The Wall by Pink Floyd

The Wall [Pink Floyd] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
D1-1In The Flesh? 3:18
D1-2The Thin Ice 2:26
D1-3Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 1 3:12
D1-4The Happiest Days Of Our Lives 1:50
D1-5Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 2 3:58
D1-6Mother 5:34
D1-7Goodbye Blue Sky 2:47
D1-8Empty Spaces 2:07
D1-9Young Lust 3:29
D1-10One Of My Turns 3:36
D1-11Don't Leave Me Now 4:15
D1-12Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 3 1:14
D1-13Goodbye Cruel World 1:13
D2-1Hey You 4:38
D2-2Is There Anybody Out There? 2:41
D2-3Nobody Home 3:23
D2-4Vera 1:33
D2-5Bring The Boys Back Home 1:27
D2-6Comfortably Numb 6:22
D2-7The Show Must Go On 1:36
D2-8In The Flesh 4:15
D2-9Run Like Hell 4:23
D2-10Waiting For The Worms 3:57
D2-11Stop 0:30
D2-12The Trial 5:18
D2-13Outside The Wall 1:44

The Wall is a rock opera presented as a double album by the English progressive rock band Pink Floyd, released on November 30th, 1979. It was subsequently performed live, with elaborate theatrical effects, and made into a film. Following in the footsteps of their previous albums, The Wall is a concept album — specifically, it deals largely with the theme of isolation from one's peers. The concept was largely inspired by the band's 1977 tour promoting the album Animals, with regards to an incident where Roger Waters' frustration with the audience reached a point where Waters spat in the face of a fan who was attempting to climb on stage; this, in turn, led him to lament that such a wall exists. With its significantly darker theme, The Wall featured a notably harsher and more theatrical sound than their previous releases. The Wall is a rock opera that centres on the character "Pink". Largely based on Waters' personal life, Pink struggles in life from an early age, having lost his father in war ("Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1)"), abused by teachers ("The Happiest Days of Our Lives"), nurtured by an overprotective mother ("Mother"), and deserted by his wife later on ("Don't Leave Me Now") — all of which factored into Pink's mental isolation from society, figuratively referred to as "The Wall". Once Pink is behind his Wall, he slowly becomes insane due to his isolation from his fellow man. This culminates at a concert held by Pink, where he sets his "men" on fans he deems unworthy. He then puts himself on trial ("The Trial") and finds himself guilty for causing his problems. The album then ends with a monologue by Waters; the fate of Pink is unknown. The Wall quickly became a bestseller and was eventually certified 26x platinum. It is the Floyd's second-best-selling album after Dark Side of the Moon. However, The Wall contributed heavily to the split in the group that came soon after its release. Roger Waters (lead vocalist) fired keyboardist Rick Wright part way through the recording sessions and assumed most of the creative control over the album. Pink Floyd produced just one more album, The Final Cut, which was practically a Waters solo project, before Rogers finally left the band in the early 80's.

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The Wall by Pink Floyd Album Reviews

- Long version of the wall part 2

What happened to the long version of another brick in the wall part two?

- You need to get it

Get the full album and listen to it beginning to end its amazing roger is a lyric GOD

- Love it

Pink Floyd is by far my favorite artist and the wall is my favorite album. Also I have only been alive for a short time so it is an old album to me. But I still love it

- It’s ok

It’s nothing compared to Dark Side of the Moon. Ultimately I found this album to be a colossal waste of time. But still, some of the individual songs are good here so it’s worth a listen.


JESUS that solo in comfortably numb is frickin AWESOME

- One of the Best

No explanation needed one of the best in our lifetime no modern music will ever come close to Pink Floyd in there prime

- A masterpiece

I have been listening to Pink Floyd since my mother played it for me while i was still in the womb. this album is hauntingly beautiful and is even better after you watch the movie. if you don't like the album, you either are deaf or aren't listening hard enough.

- Thoughtful, Depressing, Emotional, and Incredible.

The Wall is simply my favorite album. A metaphorical story about a rock star or something you can personal relate yourself personally to. Songs like "Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2", "Mother", "Hey You", and most of all "Comfortably Numb" solidify how powerful this album is.

- Sweet

Never thought I could not here this song on good day it brings back so much of my youth

- The Greatest

Pink Floyd's Magnum Opus. You won't find a better rock album from a storytelling/musical perspective. The Wall is simply the greatest rock album ever recorded. Don't get me wrong. Animals, Wish You Were Here and DSOTM are Floyd staples. We all know how good those albums are. However, Floyd takes it to another level with The Wall. Roger Waters' songwriting is simply phenominal. Add to that the great vocal tracks, David's unbelieveable guitar work and Nick and Richard's contributions and you have a masterpiece. I've been listening to rock and roll for 40 years and have no problem saying this is the greatest rock album ever recorded. I've listened to it hundreds of times and it still gives me chills. This album is a must have for any rock fan's collection.

