In Rainbows by Radiohead

In Rainbows [Radiohead] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 3:57
2 4:02
3 4:15
4 5:18
5 3:48
6 2:09
7 4:50
8 5:28
9 4:08
10 4:39
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In Rainbows by Radiohead Album Reviews

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- Amazing album a must listen5 star

If you have heard Ok Computer you are probably akin to Radiohead’s more art rock sound. Ok Computer and In Rainbows are two similar but different albums. In rainbows is less thematic than ok computer but ok computer is more safe instrumentally than the avant-garde production of in rainbows. In rainbows is a extremely sad album but it is also very beautiful overall an amazing listen I can’t believe this was made in 2007

- The Perfect Album5 star

It’s warm, intricately crafted, and beautiful. What else could I ask for? It’s the perfect album to me- quintessential Radiohead, but with a bit of a lighter outlook on life.

- AZ975 star

I love this album ❤️

- Best Radiohead album5 star

One of my all-time favorites

- Genius5 star


- Yes. It’s that good.5 star

Take the intricate, richly layered melodies of OK Computer. Add the flair for the avant-garde and danceable rhythm of Kid A. Coming the best of those worlds, and you get In Rainbows. These songs are beautiful. They are textured. Like the color spectrum of its title, the songs explore a full range of feeling, and the analog construction of these songs makes them feel all the more alive. Personal favorites: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, Nude, Bodysnatchers, House of Cards

- one of the best5 star

all though my favorite album is ok computer this one is defnitally like second in line. my favorite song is 15 step off this album. has different vibe from other albums but still rocks!!!!!(highly recomended).

- Great!5 star

This album turned me on to Radiohead and realized how great they really are.

- Speechless5 star

Some albums make you feel everything, and in that moment you’re complete.

- You need this5 star

Not only was it a ground breaking album in the sense of selling, making it pretty much free. It is a fantastic album. Everytime I listen to it I discover something new. And the familiar ground that I do know about, I just let it glide in out of my soul. Keep listening to this gem.

- Another masterpiece from Radiohead5 star

In Rainbows is probably Radiohead's warmest album, but still full of many different emotions. All of the songs on the album each pull their own weight, even Faust Arp. There are also many cool musical techniques, like the syncopation in Videotape. This album is just an amazing album; it's bittersweet. Songs like Nude, Weird Fishes, Reckoner, All I Need, House of Cards, and Videotape are just masterpieces. I would recommend this album to anyone who likes awesome music. Just get this album asap! Haha

- In Rainbows is extraordinary.5 star

This is my favorite album. Every sound on In Rainbows is astounding, and every moment of Thom Yorke's singing is divine.

- perfect5 star

an exploration of tension and raw emotive power put throught the lense of a man who's broken hearted and finally understanding his place in the universe. yeah, that's radiohead

- Best album ever!!!5 star

Great album! Love it!

- In Rainbows5 star

No human being is worthy to review this album. Not even Thom Yorke, although Ed O'Brien comes pretty close to worthiness.

- In Rainbows5 star

Unbelievable Beauy.

- What goes around ....5 star

When In Rainbows first came out, I purchased it for 0 dollars. After hearing the content and falling in love with it, I have since purchased the CD, MP3 lossless, vinyl, In the Basement, and purchased as gifts for others. As their band mate Ed says, it's in the spirit of the thing. Had this have been the usual top 40 dribble, I'm sure it would not have gone beyond my first encounter. Thank you, Radiohead for such artistry, musicianship, and personal experience. Top favorite collective work of theirs. Cheers.

- Nude5 star

Nude, possibly RH best song

- i cannot even begin to describe how much i love this album5 star

review in progress

- One of the best albums ever5 star

Great album with beautiful songs made by of the greatest bands of all time.

- True masterpiece 🖤5 star

True masterpiece 🖤

- The best of Radiohead5 star

I have to say this has to be the best album the band had released to date! I mean when I heard "15 steps" on the very first Twilight movie soundtrack I knew Radiohead took bold moves & they made their comeback that year! Beats are tighter than ever on this album!

- Beautiful5 star

I'm sitting in my room with headphones right playing this album. I bought it hearing it was a good Radiohead album, and was a little skeptical. It is the most beautiful form of anything I have ever heard. Hats off to Radiohead for this.

