X (Wembley Edition) by Ed Sheeran

Genre Pop
Release 13 November 2015
Price $12.99
Tracks 24
Country USA
12.99 USD

Ed Sheeran - X (Wembley Edition) Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. One 4:12
2. I'm A Mess 4:04
3. Sing 3:55
4. Don't 3:39
5. Nina 3:45
6. Photograph 4:18
7. Bloodstream 5:00
8. Tenerife Sea 4:01
9. Runaway 3:25
10. The Man 4:10
11. Thinking Out Loud 4:41
12. Afire Love 5:14
13. Take It Back 3:28
14. Shirtsleeves 3:10
15. Even My Dad Does Sometimes 3:48
16. I See Fire 4:59
17. All Of The Stars 3:57
18. English Rose 3:04
19. Touch And Go 4:00
20. New York 3:55
21. Make It Rain 6:44
22. Parting Glass (Live From Wembley St... 3:15
23. Small Bump (Live From Wembley Stadi... 5:02
24. Lay It All On Me (feat. Ed Sheeran) 4:02

X (Wembley Edition) by Ed Sheeran Album Reviews

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NEW YORK. I've been waiting for the song New York FOREVER. The album is perfect of course.

Amazing talent for the 21st Century. This should really be just called "X (Deluxe edition)," but if someone didn't already own "X," this is what they should get. So worth it.

Five Stars For Ed...One Star For iTunes. First off, of course Ed's music is great. No complaints about the album itself. However, I have already purchased the deluxe version of X from iTunes. When I purchased the Wembley edition, of course I only wanted the new songs - but iTunes made them album only and charged me again for all the songs I had already purchased. This is something that iTunes has done before with deluxe albums and it is very frustrating that they double dip on the purchases of their consumers.

Love him but.... I love Ed Sheeran! However I'm very disappointed that I can't buy the one song that I really want. I wish the new songs were on a separate album, because I already have half of the songs when it first came out!! Very disappointed and I will not be buying this album just to get the new songs.. Hopefully you will make the Lay it all on me song available to purchase with out buying the whole Album! :(

Good to go. I was extremely impressed, especially with the he song 'photograph', should be a top 5

Where’s Shirtsleeves and Even My Dad Sometimes?. I bought this version on CD, but Shirtsleeves and Even My Dad sometimes we’re not on there. Anyone else? Love this album, regardless.

This is amazing!!!!!!!!. I am absolutely in love with his voice. And these songs; they're so meaningful. Thank you, Ed. For everything. You have saved me in many ways, and for that I am forever grateful. I love you. <3 thanks for everything.

Lay it all on me. I love lay it on me!!😍😍😍💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗 But why is it album only!!!😠😠😡😡😡😡 I dount whant to pay for the whole album i just whant that one!!!

I like his newer ones better. Sorry Ed

Refuse to buy an entire album. AGAIN just because I want the new songs :(

FRESH and CRISP. He's real and hip love his voice!

why!?. Great album but why charge us twice for the other songs!? Should have a seperate EP or something

Love it!. This album is amazing and it has so many good songs on it. I didn't think multiply (x) couldn't get any better, but he gave us newer songs and some live versions from (+). It's excellent.

👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Amazing!!!

Guys... This is just a deluxe edition of his album stop complaining. 'Wembley Edition' replaced 'Deluxe Edition' xD

Awesome. I love Ed Sheeran so much.... This is awesome

Best Album Ever. Honestly, I cannot name and artist this talented. There is no one better than the pop God Ed Sheeran. I've been really into his music for a while now, and I know I will never fall out of love with his music. He has a very beautiful, unique voice, and very meaningful lyrics to each track of this album. I especially love that his fan base is not off of his looks(I think he is very attractive, but people have had a different opinion), but his voice and lyrics. I feel that shows how talented he really is to be able to make millions of boys and girls hearts melt, including mine. If you are reading this review, trust me, you will fall in love with this album.

Ed Sheeran is awesome. Ed Sheeran is a great singer. I love his music and the song. Thinking Out Loud is my favorite song on this album. It is a great song.

I love the new songs. Every time I hear a new Ed Sheeran song I feel like I'm listening to a song that I've forgotten and just remembered again- kind of like I've just run into someone that I used to know on the street but haven't seen for awhile… that was meant as a compliment… I do agree with everyone about a separate EP

This is a good cd. I was never a fan of his music. But after listening to it for a little bit I became a fan. He is a very talented artist. It crosses different genres of music. Instead of just sticking with one sound he mixes it up. That is really cool and it keeps people interest. This is a good buy as well as the next cd.

Amazing!. Love you Ed Sheeran⚡️⚡️⚡️

Meh. Great songs but I hate when some songs are "album only"☹

Left me breathless. His voice combined with the sheer lyrical genius of his music is breathtaking.

