.. All I'll say now is that repeated listens reveal more & more. Intimate, stripped back yet rich texture, total genius 😜❤️


I've been waiting for so long, I nearly cried when I heard this came out. Thankyou, thankyou..

- Pink + White 😍

Frank Ocean bless up coz this album is some gooooood stuff

- Dope

Lit af fam ... saved my life

- Good album, but not as addictively listenable as C.O.

On writing this Ive listened to the album around 10 times. Only 2-3 songs are on repeat right now. Channel orange was on repeat start to finish. I hope the other songs grow on me because im skipping quite a few on this one.

- Sad

It's not letting me download this I want to cry

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- My favourite album of all time

stunning master piece

- Blonde OR Blond

Why are there 2 different spellings? iTunes has one, yet the cover artwork has another.

- Blonde

I was expecting big things from this album given all the hype surrounding the project, especially from the egoistic man himself, Frank Ocean. The entire album is one big snooze fest, it's bland and boring and not even worth streaming for free, let alone paying hard earned money for it. Not a single song is a standout or even worth listening to more than once. Don't waste your time and money on this talentless man.

- Good, not great.

As many, I was highly anticipating this album to make Channel Orange look like inferior. After 4 years of waiting I was expecting. nothing less. It was a huge ask. Unfortunately it failed to live up to those expectations. After several listening sessions I just can't seem to appreciate it. It's a emotionally charged album and I can tell Frank poured his heart into it. As a result it feels a bit inward facing as Frank is a private person who shares very little with the world so as a fan I trouble to connect with the songs. I haven't deleted the album and still listen to it. But if I'm looking for a good swim in the Ocean. The it's Channel Orange I tune in to.

- one of the best artists out there

not just one of the best R&B artists. one of the best artists. his experimental textures and production really makes this album a pleasure for the ears and sticks with you somehow. one of those brilliant records that you’re a bit unsure of at first, but then keep coming back to when it gets addictively good. would compare him to A$AP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator, except even more interesting style-wise. buy this. it’s worth your money 100%.

- Meh

After years of waiting and all the delays I expected more from this album may grow on me but doesn't live up to the hype atm.

- Go frank

Amazing .. The best songs are nights .. Seigfried and solo

- Woo - On reflection

I gave this album 1 star after listening to it initially - I would now raise it to 3 stars having immersed myself in it for longer. However, it is still not a patch on Channel Orange and whereas CO is full of brilliant tracks, everyone of them, Blonde certainly isn’t. I have deleted some (4 tracks) from my playlist because they are pretentious and poor.

- Stunning

Same gorgeous vocals over a new sound. Love it

- Pretty sweet

Personally waited like 3 years for this to be released, imo his best album

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Lit👌🏿🔥🔥 Great to listen to on a Skate Park🔥💥

- Bang on.

Everyone calm down. It's a good listen... bang on trend for now. Happy to spend my money on this... there's a lot of very poor music out there at the moment. This isn't that... just enjoy it.

- Utter excrement!

The most utterly inane excrement I’ve ever purchased. Not a patch on Channel Orange! What was he thinking? Who knows? Who cares? Egotistical excrement!

- Perfect

Start to finish an amazing album!


Great Overly Aesthetic Tunes Serious tho this is lit 🔥

- amazing!!!!

excellent album for years to come!!!

- Blond is everything Channel Orange wasn't.

Channel Orange was and is a masterpiece. Blond is everything that Channel Orange wasn't and isn't: Blond is dull, poorly executed, and, honestly, a waste of money. There are no stand out songs, and the album lacks the beauty of its predecessor. Buy Channel Orange. Listen intently. Wait in hope that his next album will be somewhat comparable to his magnum opus.

- Insane

Maybe not as great as when I first heard channel orange in 2012 but the mellowed beats and intricate political messaging coupled with experimental vocals is simply devine, charming tracks like Nikes, and a possible look back towards a more rap style convulsive track such as solo could maybe be seen as a nod to the old days of odd future, or perchance my 2010 nostalgia is gripping me yet again. Either way, a tremendous album, 9.5/10.

- Sad

I've been listening to ORANGE ever since it was first released. And I absolutely loved that album, it was different and revolutionary and unique to Frank and Frank only. I was so excited to know he'd be releasing a new album, this one. I tried to like it but I don't know if this is Frank Oceans album or his studios album, it's not like him at all. Disappointed. :/

- Strange and pure

Realest stuff I've heard for a long time - beautiful. I feel different; can't stop listening.

