A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead

A Moon Shaped Pool [Radiohead] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 3:40
2 6:24
3 4:41
4 3:44
5 6:07
6 2:52
7 4:26
8 5:45
9 5:06
10 5:03
11 4:43
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A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead Album Reviews

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- This album is fantastic5 star

this album is so good it’s got some very chilling songs on here as well

- “This dance is like a weapon”5 star

Haunting and heartbreakingly beautiful

- This album deserves your time and patience5 star

This isn’t an album to have on shuffle. It’s not one to listen to randomly when you’re driving down a loud freeway or anything else where it’s just on in the background. This album is intimate, emotional, and beautiful. Any of the reviewers saying “it’s just sounds” or “it’s boring” isn’t giving it proper attention. Listen to it with headphones, sink into it in a dark room. This album is strong, and with a gripping opener, and emotionally crippling ending, I don’t see how anyone who actually listened to it would rate it less than 3 stars.

- GASP3 star

Me: *sees the song title “burn the witch”* Also me: *gets Harry Potter wand* DONT U DARE TOUCH QUEEN BELLATRIX LESTRANGE

- Moon shaped pool5 star

It grows on you, Great Album

- An Absolute Masterwork5 star

Deeply mature and continually complex in every way in which music is capable. It is haunting. It touches my soul. This is one of their greatest works. Please take my advice - buy it.

- The Emperors Have No Clothes1 star

A lot of years wasted. Nice toe tappers here and there since OK Computer, like Good Morning Mr. Magpie, but nothing nearly as satisfying as a whole. But if subpar electronic Jazz is your thing, these fine Englishmen have plenty to offer. Maybe they’ll get tired of their nearly 20 year gimmick and start writing and recording good songs again. I wish them well.

- art5 star


- Radioheads Achieves Masterpiece: Album So Weird No One Listens To It2 star

From least to most favorite, I've found all of Radiohead's albums enjoyable, that is, through In Rainbows. Since then, it's like they just don't care anymore. Hey, maybe they don't and that's fine. "Make the music you want to make" should be every artists goal. Sadly, as a result, I've haven't been able to enjoy anything they've done since 2007. They've de-evolved into a mystic yet soulless sounds like some kind of electronic jazz where everyone just does whatever the hell they want. I'm sure their hardcore "they can do no wrong" fans love it, as it seems they always relish being the only Radiohead fan in the room. "You just don't get it..." which naturally gives one a sense of superiority. Yep, you're right. I don't get it, and I'm not ashamed of it.

- Perfect5 star

This is the album, you put on on the bleakest night in the dead of winter. Sit tight by the hearth, listen to the fire crackle. Let it coincide with Thom's delicate whispers, and moans. The chill mountain air will bite at you while, Desert Island Disk, sets the tempo for the night. And Ful Stop resonates and joins the chorus of wolves howling off in the distance. I should know I live up in the Mountains of Montana. GET THIS ALBUM!!

- Wow...5 star

A beautiful, haunting, and poignant record. Subtle yet full of visceral emotional power. I've played it through a few times and it grows on me more with each listen. One of Radiohead's best albums but I advise giving it time to absorb. Brilliant stuff.

- Best work in years5 star

Man. iTunes deciding for whatever reason not to sell the “specter” single, and the band’s refusal to do the same with “ill wind” is such a bummer, I bout the deluxe thingy, but for saps who didn’t have 80$ to blow for one extra song.....c’mon. I SAY THIS BECAUSE THE ALBUM IS SO, SO GOOD, YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO EXPERIENCE THE WHOLE STUDIO SESSION. It’s gorgeous. Just beautiful. Kid A will always be my fav, but this one is damned close. Totally redeemed after King Of Limbs.

- Sonically dense ambient rock.5 star

Before I start, I will note that I am rather new to Radiohead. AMSP was released just as I started listening to them. They couldn't have released a better record to draw me in. A Moon Shaped Pool satisfied my preference for alternative/art rock, but also catered to my ambient/electronic tendencies. Put simply, AMSP is delightful.

- Who copied who?3 star

Well now. Everyone demonized Coldplay for copying Radiohead. Take a listen to Daydream, 2016 and then Coldplay’s song O. (2014). Yes Radiohead copied them!!

- A moon shaped pool5 star

Its the best one!!!!Hey! They are all the best ones

- Like any great artist.4 star

Like Japan who started a rock band but ended with David Sylvian solo career... Listen to Japan and their individual work and you will heart where Bjork and Radiohead came from...

- Great album!5 star

I'm not a diehard Radiohead fan. Normally, there is a song here and there that I like, but my interest in the band has always been casual. This album took me by surprise. It's one of those rare albums one can listen from start to finish... and then start over again. Beaufiful song writing, fresh melodies, rich textures. By far, one of my favorite albums of 2016.

- Another masterpiece.5 star

Some of their most beautiful work yet. Radiohead’s never-ending style changes will never cease to amaze me.

- 4.2 Stars out of 105 star

Not their best work, but it might be their most evolved album yet by them. The sounds sound to raw and not yet fully mastered. If you are a Radiohead fan like me buy it, but there next album might be another masterpiece.

- Simply music, Simply amazing5 star

This is what you look for in music, a trueness in lyric purity.

- A cool calming breeze of fresh air5 star

This album is probably my favorite Radiohead album to date, and is probably becoming one of my favorite albums of all time. The reason why I love this album so much is for many reasons; one is that it is very unique, with every song having its own special touch, and two that it is such a subtle album. The subtle nature of this album might draw some people away, but I feel like it gives the album that extra edge. The melodies are beautiful (like in Present Tense and Glass Eyes) and when it wants to get a little wild it does it in style (like in Ful Stop and Burn the Witch). Thom Yorke's voice gives this album that extra emotion and almost angelic feeling. Every part of this album is fantastic! I do wish iTunes had the Deluxe Edition available though (which includes Ill Wind and Spectre). Both of those songs are really awesome and it would make this album even better! Overall, I highly recommend this album for anyone who loves Radiohead, or music that strays away from trying to be popular, and instead, just tries to actually sound beautiful without pushing itself.