- By a close call, the best PF album

It was hard to decide but this album is my favorite that they’ve ever made. So powerful and it helped me understand my mistakes during a really difficult period of time. Experience this music somehow, whether with the movie or the album. It’s all a masterpiece.

- The best

Fantastic album. I remember buying the box set on cassette. It came with a book and a small piece of the wall. I still have it.

- Good

In my opinion not as good as wish you were here but this is still a solid album. Another brick in the wall is defiantly my favorite on here.

- Amazing

This album is one of the greatest rock records made. Masterpiece!!!

- Pink Floyd awesome


- Epic Album but..

I can’t add to anything anyone else hasn’t already said about this epic album. It’s all that and then some. Roger Waters put together a masterpiece that will forevermore be one of the greatest albums of all times, transcending generations. My only issue is why cut off David Gilmore’s solo on Comfortable Numb? I remain incensed by the way this was recorded. This is one of the most famous guitar solos ever, and by one of the all time great lead guitarists, and it gets cut? I just don’t get it! This album and DSOTM rank in the top 10 albums of all time. I would be remiss if I didn’t say that personally I’m not a Waters fan but I give credit where it’s due. He was, and is a musical genius. David Gilmore is arguably one of the top 5 of all time lead guitarists and deservedly so. Without Gilmore I don’t believe these albums would have ascended the heights they have reached. Roger put it to paper but David made it come alive.

- Stunning

This album will have you in awe by the time you get to “Outside the Wall”

- Lol🌈❤️

My grandpa made me get him a CD album for the cars. But then I ended up stealing them from him. Yes I’m 12 but I still love Pink Floyd thanks to my Grandpa!!😂🌈🤙🏼

- The Uploads🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

Now we’re talking. This is better music. TEAR DOWN THE WALL!!! Tear down the wall! Tear down the wall! Tear down the...

- All in all, this just another great album in their catalogue

“The Wall” review - There’s not much I can say about Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, you really just have to listen for yourself. Find the time to listen to this for an hour and a half in one go. Play this on your record player or with headphones and just relax and enjoy the music. One of the best albums ever. Happy 40th anniversary Pink Floyd to this incredible album! 500/5, great album!

- Absolute Masterpiece

The only people who don’t like this are the millennials that listen to garbage rap music. This is a masterpiece.

- Undebatable

This is the best album ever created.

- Best ever

So innovative and refreshing I love love love love love Pink Floyd

- The best.

This is another one of Pink Floyd's greatest creation. Worth buying and a absolute masterpiece. Rock On Pink Floyd.

- Sheeeit

I purchased the album and for some reason I can’t download Comfortably Numb.

- Possibly the ultimate concept album

It is just so epic in its scale. It is dark, hunting and emotional. The was, for me, the last album of an unbelievable era. Pink Floyd proved themselves as one of the greatest bands of all time. Excellent production, hunting lyrics, amazing music. Everyone should have this album on their shells.

- Arrian & Arrial

Will be taking this album to my grave

- The best

In my opinion this is the best Pink Floyd album, maybe even the best album of all time. Its worth it

- the wall

not my favorite pink floyd album but is clos good album to just veg out to it

- A Masterpiece! 🎸🥁🎹

One of my favorite albums ever!

- the greatest in history!!!

this is my number one favorite I edited another brick in the wall in the chibi robo game and I was like oh my god is the greatest in history this album!!!

- An absolute must listen.

This was my first Floyd album I discovered. They have been my all time favorite since 1981.

- Wall live in Berlin

Where is this show? Best PF I’ve ever heard. The band was gelling and killing it every night. Please put this album out digitally. I’m in need and millions of others feel the same way.

- Yep


- Best Floyd Album

This was the first Pink Floyd album I ever listened to, and it will always go down as my favorite.

- Great songs but...

I love the songs but they aren't loud enough and most of them cut off WAY too early... Like I payed for the whole song and they took of 10-20 seconds... Kinda dissapointed.

- More than just a great album....

....the release of this was also an event. A very ballsy and daring album. I will never forget how blown away by this album when I first heard it. Amazing songs, great lyrics, this album is also very funny at times, something that could not be said of The Final Cut. I love how Pink Floyd expanded their sound on this. Favorite songs of mine are both parts of In The Flesh, Run Like Hell, Comfortably Numb, Mother, Another Brick In The Wall, Part 3, etc... . A masterpiece.