- :(

I wanted to love it, but it isn't music...random talking, horrible out of tune singing, and screams and stuff, just ruins the mood. A fine example is the song Ivy, which I have to say I love the start, but its ruined by its stupid ending.

- 🔥🔥

One of my favourite albums of all time

- blows my damn mind

everytime i listen to each song i discover a whole new meaning 😍😍

- Impressed

First frank ocean album I have bought after previewing through iTunes. Absoutly love this album. What a voice.

- Love it

Great album. The man is a genius.

- Deleted

Let down. Was waiting for this but only a couple songs worth listening to. Now just waiting for the jai paul album (probs be waiting till I die)

- Love it

Thought this album was just gonna be overhyped. I was wrong, I haven't been able to turn it off. Frank has such a beautiful voice.

- Amazing sound,soul and vision

My personal favourites are: Nikes Siegfried Nights Fetura Free

- Over-Hyped Awful

Loved Channel Orange. There is a reason this album is sold as it is, without singles. Do you remember Terence Trent D'Arby's second album? Similar. Is it the drugs?

- Solid

There are a few hicups especially with the first and last song but most of the songs are great to listen to.

- rubbish


- Slow

Frank I'm sorry but that is a very slow and annoying album.

- Just....One ...Thing

WOW This is shivers , this is goosebumps...this is something to hit you straight in soul . If you have connected to Frank's music and unwavering ability to evoke pure emotion will appreciate that blonde is a beautiful journey Welcome back Frank

- mayamothi

i think this is such a beautiful album

- Good


- Blonde

Not one good track compared to his old album, this is all hype from people who just follow the crowd.

- 😍


- Just fabulous

This is genuinely the best album I've heard this year. Wow it is so honest, creative and just amazing. This is my first time really listening to his music. I was missing out big time! I love Frank Ocean 💜

- Very Impressed

Having not listened to much of the rest of his catalog, I am hugely impressed by this. The unpredictable shifts in style halfway through songs are weird at first but when heard as a whole they blur the distincitons between songs. Nikes and Nights are both excellent. If this is R&B then it sucessfully shrugs off many of the aspects of that genre that can make it generic plastic pop. This is a far more interpid beast.

- Pure kaka

Based on his previous work, I purchased this without thinking twice. What a dissapointment! Not one redeeming song. Save your dollars or pounds.

- Amazinbb

I'd like to see Frank try to top this in 4 years time... 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

- T

Amazing. Thankyou Frank x

- Bring Lonny Breaux back!

Channel orange was very deceiving and now this.... Oh Frank. 😭

- Better than Channel Orange

This album is better than Channel Orange, although you have to listen to it half a dozen times to see it. I chose to buy Blonde even though I have that Apple streaming music subscription service because Frank Ocean deserves my £8 and more. So worth the agonizing 4+ yr wait. This guy is a savant.

- im gay

im gay

- 🔥🔥🔥

This is my first frank ocean that I've listened to and I love it from start to finish. Straight Fire 🔥🔥 Gonna go listen to channel orange now

- Terrible

I love Channel Orange and was over the moon to hear Frank ocean had a new album but it's terrible! 3 good tracks at a push. Waste of money!

- Inspirational

Mind-blowing, simply mesmerizing


what a musical genius, honestly once you go blonde you never go back — i’m starting to lose my self control (yes i did just make a pun)

- Banger

Nights 🔥👽🌚

- Thank you For Creating Music

You make Music real bruh! You the best! You make the music whole again Frank! I salute you!

- Blond

Frank. Thank you for finally making 2016 a great year for music. Forrest. 🙏🏻

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Wait im so confused is shua still blonde 😭.


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@INSOMNIAHBW *random blonde girl* comments: omg harry look away you are def harry’s type HARRY’S TYPE harry scroll thank god harry doesn’t have tiktok.

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@TerryReintke I do love a glass of leffe! 🍺♥️ .


The whole tl suddenly blonde.

ᅠ ،̲،̲‎ ᅠ ‎ᅠ ‎ ᅠ ‎ ᅠ ‎ ᅠᅠ ‎ 𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐑𝐎𝐈𝐃。𖧷̷۪۪ᰰ

— we’re missing. It was time to worry, what did they want with her. And why were they attacking those innocent people. ❝My keys, the guard that took it must have threw it on the ground... Or taken it for himself.❞ The henchmen walked up to the celestial blonde, and —.

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@skeletongraves i was in it for the blonde... ✨she✨.

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Frank Ocean - Blonde Album Comments

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