- Experimentation Done Right5 star

Took a risk and it was beautiful

- Amazing!!!5 star

Love it!

- Best Radiohead album yet, IMHO5 star

Hell yes, this is a key album to get.

- Radiohead Deluxe Editions5 star

Will Radiohead release deluxe editions of their albums on iTunes

- Masterpiece…Listen!!!5 star

This, OK, & Kid!!!

- Haunting and magnificent5 star

I've only recently gotten into Radiohead over the past year and a half. I listened to the bends first, and while I was impressed, I knew this band was hiding something more between the layers of their beautiful sound, there was a hidden potential per say. All of a sudden, a YouTube alert pops up on my phone that says: "Burn The Witch" This was a bit of a shock to me cause I had thought they broke up after King Of Limbs. Nonetheless I listened to "Burn The Witch" and was instantly in love with it. The beautiful and menacing violins, Yorke's soaring vocals, the eerie lyrics, everything was just..in its right place (Yes. Pun intended.) Then daydreaming came out and yet again encapsulated my interests, thus directing my full attention onto Radiohead. Here is a band that has been making music since the 90s that is still relevant, critically acclaimed and beloved by many people, I need more!! To satisfy the burning desire, I listened to Kid A for the first time (Which is now in my top 5 favorite albums of all time..) and was yet again astonished at the odd but haunting compositions, such beauty engraved into carefully crafted songs that demand your attention and careful listening. At this point, A Moon Shaped Pool was Out, and because I loved all the singles, I decided to purchase the album. Let me just say this- it is one of the best purchases I think I have ever made. This album is beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous and intricate. Yorke's voice still shines like it did in the 90s and early 00s. The songwriting is still as brilliant as it was in albums like "OK computer" and "Kid A"~Mysterious, engaging and downright haunting. There are bits of the glitchy electronic elements explored in Kid A layered throughout A Moon Shaped Pool. Notably on Daydreaming. Synths and odd noises collide and somehow make-in terms of Radiohead logic, something gorgeous. Drum machines meticulously pound on Desert island Disc, heavily textured guitars on Ful Stop pick away at your heart string and make you lust for more of this album. I give this a five out of five, not only in terms of enjoyment, but the pure brilliance radiating from this work of art. Radiohead has really outdone themselves again, defying all odds that time held against them to craft a haunting work of art that will be honored as one of-if not THE best album of the 10s. So take a listen if you dare, you won't be disappointed.

- gud5 star

very gud

- yes5 star


- One of Radiohead's best works....5 star

They are just getting better with age. The quality of the music in this album is pure genius.

- Excellent!5 star

Best band since Zeppelin continues to deliver!

- Transcending...5 star

"Burn the Witch" drew me in like a moth to a flame. Pay no mind to the naysayers. You guys continue to surpass all our expectations. Please, continue creating masterpieces.

- Excellent5 star

Emotional not never feeling overdramatic. Reminds me a lot of In Rainbows, which is by no means a bad thing

- Absolutely Haunting5 star

Just as the description of this album implies, this is one of the most terrifying albums you'll ever hear. It's not because it's scary, it's because of the fears of negative thoughts that the album expresses so beautifully. Nobody wants this in their life, but we must face facts, and that's just what this album is. Without a doubt, this is the most mature album Radiohead has ever done. Topics of paranoia, defeat, anxiety, and restless nights linger throughout the entire album. Many people may say that this album is too soft and too quiet, but compared to other soft albums, this album has movement and direction and especially soul. Yes it may not be for everybody, but everyone might get a kick or two out of at least one of the songs here. When I finished this album, my heart was torn by what Thom had to say, but my soul felt happy for what life is. This album, although very daze-sounding, is very grounded in reality and touches every sensitive corner of the heart. I would not particularly recommend this to first time listeners of Radiohead, but definitely buy this album. A Moon Shaped Pool leaves such a massive impression on whoever listens to it. A perfectly haunting album.

- Excellent.5 star


- Love it5 star

Like every outing, this work builds with every revisit. There is a density that I've always appreciated about Radiohead. There are always layers waiting for you to peel. You can tell it is music they wanted to make and that makes it unique and more of an expression than most other work.

- One of their best albums5 star

For me this is right up there with Kid A and OK computer. Honestly hated king of limbs. So for me this was a long awaited masterpiece since in rainbows which was almost 10 years ago! Love Glass eyes and Day dreaming (of course)


I love this album, and I haven't loved a Radiohead album since Kid A.

- What the f2 star

What happened to radio head? This sounds like an album for a movie but not the actually soundtrack just the instrumental album. They use to know how to put rockier perfect alternative songs together now it's just instrumental crap. I'm lost asf

- Incredible5 star

Radiohead has evolved their sound yet again. This time, the band puts together a new collection of songs based on previous live performances, now in a studio format. The album is both a tribute to lifetime Radiohead fans and a haunting, but very enjoyable record for those who are just discovering this great band.

- Phenomenal5 star

This album is really great. This is the peak (at least to date) of their recent shift to quiter, more somber music, but still has a lot of the classic elements of Radiohead songwriting. It's better with every listen.

- Absolutely AWFUL!1 star

Music to slit your wrist to and die in agony. GOD I MISS THE AWESOME RADIOHEAD! PLEASE PICK UP GUITARS AGAIN!!! Never thought a band I loved this much would go so far away from everything that made them great. But I guess that is what happens when you let Techno Thom run the show all the time. Booooooooooo!

- Brilliant.5 star

For a record that is a hundred years old (take a look at the release date Apple!) this is remarkably well worn and kinda ahead of its time. Anyway, joke aside, another great record by Radiohead. Should we expect anything less?