- Trance-inducing5 star

This album, like most other Radiohead offerings, takes me to a place that only they can take me to. It's a very peaceful, introspective, dreamlike place that I just want to linger in for as long as I can. A wonderful escape.

- Radiohead's best album and one my top 5 favorite albums ever5 star

From start to finish, this record is a masterpiece. The best song in my opinion is the emotional rollercoaster that is Weird Fishes. But I can't think of one song on this track that I would consider bad or out of place (maybe Faust arp but for being out of place not bad). If you are just getting into Radiohead, this is probably their most accessible album but please do yourself the favor of listening to it from start to finish rather than individual songs. Please get this album.

- Perfect5 star


- One of the best5 star

This is one of my absolute favorite albums and arguably Radiohead's best (depending on your taste). Well-crafted songs with some variety across styles, but every track has that Radioheaad intentionality and attention to detail.

- Best fricken album ever!!!5 star

I am partial to this album because it encapsulates my entire childhood. It is nostalgic for me and makes me think of many childhood things, (like the time I thought Thome Yorke was singing in Hungarian during Faust Arp because I had no concept of a british accent). While this album may not be their most acclaimed album, it still holds a special spot in my heart for music!

- All I need is nude3 star

This album as a whole just doesn't grab me, but all I need and nude are great

- In Rainbows5 star

This album is beautiful, haunting and extremely immersive. You'd be insane not to get it.

- NUDE5 star

This song is heaven

- The best5 star

The best

- The best5 star

This album is just the best

- My 2nd favorite5 star

OK Computer will always be my favorite album by Radiohead. This one is my 2nd favorite because every song is amazing. I love the feelings I get from listening to both albums. Thom's voice is so special to me. Not a great review, I love what I love.

- love it5 star

i only recognized this album because my mom had this in the car and would always play it when i was little. i saw that it was trending again, and i remember every song! sad they deleted all the reviews though.

- My favorite5 star

That's it.

- Why Delete Reviews?5 star

Glad to see this is back but hate all the reviews are gone. This is one of their legendary albums. Each moment is gorgeous and jaw dropping. "Reckoner" and "Nude" are among my favorites but each and every track is stunning

- Personally my favorite Radiohead record5 star

Yep. This is one of the most beautiful albums of all time.

- It's cool5 star

iTunes doesn't have the bonus stuff, and this album is missing in Spotify ,this is also my favorite Radiohead album so it's cool.

- Gold5 star

You know it's pretty good when every moment of this album is jaw dropping.

- She's Back5 star

Glad to see that its back during the calm before the storm.

- Ditto5 star

Yea what he said!!


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juanmiguelpascual - A mixed of experimentation and straight forward rock5 star

This album makes Radiohead a true artist by giving away all this track almost for free for us to enjoy! a true “anti capitalist” band true to what they stand for! ✅👍🏻

Shalanigans - 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻5 star

This is my favourite Radiohead album!

Tedham Porterhouse - Urgent, Enticing5 star

A perfectly sequenced collection of songs, cohesive in tone but varied in character. The colourful and jittery '15 Step' serves as an excellent introduction to the warm, intimate journey that makes up the rest of the album, ending with the teary-eyed smile of 'Videotape'. Every song is a pleasure in some way, there is not one song that the album could do without. Get listening! (Favourite songs: All I Need, Reckoner)

Alexlambert - dat track 9 tho4 star

Jigsaw Falling into Place is a perfect song.

Doylee6 - Stunning5 star

Absolutely amazing album!