- Another Porcaro Masterpiece

Whatever Jeff does on his drums never ceases to amaze me.It totally grabs a hold and never lets go.He has that unique ability to dig deep into the inner soul and find out what a certain person is thinking about.So it is his way of finding out all about the intricacies of the mind It is very interesting to discover so much more about what he can do. I love to hear his voice through my headphones. His rhythms make me wanna get up and dance.He will always remain the best heartstrings drummer of all time and gorgeous Dreamyeyed Angel.Keep grooving in heaven with all those other greats. 🎺💙😍🐈💜🎻📱🎧💛🎤💿🎸📀☺️🎼❤️😈🐱🐯🎷😀💽😊📲😅💚😇😂🎹😿.It's not the same without your drums. Te Amo my lovebug

- flat out better then the dark side of the moon.


- Mr DeLjr

One of the most defining types of music ever written. Music the way it was meant to be. It may never be matched ever again in our lifetimes. Remember the history!!

- This is great

I am almost 12 yay!!! And I discovered this album and it I amazing! This is so much better than the stuff they play nowadays you need to buy this!

- Greats from the greats.

The Wall takes me back to the early 80s. I realize musical artists are becoming harder to find and soon music of this caliber will be a thing of the past.

- Duck yeah !

Pink Floyd heavily inspired My musical journey and if I hadn’t listened to hey you almost 2 years ago I wouldn’t be here writing this review this is definitely in there top 3 albums

- THE BEST!!!!!!

If you have to ask then you’ll never know. Period!!!!!

- worst album probably ever

i would rate this zero out of five but unfortunately, the truth isn’t an option

- Epic album ...awesome live !!

This album is nothing short of a classic madness, rock , and war torn childhood utterly worth your time AAAA+++!!

- Lame

Terrible excuse for a bad rip off the almost entire and way more thought out concept album Tommy. The Who are completely better than the Pink.

- ❤️


- Tear down the wall💣

Very very great 👍

- A timeless masterpiece

*sample text* Also Roger Waters sang you ignorant fools.

Wise 💸

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- Love another brick in the wall

Another brick in the wall is 100/100. Heard it when I was little...

- Goddamn brilliant

The album is awesome

- Pink Floyd The Wall

This album is one of the greatest if not the greatest. Laying down, closing your eyes and listening to The Wall is astounding. I highly recommend buying this work of art.

- Wow

Easily one of the best albums in history

- Un album fantastique!

Pink Floyd nous livre une performance spectaculaire dans l'album "The Wall". Il compte plusieurs de mes chansons préférées.

- A masterpiece

I bought this album while on vacation and loved every minute of it. It may be expensive but it's worth it. Definitely buy this album.

- Classic

Every now and then there come’s along a album that’s deemed a Classic The Wall is such a album.

- Inspirational

Unbelievable album, every song is a masterpiece!

- Pink


- Not an album...An Experience !

I first bought this on 2 record vinyl in 1979 and fell in love with it right away. The album is meant to be played in it's entirety for a complete hour and a half of sonic journey from the anarchistic lyrics of Another Brick in the Wall to the somewhat psychelic sounds of Comfortably Numb and speaking of which that song has the most amazing guitar solo I've ever heard. The melody and lyrics are truly unforgettable. This album is one of the greatest classic rock albums of all time on par with Dark Side of the Moon. The great thing about iTunes download is that you can play it all now without getting up to flip the vinyl 3 times or change a CD. Just push play, relax and enjoy the journey!

- Hi

Love it

- Best Ever

One of the Best Albums ever made period. Pink Floyd will never get old!

- Very moving

Laying back and listening brings a great variety of emotions to you, and to think this album was made because Roger was sick of people coming to the shows for the party rather than the band. Great concept, great sound.

- A classic.

Nothing left to say. Brilliant.

- The wall

That's number one for ever

- Fantastic!

Probably one of the best albums I've ever listened to.

- Yes

I love it

- A must-have.

I bought this album on vinyl when it was first released in 1979. I have taped it old school way so many times I can’t remember now. I bought the cd more than once because they’ve gotten scratched and needed replacing from being played so much. It has been a part of my life for 40 years. This is THE quintessential concept album all time. It is a true masterpiece that any music collection needs to have.

- Love this

One of... I mean THE best concept album there is. The story it tells, the music, it blends so well together! Classic Pink Floyd, I love it

- A Timeless Classic

A classic in any format, and now I have them all here on iTunes.

- Timeless Classic

Timeless just timeless.I have this classic album on CD.It is the only timeless recording of Roger Waters I own.I was about 8 when it first came out.Love it.

- Doug Walker at his very best

His days as the Nostalgia Critic may be behind him, but it is clear Doug is focusing to the future with this gripping album. Epic. Deep. Heavy. Essential listening? OF COURSE!

- I Saw Another One in the Wall

Yep I did

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