- Way ahead of their time5 star

This album is a century old and is filled with so much passion. Well beyond their contemporaries.

- A stellar late-career effort by Radiohead5 star

A Moon Shaped Pool probably ranks in the upper half of the Radiohead discography. I would put this one right after their 3 classics from their prime, OK Computer, Kid A/Amnesiac (yes folks, it's a double album), & The Bends. "Pool" is by far their most consistent album from start-to-finish. There are literally no filler tracks or throwaways. It's also probably their most majestic and haunting. The songs that stand out the most to me are The Numbers, Daydreaming, Burn the Witch, Present Tense, & Decks Dark. Decks Dark feels very much like a new version of Subterranean Homesick Alien 19 years later. Songs like this are what make this band so thrilling and cutting edge. The Numbers used to be called "Silent Spring" and warns all of us about what we're doing to our planet & the inevitable consequences. It's incredibly moving and well done. To me, this is the album's centerpiece in the 8 spot. I think this is easily a top 10 Radiohead song! But then you get a gem @ #9 in Present Tense. This reminds me of one of In Rainbows' best tracks, Jigsaw Falling Into Place. And, it turns out, this song was written at about the same time. Make no mistake though, the other 6 pieces are all VERY good Radiohead songs. The only negative thing I can say about this masterwork is that the majority of the songs (I think 7) were played live in earlier years along the way, with True Love Waits dating all the way back to '95. So, in some ways this feels like a bit of a cheat. But, that's only nitpicking I suppose....if we can get an all-time great record out of Radiohead 23 years after Pablo Honey's release, we should be thankful no matter what the song's origins may be. And, to be fair, these songs mesh together absolutely perfectly. If you didn't know any better, you'd just assume these were all written in the same timeframe. The recording, orchestration & arrangements were very obviously done more recently to give the older songs a more cohesive feeling. Highly recommended for any Radiohead fan.

- Nap time music5 star

It’s sad and depressing, but perfect! I play this album to get my class of 6 year olds to take a nap. It works every time!

- The gimmickyness2 star

My favorite track is ful stop..... FUL STOP, the ethereal gimmick doesn't grab me

- Amazing5 star

I always have high expectations of Radiohead when the release a new album and they never fail to deliver!

- Awesome!!!5 star

Word,s can not describe how good this album is, I bought before I listened to it, all I can say is Thank You !

- A little sad5 star

It's sad but delicate and beautiful always


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juanmiguelpascual - next level music!5 star

Radiohead proves again that they don’t repeat the same sound style in every album. addictive and hypnotic!

Čœßtūmër - One of a kind5 star

Of the Radiohead catalogue, this is one of their best. Prepare to hear sounds you didn't know were possible.

Jady0613 - Amazing5 star

Favourite album of all time

Lebhotelier - Astounding Magnificence5 star

Perfection is synonymous now with Radiohead! With A Moon Shaped Pool they deliver a triumphant and powerful LP9 that continues their legacy as the greatest band in the world! What a hauntingly beautiful new album, a must have!

tried Flipps - Love it5 star

But why is the release year is 1916? 😄

POIPOIPOI - Beautiful5 star

Great sound; I always enjoy Yorke's overdubbing his own voice. Try it with headphones

Rapass123 - C'est un bon album5 star

L'album est bon mais j'aurais mieux aimé plus rock encore comme celui de The Bends. Cependant, c'est un des album le plus reussi de radiohead avec Burn the Witch comme chanson préférée de l'album :)

Mick master - Awesome!5 star

Try listening with headphones. Absolutely incredible.

Renata Pinto - Beaut' album5 star

An other-worldly experience.

Louis : ) - Absolutely Lovely5 star

This album is, as one expects from Radiohead, excellent. It stands out from the others while retaining the great Radiohead sound. Worth the money.

chiefqc - One of their best... if not their best5 star

Will probably be ranked in the top albums of this decade like was Ok Computer in the '90s. They reinvent themselves constantly and the final result is just amazing. "Present tense" is my favorite of the moment and all the other songs are also great.

BeetsMe1975 - Can I get a refund?1 star

Every song ... Snooze button

Groove311 - Boring...2 star

Well i'm so disappointed after all those years..too slow songs after songs. Next time!

YukonMusic - is this a meditation tape? Snoozefest alert1 star

Wasnt sure if I downloaded the right album, as many reviewers say how this is like Ok Computer and old Radiohead, full of guitars and amazing versechorusverse songs. Instead, we get yet another sonic masturbatory snoozefest of Thom's Celine Deline impressions and Johnny's computer vortex. Totally sucks. Deleted it already ...

jimcrick - You want this.5 star

High art, true art, as always. A devastatingly gorgeous work, and one of their most vulnerable and intimate as well.

Kenneth Ebbay - Good album4 star

What I expected

Alexander Eastwood - 4.5/5 Dark and Deceptive.4 star

Great album. It's beautiful, pure and an emotional roller coaster if you choose to dig into the lyrics. If you're looking for production value this is a great album to look at, however my recommended listen would be a late night listen, or even maybe a listen during a thunder storm. Very human album, 3rd best behind In Rainbows and Kid A for me.

Pantheract - Brilliant5 star

Again Radiohead creates something I've never heard before.

Kami781227 - Bloody Marvellous5 star

It's like a mix of alternative rock, minimalism and classical music!

AntonioLanza - Occasionally transcendent4 star

Good, but not Great — maybe only because of Radiohead's extraordinary catalog. Love this album though.

sharsharjo - Amazing. Beautiful.5 star

Might love this album as much as any other before it which is a very tall order. If you are a fan, this is everything you could hope for and expect.

ChristopherMortensen - Thom knows best.5 star

As with all Radiohead releases, if you "don’t like it" or you "just don’t get it" then You haven’t put enough of your own time into it. Let go, listen, experience & learn. You’ll be a better person for having done so.

phyl08 - A work of art5 star

I like practically everything that Radiohead has recorded over the years but this one is an absolute joy to listen to. It is truly among their best work to date. Hope I can catch them live this summer.

thesearewords - I am speechless!5 star

I've been a Radiohead fan since 1993 and every album gets more & more intriguing. Yes, I am a Radiohead fan for life!