Dazzling Variety of Musical Styles and Lyrical Themes. In "X," Ed Sheeran's follow-up to his stunning debut "+," he continues to dazzle with a wide variety of musical styles, all tied together with his trademark combination of rapid-fire rapping and mellow singing. In the "Wembley" deluxe edition, listeners are treated to some extra studio tracks, including the dance-inspired collaboration with Rudimental "Lay It All On Me," along with live recordings of "Small Bump" and "The Parting Glass" performed at Wembley. The raw emotion of the live tracks contrasts with the slick studio sound of "Lay It All on Me," which follows immediately afterwards, as well as some of gentler numbers such as the hit single "Thinking Out Loud." In fact, contrast is the name of the game in "X." Musical experimentation abounds: there's the aforementioned rap ("Don't," "Take It Back," "The Man"), rap-pop hybrids ("Nina," "Touch and Go"), energetic and/or tortured guitar-pop ("I'm a Mess," "Sing," "Runaway"), some really schmalzy pop (this is where Sheeran tends to lose me, but I can recognize the talent even in "Thinking Out Loud," which I find so sappy I can hardly bear to listen to it), and folk-, blues-, and bluegrass-inspired numbers. This profusion of styles pretty much guarantees that any given listener is going to have strong favorite and non-favorites, but it also means there's something here to like for almost anyone, and no one is going to be bored. As with the multifaceted musical sound, lyrically, the album does not at first glance tell one unified story or work as a single cycle; rather, multiple thought-strands and preoccupations come up again and again. The lyrical persona goes back and forth between outrage at romantic betrayal ("Don't," "The Man"), regret at relationships that can't work (the outstanding "Nina," "Touch And Go,"), and the pink flush of love ("Thinking Out Loud," "Tenerife Sea"). In fact, though, there *is* a theme that pulls everything together: the singer's overwhelming drive to find success and his rock-hard self-belief, which tears apart his romantic life, threatens his family connections, and puts him at odds with his record company. The "Ed Sheeran" (in quote marks because there's "Ed Sheeran" the lyrical persona, and Ed Sheeran the real person) of "+" was a young, naive, bleeding-heart kind of a guy; the "Ed Sheeran" of "X" is a little more cynical and a lot more concerned about the cost of the sudden success that's been thrust upon him. "X" is in a certain respect the story of someone whose dreams have all come true: the question that follows is "Now what?" Does, the singer of "X" asks, success mean just an endless round of plane trips, punctuated by grim events like writing your will and arguing with your record company? What kind of dreams do you have to give up to have all your dreams come true? Which is not to say that the "Ed Sheeran" of "X" is gloomy and cast down. On the contrary, he's full of energy and fight, ready to kick unfaithful lovers to the curb and spit braggadocio-filled lyrics about his talent and meteoric rise to the top of the charts. Which, especially sandwiched between the softer songs, is charming. But it does the beg the question (okay, it doesn't: the answer is staring us all in the face) of why Sheeran is treated so differently from his sometimes-collaborator and fellow pop prodigy Taylor Swift: the occasional critic might not be won over by Sheeran's message, but he seems to have escaped the criticism Swift experiences for using her personal life to fuel her music, for being calculated and driven, and (oh, the horror!) for not being "inclusive" enough in her feminism. "X" is the album of a musician who unabashedly uses his personal life as artistic material, and openly wants to get ahead. And the result is deservedly a smash hit. But it's something that perhaps only Sheeran could get away with.

Amazing. This album is so beautiful. I'm listening to it (The Man) as I type this. Personally I think there should be more artist like Ed. He brightens all of my days with his songs

Perfect yet again. Love his music, if you don't have all his albums you are missing out. Can't wait for him to come on tour again 😍

Great. This is a great ablum. Ed is a amazing artist. Is has some real talent. I just bought this today. It came with a DVD too. This is my only Ed ablum at the moment. I am now a fan of his. Keep up the good work.

Wembley edition?. I really thought this would be a total live album. Fortunately, I have Jumpers for Goalposts. However, I am disappointed this isn't a live album. Because I am an almost obsessive fan of Ed Sheeran's, I, of course bought the new music and the 2 live songs. I love English Rose!

Greedy greedy greedy. Awesome songs...except for the greedy aspect of re-charging Everyone whom has already purchased 3/4 of these tracks....I would have spent about 4 or 5 bucks on some new material but instead I'm just going to pass and not buy any. It's a shame that artists can't just let their listeners buy the songs they want...shame shame shame. This is why people just go "steal" music and don't pay for it.

This album is amazing but... One question. Besides the illogical re-releasing of the album that everyone is blathering about in the comments.. why are some of the songs that are not explicit labeled as explicit? For example, Don't is not even explicit! Ed said so himself, he was gonna keep the album clean because a taxi driver convinced him or something like that. So what is going on? iTunes makes no sense to me.