Ozipadder - What an album!5 star

I love the sheer vocal energy, rhythmic dynamism and melodic gorgeousness of this album. Gets me nodding and grooving every time!

ziggazani - One of the Greatest Albums Of All Time5 star

One of the Greatest Albums of All Time. Voted Best Album of 20th Century by Q Magazine

Bagsie21 - Artists5 star

The Kings, the benchmark

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thekiller2610 - Radiohead’s last masterpiece of the 2000’s5 star

One of my favourite bands of all time surprised both fans and critics with its Pay what you surprising release of their 2007 album without their past label, and created one of the most unique, complex, beautiful and most creative work since their fourth album, Kid A. With the album’s beautiful melodies in songs like Nude and Reckoning, past rawness of their early albums like The Bends shown in Bodysnatchers, and their constant uses of abstract sounds that act as the cherry on top of the glamorous cake, the English rockers took their strengths from the past and added accessible music to connect with both their fans, newcomers and critics alike, creating the alternative group’s next masterpiece in the process, winning the band their 3rd Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album and further solidifying themselves as one of the greatest artists of the 21st century.

cycling nut - Quality 👌🏻5 star

Brilliant album, Radiohead at there very best.

Fitnessbabe37 - Awesome5 star

This album is absolutely amazing. Their best!

EddJim - Amazing5 star

All of the songs on this album is so good

fison - Incredible.5 star

Radiohead's Finest Album.

ThePalePilgrim - Beautiful5 star

This is like their swansong album. It is indescribably beautiful and sad. One for jilted lovers and approaching winter. A true gem.

Hi fivesssss - Disc two1 star

Last flowers, 4 minute warning belters

Jimmy67Hoops - Note perfect and inexhaustible...5 star

This sculpted wonder work will be seen and heard in the end as Radiohead's peerless masterpiece. It is a truly beautiful album that rewards in new ways with every listen, even after countless plays over many years.

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Ilikechezburge15 star

@TeamAdoptMe: @PlayAdoptMe We're here, we're queer, and we're putting rainbows everywhere in our game 🏳️‍🌈

Alejost5 star

@radiohead: And this week, it's the complete performance of In Rainbows From The Basement in glorious HD from April 2008. Tomorrow at 10…

Humzaay5 star

@radiohead: And this week, it's the complete performance of In Rainbows From The Basement in glorious HD from April 2008. Tomorrow at 10…

Nalitics5 star

@radiohead: And this week, it's the complete performance of In Rainbows From The Basement in glorious HD from April 2008. Tomorrow at 10…

Celia_pnry5 star

@radiohead: And this week, it's the complete performance of In Rainbows From The Basement in glorious HD from April 2008. Tomorrow at 10…

Jernenvoss5 star

@radiohead: And this week, it's the complete performance of In Rainbows From The Basement in glorious HD from April 2008. Tomorrow at 10…

ZedConte5 star

@consequence: Watch Radiohead's In Rainbows — From the Basement, the band's latest quarantine concert .…

Rose22joh5 star

Finally Day 7- early on in lockdown we were lighting candles and praying together around the world for everyone aff…

YoshiwaraZ5 star

@radiohead: And this week, it's the complete performance of In Rainbows From The Basement in glorious HD from April 2008. Tomorrow at 10…

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Radiohead - In Rainbows Album Comments

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Radiohead - In Rainbows Album Wiki

In Rainbows is the seventh studio album by the English rock band Radiohead. It was self-released on 10 October 2007 as a pay-what-you-want download, followed by a retail release internationally by XL Recordings in December 2007 and in the United States on 1 January 2008 by TBD Records. It was Radiohead's first release after their recording contract with EMI ended with their previous album Hail to the Thief (2003). Radiohead began work on In Rainbows in early 2005. In 2006, after initial recording sessions with new producer Spike Stent proved fruitless, the band toured Europe and North America performing new material. After re-enlisting longtime producer Nigel Godrich, Radiohead recorded in the country houses Halswell House and Tottenham House, Godrich's London studio, and Radiohead's Oxfordshire studio. In Rainbows is more personal than previous Radiohead albums, with singer Thom Yorke describing most of the songs as his versions of "seduction songs". Radiohead incorporated a variety of musical styles and instruments, using electronic instruments, strings, piano, and the ondes Martenot. The pay-what-you-want release, the first for a major act, made headlines around the world and sparked debate about implications for the music industry. The retail release topped the UK Albums Chart and the US Billboard 200, and by October 2008 In Rainbows had sold over three million copies worldwide. It received critical acclaim and was ranked one of the best albums of 2007 and of the decade by various publications. It won two Grammy Awards for Best Alternative Music Album and Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package. In 2012, Rolling Stone placed In Rainbows at number 336 on its updated list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time..

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