DJ Loose-Toof - Radiohead = :)5 star

Good album. Songs 1,3,4,5,7,8,9 are sweet!!

XxihatetheletterxalotxX - Quite possibly the album of the decade5 star

With every listen I am blown away. The band kills it on this album. The strings and keys are beautiful and emotional, the bass is very defined and although it may hide away in some tracks, it still sounds stellar from Colin. The drumming is euphoric. Upbeat and consistently good and steady throughout the whole album. The lyrics and vocals blew me away. Thom gives us what we expected from him in every way. The track 'true love waits' feels like an entirely new song, even thought I must've heard the old version 50 times. It made me cry. Knowing that the song is most likely on the album with a slower, more emotional reworking to reflect the sadness of Thoms ended love and the other hardships this group had gone through since their last release. The song 'identikit' might be my favourite radiohead song, because it captures everything I love about this group. Every song makes me feel a very strong feeling, that changes with every song. From the first lyric 'STAY in the shadows' in the upbeat opener 'burn the witch' to the final word on the album 'don't LEAVE' This perfectly self aware, flawlessly assembled and orchestrated album had me hooked, and still does. The tiny details, stay and leave at the beginning and end, the alphabetical order as well as all the social media stunts the group pulled before the albums release, establishes Radiohead as one of the smartest and most original groups on the planet. They're a musicians band, a music lovers band, an average joes band. Radiohead is for everyone. A moon shaped pool is a master crafted work of art. This is a beautifully sad record. Perfection.

Mikechuk - Don't know what others are thinking☹️2 star

Just a carry over from previous albums ...lethargic and tiresome, Definitely not their comeback album

mikesasse - Not for money but the love of music5 star

A great piece of work done with their heart and soul...not for the money like too much pseudo musicians…Fantastic !!!

luckygal74 - Gorgeous5 star

This album is a gorgeous array of sound. I'm in love. Radiohead takes us the listener on an artistic journey of sound and thought and imagination.

Send9 - How about using a guitar every once and awhile11 star

This album sucks, just like dos too their new stuff. MORE GUITAR LESS WHINING!!

MonstaMurda - Amazing5 star

This album is fantastic :)

Antigeno78 - Finalmente5 star

Tuvieron que regresar a lo que eran!

Montrealkev - A New Masterpiece5 star

No words can describe the truly unique and powerful feelings this album will produce in you... A MUST BUY people. The Pink Floyd of our generation, nothing less.

BackSlashGaming - Radiohead is amazing5 star

Great album, I love it when people like Sammy Alain try to take part in these types of festivities without any knowledge of the band.

Mccannic - Best Band In The World5 star

Amazing new album from a band that continues to the most exciting and innovative working today. Been listening to this back to back and the songs continue to amaze and surprise. You have to respect artists that might take 20 or more years to perfect a song before it makes its way onto an album. Quite something that they have a few more these songs that continue to be kept on deck for future albums when they have a version they are comfortable with.

MrKennyI - One of their best.5 star

Captivating from start to finish. Amazing album.

SKVTLW - Emotional5 star

This is the kind of music we need living in this crazy world. MERCI BOCUP Radiohead!!! You are always genius in your creations.

Brightonius - Up there with Kid A, OK Computer and In Rainbows5 star

That is all

Skeletonian - Impossible to describe - like true love and crushing heartbreak5 star

Utterly beautiful, hauntingly emotional, and meticulously crafted. A perfect new sibling for OK Computer, Kid A, In Rainbows, Amnesiac, HTTT, etc....what an amazing family of work!

Genniepou - Pure genius!5 star

Their best work since 'In rainbows' !!!

Profmart - Excellent !5 star

Enfin un opus plus rock pour ce grand groupe !

lastofthelisteners - unexpected5 star

As always, i love radiohead. this album follows their trajectory into a more cohesive addition of electronic and beat heavy music. It is pop-y at times which seems misplaced w thoms vocals, but returns to a melodic beauty akin to radiohead songs. its may 8th and i downloaded it, it says may 9th release... glad to have had the chance already to listen. cant wait to repeat it for a while

HungryBert - So deep5 star

The boys are back....and in the greatest way ! Would recommend if you wanna pass a great moment.

Psyfrog - Beautiful & Awesome5 star

Atherial and hit's the spot. Have Radiohead ever released anything not epic? Love this album allready.

Madbabbit - This is music.5 star

Radiohead are musicians. There are so many layers to this album, it is at once gorgeous and meditative, unsettling, and existential. I think a lot of people are still waiting for the days of three guitars playing at once to come back, but it is pretty clear that those days are never coming back. Radiohead have always been a band on the move, shifting and changing but always returning to the beauty and joy that real music is, the kind of music that touches your soul and reminds you that you are still alive. The common thread is melody, structure, and sequence. Current and important, growing and adapting.

Classicrock Man - Simply beautiful5 star

They did it again! So soft and creative. Life is so fast and unpredictable that the band is giving a very effective musical remedy.

RdhdFan - Amazing5 star

From start to finish, this album is a masterpiece. It was well worth the 5 year wait since The King of Limbs.

Matmoc20000 - Transcendent5 star

Probably Radioheads most beautiful record to date. It reminds me of Kid A. Identikit is marvellous.

TimothyDP - A bold new step forward5 star

If The Bends and Ok Computer were records associated most often with the sweetly paranoid persona of Thom Yorke, A Moon-Shaped Pool may be the band's Jonny Greenwood record. Not that Thom's performance is at all understated as this probably the most confident and versatile he's ever sounded on a record. Rather, it's the fact that Greenwood's lush orchestration and guitar work (hey, there's a guitar solo on this album!) go from being mood enhancers to mood creators. And this pushes Radiohead into exciting new territory. While occasionally seeming a tad overproduced, there are just too many moments of acoustic-electric bliss to really care. Ful Stop, in particular, stands out upon first listen as being absolutely startling in its uniqueness. It's the aural equivalent of watching the Matrix for the first time. Absolutely recommended.