Love it!!. I so love him. The album is great! I wake every morning and listen to it on my way to work. on the computer and on my shuffle and play it in the car. ED Sheeran everyday all day! He rocks!!

Ah-Mazing!!!. Make it rain..... Ahhh can't get enough!!! So glad I went to his concert!!!!! Awesome Job Ed Sheeran!! You rock!!! 👍🏼

Milking’ it!. It seems that Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran are milking these albums for all their worth. Common guys, you’re better than this!

🔮👽🌙. Ed has my heart . I love his music plus he is just everything 💞

Really???. X again?? Ed get your arse back in the studio and give us some new music. Your fans deserve it!

Ed Sheeran is Phenomenal. Parting glass is amazing 🍷 I'm glad to hear it live. Ed Sheeran is one of the most talented persons ever. I can't wait until he releases he next album.

Ed is awesome🤗😍😎. Ed makes the best songs Ed should make more songs and albums Ed is the best

Thank god!. I was going to be mad if I couldn't buy the new songs! But I can and I will! I don't get why he re-released the album with it...but whatever, Im cool as long as I can get the new added songs! 😊


Incredible. :)

My Songs have disappeared. I bought an albums Ed in Wimb. It’s show I purchased it but it is not downloaded how can I fix this???!

Loveee. I love it 💕😍

the bonus tracks are great!!!!. perfect

Amazing. What's new?

:(. If it was all live.... I would be the first to buy his album. But all of those same songs he added to Spotify. That's why I bought the concert movie to hear live songs.

Soothing. His voice is so lovable and soothing, hard not to fall in love. A wide range of songs, something for everyone! I personally love photograph (and the adorable official video on YouTube) , Tenerife Sea... Oh, there's so many! Is more powerful live! It's a nice mix to have a few live tracks! Worth buying!

Not at all what I expected. After seeing Ed twice in concert this year and going to see Jumper for Goalposts, I was excited to see he was releasing an album as The Wembley Edition. However, once downloaded, I was actually quite disappointed as I expected this to be a live concert album. What I got was a studio album (of songs I already own), and a couple of live songs. If you've seen him live, or watched videos of him on YouTube performing then you know that is where he and his music are alchemy, electricity, and other-worldly. What he can do with a loop pedal, two mics and a guitar is nothing short of genius. Seriously, go watch anything he's done on BBC's Live Lounge, and when he covers other artists, it's almost as if he recreates the song. And when I listened to this download I was left enjoying songs I already loved, but truly dissapointed that this was not the amazing concert album it could have/should have been.

Are You Sheerios?. Because I'm SHEERIO!

Perfect... Just Years Later. This album really is perfect, it just wasn’t at the time of the release. If you don’t have x already, BUY THIS VERSION!! The only bad reviews here (primarily) are from the fact that this is basically just a deluxe version of x, and people were frustrated that they couldn’t just buy the new songs. But if you’re just getting the album now, this version is an absolute steal.

Too bad😔. I wanted to get the song, lay it all on me, and my mom got it. But when i wanted to get it, you can only buy it on an album. I really hate when people do this, and i hope the people who did this, are taking this advice. Really dissapointed😭

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🐻👍shnazy. Soooooooo Excited X wembley live versions...yes All of the thumbs 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Ed Sheeran. Can't wait to see the movie and can't wait to hear some new songs off of this album too and congrats Ed and love Ed so much. ❤️🇨🇦🎶🎵😍🎧🎤🎸

Great album. I just wish it was a full live Wembley album and not just two songs. I find myself listening to the only two live songs the most. I love that large arena echo sound

OMG. I can't wait!!!!!!!

CRAP. I like Ed Sheeran ALOT but I purchased this CD thinking its his live Wembley but when i started playing it the same X studio album which I already own. iTunes will not refund for this error.

Amazing as always. Incredible music :)

SO EXCITED!!. I've been waiting for Newyork and English Rose forever!!😱😱 SO SO HAPPY! Can't wait😩

Amazing!. I've been waiting for some new Ed music for a while. He is going on a one year break and I need something to listen to while he is gone so I don't go insane! Can't wait till the break is over and releases a proper third album. Giving it 5 stars because Ed is the greatest thing. Literally it's just him, his guitar and his loop pedal. He got where he was with just that, he doesn't need any fancy sounds or anything.

Ed Sheehan is genius. This album is magnificent. Make it rain is so pure. In love with his talent and genuine rawness

Amazing talent!. I listened the album… very nice and original music!!! Thanks for your music. mariopronovost.ca

Amazing. But.... I thought it was gonna be an actual Wembley concert. It's a mix of X Deluxe and additional songs like Make It Rain, Touch and Go, New York, English Rose and some unreleased live songs from Wembley concert

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