Fdddusjxuxcux - Wholesome5 star

It’s simply incredible. I can hear vibes from all of their previous albums, really making this one whole. Extremely happy with it. Feels complete.

Thepotterwhovian - REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

This album is one of Radiohead's best albums! It is among the best albums by Radiohead and is just as good as OK computer, kid a and in rainbows!

Scattrdvangrd - Masterpiece5 star

Masterpiece!!! Genius!!! Another Magnum opus in my opinion.

ThisIsAGame96 - Radiohead!!5 star

Radiohead are simply musical geniuses. This is probably one of thier strongest releases to date!

GrayGray8 - Listen more than once!!!!5 star

Needs a good 15 listens before review. One star bandits surely havnt listened through even once. No it's not amnesiac, or OK computer, or kid A!!! It's new and that's an amazing accomplishment for a band to continue to be progresses despite their humongous discography!!!! I do have a minor bug bare. Not much space on tracks occasionally they could just not do that 20th piano track but whatever it's gold

Ammo180 - Good - a bit bizarre4 star

Don't take Bizarre the wrong way but it is bizarre. I really wondered what all the fuss was about first listen, even 2nd listen and was losing my faith in Radiohead. But is a real grower, takes a few listens. Suddenly, you hit the 4th or 5th listen and certain songs are stuck in your head, you hear things you've not heard before, it sounds complex but simple at the same time. Bizarre. Good album though and don't take it so serious.

Pejix Music Review - Who else but Radiohead!4 star

........serious....masterful......haunting....delightful....mysterious.....hair raising......delicious....bitter..... melancholic.....impossible......joyful...........who else but Radiohead can deliver all that in a single album!

very hip old dude - Full Immersion5 star

I've grown old with Radio Head. No artist on the planet more accurately resonates with my journey through life. This album simply overwhelms all of my expectations. It is like a total immersion experience. You lose yourself in something bigger. Its layered and rich yet humble. I felt a deep loss when it ended, so I did something I'd not done since I was a teenager, I played it over and over again.

spazzys - spazzy1 star


Newcastle_Craig - Masterful compositions from a mature band5 star

Radiohead know quality composition inside and out, and this is a heightened expression of the orchestral framework they've been realising in evolving ways across the decade. A masterful achievement.

GRXDLS - Radiohead get the balancing act right.4 star

There are times when Radiohead seem to think making accessible music is a crime. Thankfully they weren't in that kind of mood this time around. A Moon Shaped Pool is an album full of amazing, beautiful and haunting music. If you thought King of Limbs was a steaming pile of dog turds, then you'll be pleased to hear A Moon Shaped Pool is an album that placed music, melody and atmosphere above pretentiousness.

countmyshoes - not a foul tasting medicine5 star

I was only half way through this album when I realised it was up there with Kid A and IR. Somewhere between the psychedelic flutters of Ful Stop and the raw, scratchy solo in Identikit, it hit me that I was listening to a masterpiece. Solid track after solid track, the perfect mix of heart destroying melodies, and head bopping groves.

DanielShizas - Absolutely Brilliant5 star


BEZ471 - WOW!5 star

This album is truly amazing and has blown me away I never thought they could better okComputer when suddenly ..... this new album arrives unannounced ..... and yes I think it's their best album ..... Love it!!!! Thanks guys for such a masterpiece

Judedab - Daydream5 star

Incredible album, best enjoyed from start to finish. Puts me into a trance, beautiful music.

Jtw3553 - Ecstasy.5 star

So my 5 year sojourn to find the most brilliant music ends where it started. Radiohead. I honestly don't know why I bothered trying to look. A hook here or there but nothing compares. Nothing. This is the most sublime, hypnotic, memorable and complete work of art. Ful Stop. Present Tense with a good set of headphones is orgasmic. I'm never resting to explore new music, but will always return to quite simply The Best Band Ever. Opinion and Fact.

Sianm151 - Perfect5 star

Perfection, both with the individual songs and in its entirety. Really special.

Not having it... - Everything and more5 star

A true masterpiece

Javomed - Flawless as always!5 star

Radiohead we missed you!

StanthorpeGooner - So much better than ‘Limbs”...5 star

When ‘King of Limbs’ disappointed, I thought my Radiohead days (follower since the 90s) may be over. Not so - ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ is a superb offering which sits comfortably in the collection alongside their best work. They found their melody and their mojo with this one and every track demands your full attention. Love it.

Supacoach023 - Masterpiece5 star

Have had it playing non stop since its release. Fantastic vocals with Radioheads amazing musical sounds! Highly recommend!

Rani Delarue - Feverish4 star

Joyousness every play

colorshade - beautiful5 star

buy it. buy it for yourself. buy it for your loved ones. buy it for your dog/cat. buy it over and over again like I did.

iamdmac - Beautiful masterpiece!!! Waiting for the vinyl release now 👌🏼5 star

Beautiful masterpiece!!! Waiting for the vinyl release now 👌🏼

Annabella 47284 - Incredible5 star

This album is a complete work of art!!!

SukkhaP - What an artwork!5 star

The artwork looks like a topview of a melting glacial pool. It suggests climate change. Is that deliberate?

Coloureverafter - the most amazing soundscape5 star

I can’t stop playing this album. It’s a mesmerising soundscape of intuitive rock, combined with original, sensitive instrumentation — exquisitely composed by masters of the art. I adore it. And I don’t say that lightly. I’ve loved Radiohead ever since the beginning, but this is my favourite album. It’s a tough decision, but I really think it is. Thank you.

PearlJamFan123 - Another classic album!!!5 star

They've done it again. What can you say, what more can you say...gem of an album..

ProfessorX_2016 - Amazing!5 star

This is a fantastic album, from start to finish. It really grows on you. With each listen you will pick up something that you did not hear previously. It is a very complex, intricate masterpiece which perfectly demonstrates what makes radiohead such a master of their craft. Even though some of these songs were written years apart, and they are ordered alphabetically, they flow from one into another perfectly. I really don't know how they continue to put out work of this quality after this many years!

The truth shall be heard - Garbage1 star

Just a hopeless album.

FlammingWarrior - Gold5 star

Hahahahahahahaha, some noobs have this 1 star. Grow a brain.

Emhoy - Flawless5 star

Love it, so hypnotic and beautiful Radiohead never disappoint

rensta - Radiohead = Fine Art5 star

Yet ANOTHER masterpiece from the best band on earth, it's beautiful, it's haunting, just so unbelievably amazing! Like most Radiohead albums, you need to listen to this a few times to get your head around it, but once you do.. WOW.. it hits you like a sledgehammer, how do they do it?? Every album is epic, I'm not sure where this fits into there catalogue ratings wise, up there with Kid A for sure, a pure masterpiece, Thankyou Radiohead!

JordieKing - Beautiful5 star

Smooth, eclectic, quirky goodness.

nshady - A heartbreaking masterpiece5 star

Poignant, meticulous and shimmeringly beautiful.

autiscott - Remarkable5 star

I rarely bother writing reviews. I can't help it on this occasion. This album is brilliant. Thank you... Thank you... Thank you.



kidk19 - A moon shaped pool5 star

I can't even believe how good this is.

nollsyrobbed03 - Exhilarating5 star

This album is a journey from start to finish. Amazing is the only word I can think of. People who call this boring don't understand the meaning of music. There aren't many albums that take you on such a dreamy ride like this one. Brilliant, love Radiohead. Absolute geniuses.

chelseabayern - Welcome back5 star

Listened to it five times on repeat during flight. Fell in love with it. An album you can listen to and find a new depth and hidden layers with each listen.

Taepdong - billybob5 star

with each listen, the concentration gets more potent! i'm i n daze atm.it puts me in my ether every time. must not listen anymor......

Resort funrasier - Amazing5 star

I can't get over the amazing beauty of Daydreaming and Glass Eyes, so captivating to listen to, thanks Radiohead!

Heavealie - A piece of Art5 star

Few listens and the album is pure artwork. A Moon shaped pool will submerge you underwater yet not choke or drown you. It is like that serenity underwater just before the body gives up.

Dr Tchok - lp95 star

stellar as always. that jonny sure knows how to write some strings, he shines on this album.

SeaicanMexfood - Layered beauty5 star

This album is beautiful haunting. So atmospheric and tender.

dc washington - Sublime5 star

After a few listens it becomes increasingly clear that Radiohead have created something truly special here. Music that you can listen to with the volume up or down, when you're happy or sad.

bmfraser - all hail king radiohead....5 star

Album of the year so far I kid A you not, and im not their biggest fan, but this is seriously good music. Right up there with in rainbows. 10/10. magic stuff.....

DavidJ75 - Where it's all been leading5 star

I am a long time fan of Radio Head from the early 90's and you can literally hear the journey they have been through in this current album. Glad to hear them again and love this work

Durace - Just gorgeous5 star

Feels like a goodbye album. Thank the universe that radiohead exsist. Such beauty..

Wakeupme - Vomit-inducing1 star

This album sounds like a cat being tortured for the duration. Thom obviously lost his testicles years ago and this clearly is obvious in his whiny voice. I shall listen to this album when sleeping tablets, counting sheep and/or copious amounts of alcohol do not help me go to sleep.

Svids - Radiohead reinvents itself again5 star

Radiohead has yet again shown that it is one of the most fluid bands out there, ready to reinvent itself from the ground up while still remaining undoubtabley 'Radiohead'. Toto, we are not in 'Fake Plastic Trees' anymore...

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Mamamark - Nice5 star

Turned up my nose at new Radiohead stuff for a while. Listened to this on the plane and loved it. Very mellow but at the same time experimental. If you expect “The Bends” you won’t get it. What you will get is some heart felt tunes that sound a million miles away from the band’s origin. Ear candy.

Crewat58 - Hauntingly Beautiful5 star

Yet again Radiohead have demonstrated their ability to inspire and move people in a way very few bands can. AMAZING! Thank you Radiohead!

Roseability1970 - this could be their best album yet5 star

Ive loved Radiohead for what seems like forever. This album is unique. Its absolutely magical and beautiful and i cant stop listening to it. It is perfect.

Deltoro75 - The Bends....1 star

...it is not...again all a bit dull, go back to the good stuff boys

blakey0101 - So beautiful5 star

Radiohead release another classic record of stunningly beautiful songs

Cylonatreides - Amazing!5 star

Radiohead deliver once again with a collection of sonic perfection, its staggers me how I went so far through life without knowing their music but rest assured that this album is a work of perfection. Every song is great but my favourites are Glass Eyes & Present Tense for the sheer beauty of the composition, instrumentals and lyrics all with that unmistakable Radiohead sound. Buy it, gift it, Love it ;)

Humangham - Too good5 star

Greatest album of the year - unparalleled early 20th century rock

Roddigor - Life Affirming5 star

Like the rising of a new day, to be cherished. Their best work!

JaggedFall - My Favourite Album of the Year5 star

Once again, Radiohead creates a fantastic and legendary album. It combines Thom Yorke's melancholic sounding lyrics with a more classical genre adding to Radiohead's shape-shifting and alternate style of rock we all know and love.

Danmallin - In bloody credible!!!5 star

Too good! Just too god damn good! The best band of a generation. Please please never Stop making music...

hashtag lol - Always and forever amazing5 star

Moving forward, creating, morphing, progressing and yet always the same. My very favourite never disappoints

Jim the weegie - Disappointed1 star

So here's a different review to the rest. First I am a big fan of Radiohead up until I bought this. The opening track Burn the Witch is brilliant and then it descends into self indulgent drudge. I've been disappointed too often, given up hoping for a return to the days of OK computer and the false dawn that was Hail to the Thief, well and truly gone this just underlines it for me.

Jug Jug - Beautiful5 star

Another monster piece from an extraordinary band that we are blessed to share time-space with. Thom's voice sounds like he's still somewhere in the 90's (young) and the music is as exploratory as it always is. Beautiful work.

Purple Aguero - Flawless5 star

Unbelievable. Best album of 2016 so far without a doubt. Every single track on this album is a masterpiece in different ways and they are written and composed very well. It's very dark and gloomy and haunting and it seems like you're in an eerie dream the whole way through. Radiohead never fail to achieve what is expected.

Nick_GC - Emperors new clothes3 star

Sheep. If Radiohead were a new band on the scene this album would be panned. And I rate Radiohead as an exceptional band too, or did do. This is not the innovative music I expect of them. Like REM before them, this is the beginning of the end… they should know better.

$ahh - Sublime, haunting, beautiful5 star

I'd say this is definitely the best album of the last decade, if not longer. Lie down, plug in your headphones, press play and escape from any hell.

pcmiv27 - top tunes5 star

painfully beautiful and evocative…flawless and powerful, reminiscent of Kate Bush’s 50 Words for Snow in it’s lazy and languid style

emerald_green - fresh5 star

Magical, fresh

Inthesea80 - Radiohead at their absolute best5 star

Their best album since Kid A

Nor Heavin - Love it5 star

Why now 5.99 ? That's so unfair don't mind purchase as I did full price but this stinks no wonder people download for free ,, 👎👎👎

anfras - Number One5 star

It’s simple - this is slowly revealing itself to be Radiohead’s best album. Buy it.

sssssssssseessd - perfect5 star

I’ve listened to this very many times since purchase. It’s a beautiful piece of work. Complex arrangements and transcendent vocals. - you can watch thom playing the tracks alone on an acoustic on you tube, if you want to see how the songs originated. I love the use of strings and there seems to be a nod towards Gainsborough and Melody Nelson (or am i the only one hearing it.

A-Landscapes - Genius!5 star

I've never been bothered to write any kind of review before but some how felt compelled to write this one. It's a album to be listened from beginning till the end as you are following some sort of melodic storyline. Absolutely gorgeous!

Rugby Ant - Stunning, simply beautiful5 star

Thom and the boys have created a stunning album of beautiful songs, with Desert Island Disk a classic already. A slight departure from the last couple of albums with more emphasis on stripped back vocals and sweeping string arrangements. Buy this album

@Kaizenken1 - Perfection!5 star

Rarely does an album achieve such an accolade. Can't fault it. Love it already. Know I will love it for many years to come. Thank you.

Paul G Bowers - Just love it5 star

Radiohead have always possessed the ability to transcend space and time and take you to the dark side of the moon. This is simply epic.

Huntersmoon45 - No need to conform to the norm5 star

Distinctly Radiohead on a journey of discovery a great blend of music for a true awakening.

Mr_rockydo - Much better than TKOL5 star

Great album. The Bends and OK Computer are my favourites. My friend doesn't agree but I preferred this to In Rainbows also. Defiantly my 4th favourite album by them (Kid A just coming a little in front)

Glenboblade - Good but not King of Limbs4 star

Love this album but they have to be brilliant to better King of Limbs !!!

No to app - How much?1 star

I don't care how good an album is, a digital download should be no more than £4 - £5. Any wonder why all the kids download for free - greedy labels and bands are destroying the album. Don't get me started on Spotify.

neoromantic - Their best album5 star

Have been listening for a few weeks now before writing. It's a special one.

#filmscorefan - A Moon Shaped Masterpiece5 star

It's one of the best feelings in the world when you play a new album for the first time and you're blown away by every song.

Dirt treader - Downhill all the pretentious way2 star

This band peaked 19 years ago, down hill since, and this is no better than the other pretentious miserablist rubbish they have been putting out for nearly two decades now. Cheer up, get a life and lsiten to something more inspiring.....

Mol90 - Quality5 star

Decent set of cans, few beers.....really enjoyed this.

gman_66 - Just incredible!5 star

There are no words to describe how incredible Radiohead's music is - I just hope this album isn't their last - it really is astonishingly brilliant.

Yorkshirepudding987 - Great music, terrible quality encoding on iTunes2 star

I'd give a 4 or 5 for the music, brilliant collection of tracks from Radiohead. What lets this down is the, frankly, shocking quality of the encoding on iTunes. This is an album that demands listening with headphones, but sadly doing that only highlights the bad encoding that iTunes uses. Quiet parts of certain tracks this is noticeable with a hissing sound and a muffled echoed on drum beats. Pretty sure this is due to the compression Apple uses. I will be buying the CD when it's released, but couldn't wait until then so bought it off iTunes, wish I'd waited now. This has put me off buying music on iTunes :-( Can't fault the album though, one of Radiohead's best. My advice is buy the CD instead and encode it yourself!

Fodito - A Masterpiece5 star

It took me a couple of listens but this is an absolute masterpiece. Loses a bit of steam towards the end in my opinion but the more I listen to it the more songs I like. I had one favourite track at first: Identikit, then others like: Decks Dark, Desert Island Disk, Daydreaming, Burn The Witch were gradually added. Ful Stop may be next! I think it should be listened to in its entirety. What struck me was the lack of much guitars on this one apart from a couple of songs. And the fact that I didn't mind it at all!!

BillyMobetter - Beautiful & Fantastic5 star

This is such a beautiful album. I just wish more people could do what these guys do. Stunning, beautiful melodies, wonderfully layered with gorgeous vocals, great baselines, guitars, tinkling piano, drums and all the other quirky sounds thrown in too. It’s just hard to pick which song is best, but Decks Dark, Identikit and Present Tense still blow me away after over 20 plays. Daydreaming and Glass Eyes are contenders too. Burn the Witch is the best upbeat dance one.

Essexraveman - Their best yet!5 star

Let's be honest, Radiohead are not everybodies cup of tea and sometimes, even for their own fans their music can be difficult to listen too. This album is probably their best, a stunning blend of melancholy, musical complexity, lyrical and vocal beauty. I hope this album receives the recognition it deserves!

Jurgen159 - High & Dry on actual songs!!1 star

I know Radiohead are High & Dry on melodic tunes & now compose sounds that come close to music - but even for them, this is really dull & boring!!! Back to Ok Computer for me I guess!

Isaacaiden - Beautiful5 star

Keeps rewarding repeated listens like all their best stuff

Hodges Marna - Radiohead's finest yet5 star

This album is seriously worth a try. It was a like on the first listen and as I've seriously let it grow on me for the past 2 weeks, and can say that it's brilliant and I feel it'll be timeless as years go on.

Piffle - mmmmmmm!5 star


Navov - Not great2 star

I am huge Radiohead fan but this is a poor offering - a collection of reworked b sides at best. Gone are the times when a Radiohead album moved me (the last was In Rainbows) - this doesn't - sorry but I think it has got rave reviews just because they are "Radiohead" - let's hope the next one is a vast improvement

ftatman - A weak step backwards1 star

In Rainbows was a pleasant return to form after several mostly dull albums. King of Limbs had a few gems but otherwise couldn't keep up the standard. This album feels like a step backwards to the full days of Amnesiac. Thom drones over very weak drum beats and soft cinematic music. It's all a bit tedious and slow this time around, after the energy of the last two albums. If you like Radiohead when they are twiddling knobs and being pretentious, this one might interest you but there's not enough here for even long time fans. Sorry. Better luck next time.

J in Glasgow - Ok computer good, that good5 star

Such a wonderful blend of songs which are a true journey from a band which has pioneered for decades.

Njtasker - Universe take note5 star

13.73 billion years since the creation of the stuff that is making these beautiful otherwordly sounds .... it's purity is crystalline ...

K,r - Excellent5 star

Radiohead deliver yet again! Brilliant album with a fresh new sound

Dangerous Dave G - Going downhill2 star

.... Reminds me of the intelligent kid at school that just switches off and cant be arsed anymore.... sorry boys you ceased to be relevant a long time ago...

1brack1 - Don't listen to the 1stars5 star

People giving this 1 star 😳 , really ?? You have not listened to this , you're just wind up merchants , brill yet again from the mighty radiohead 👍

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GregNares5 star

@philipselway ... one of the best studio recordings... period. @radiohead @philipselway, A Moon Shaped Pool needs t…

Elmagico2645 star

@elmagico264: #AlucinateCon "Ful Stop " #Escuchateundisco #MusicallevameLejos By,🎤 RADIOHEAD /💿 Álbum- A Moon Shaped Pool /2016 🇬🇧 htt…

OscarIvaan5 star

@uglyjuly666 Omgash! Pues si si pasan <3 el A moon shaped pool de Radiohead es como el ejemplo más claro. La verdad…

RococobasiIisk5 star

2015: Art Angels • Vulnicura • Currents • To Pimp A Butterfly • In Colour 2016: A Moon Shaped Pool • Puberty 2 • My…

Elmagico2645 star

#AlucinateCon "Ful Stop " #Escuchateundisco #MusicallevameLejos By,🎤 RADIOHEAD /💿 Álbum- A Moon Shaped Pool /2016…

Cellularbitch5 star

@SHASTAlNS every third thought - brika a moon shaped pool - radiohead

Iamplasticjosh5 star

As a celebration of my 28th birthday. I'll be doing a very impromptu Radiohead stream tomorrow! Playing songs from…

JulioCalleja_75 star

@heldermaldonado Que lista boa essa ein. Se tivesse 55 álbuns eu acrescentaria: Childish Gambino - Awaken,My Love R…

Diegomorals5 star

@StMacphisto A Moon Shaped Pool and Anima 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool Album Comments

What do you think A Moon Shaped Pool album? Can you share your thoughts and listen experiences with other peoples?

Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool Album Wiki

A Moon Shaped Pool is the ninth studio album by the English rock band Radiohead. It was released digitally on 8 May 2016, with CD and vinyl releases in June 2016 through XL Recordings. Radiohead recorded A Moon Shaped Pool in southern France with longtime producer Nigel Godrich. It features strings and choral vocals arranged by guitarist Jonny Greenwood and performed by the London Contemporary Orchestra. Several songs, such as "True Love Waits" and "Burn the Witch", were written years earlier. The lyrics address climate change, groupthink, and heartbreak; many critics saw them as a response to singer Thom Yorke's split from his partner Rachel Owen. The artwork was created by Yorke with longtime collaborator Stanley Donwood, who created abstract works by exposing his paintings to weather. Radiohead promoted A Moon Shaped Pool with singles and videos for "Burn the Witch" and "Daydreaming", a viral campaign of social media and postcards, and a series of video vignettes. A world tour began in May 2016, with legs in 2017 and 2018 and headline performances at festivals including Glastonbury and Coachella. The tour included a controversial performance in Tel Aviv, disregarding the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign for an international cultural boycott of Israel. A Moon Shaped Pool appeared in many publications' lists of the year's best albums. It was the fifth Radiohead album nominated for the Mercury Prize, and was nominated for Best Alternative Music Album and Best Rock Song (for "Burn the Witch") at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. It topped the charts in several countries, becoming Radiohead's sixth number-one album in the UK, and was a bestseller on vinyl. It was certified gold in the UK and US in 2018..

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