Pentatonix (Deluxe Version) by Pentatonix

Genre Pop
Release 16 October 2015
Price $12.99
Tracks 17
Country USA
12.99 USD

Pentatonix - Pentatonix (Deluxe Version) Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Na Na Na 2:35
2. Can't Sleep Love 2:53
3. Sing 2:57
4. Misbehavin' 3:42
5. Ref 3:14
6. First Things First 2:40
7. Rose Gold 3:43
8. If I Ever Fall In Love (feat. Jason... 3:14
9. Cracked 2:54
10. Water 3:11
11. Take Me Home 2:56
12. New Year's Day 3:37
13. Light In The Hallway 4:14
14. Where Are Ü Now 2:51
15. Cheerleader 3:02
16. Lean On 2:40
17. Can't Sleep Love (feat. Tink) 3:33

Pentatonix (Deluxe Version) by Pentatonix Album Reviews

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Love so much. It’s really good i Love these guys

AWESOME. I love them so much!I think it’s cool that they don’t need instruments!LOVE THEM!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💕💞💓💗💖💘💝

Where are the Mitch and Kirsten solos?. I mean, it's Pentatonix so it's fabulous, but I feel like 90% of the solos are Scott, and I would like to hear more of a balance. Mitch is too talented to just be backup and I feel like he wasn't showcased on this album at all

Best songs ever. These are such good songs listen to them now to good to be true my fav sing

So talented. These individuals need more attention because they sound amazing. Pentatonix outdid themselves. 👏

I love you!!!. Love these guys!! Always great music!

Girl cool 😎 sweet. 😀😀😀

A style like no other...... 🤔🤔


YESSS. OK SO THIS WAS THE BEST THING EVER. I'm glad that they have THEIR OWN album instead of covering somebody else's. But there are some covers on the deluxe version, which are STILL FLAWLESS. Their covers are amazing of course, and it's great to have new and original material. The songs are really well written and have positive meanings to them. Don't think that there are only upbeat songs, because even though quite a bit of them are upbeat, Light In The Hallway is a lullaby/ballad which was absolutely gorgeous. Can't Sleep Love was really successful, which is not a huge surprise since the song is ONE OF THE BEST ONES ON THERE. Also lemme say, Scott got a lot of solos but I wish there were more opportunities for Mitch or Kirstin or Avi or even Kevin. But Mitch's voice is THE PRETTIEST and he slays all of it. And Kirstin slayed Water. And Scott slayed Cracked. GET IT IMMEDIATELY!!!!! I PROMISE YOU WONT REGRET IT

BEST ALBUM yet. Ok first of all rose gold then light in the hallway then .... New Years day

amazing!. i've been a fan for a while now, and this does not disappoint! you won't regret buying this album.

How Can You Not Love Pentatonix?. This album has truly solidified my love for this group. Seriously, I don't think there's even one song by them that's bad. Every lyric uttered by these five individuals is beautiful!

PTX!. This album is fire. I've always loved how great Pentatonix was, they're so talented. But I remember asking myself with a solo album be any good? What would there songs be like and I also remember seeing this new album and thinking about how I had a long plane ride the next day and let me check them out on the flight and the whole flight I was jammin out to this so hard, it's amazing. Better than I expected they blew me away. I'll always think back to that trip when I listen to this album and remember good times. I love Pentatonix they are so insanely talented. I recommend this album to anyone

I can't.. unbelievable how talented they are

I love pentatonics. Their the best they just give me good vibes I COULD LISTEN TO THEM ALL DAY!!!!!

Best album. Best album in pentatonix history

OMG!!!!!!. I LOVE Penintonix!!!!! I like all of there songs!!!! I'm such a fan.

😇🤩😍. Awwww sooooo cooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome, amazing, and outstanding!!!!!!! I can’t sleep 😴 I’m in love 😍

Utterly Obsessed. so original, so beautiful, great music, don't stop!

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!. This album was released on my birthday and I love it Soo much it's my favorite album of theirs and I highly recommend it because there's nothing like it!!!

Amazing. Absolutely one of the best albums out there!! Definitely recommend!!


Love it. I loved it they do a cover on some songs and when they do they put their own twist on it and it goes from boring to amazing when they do it. I also had my sister try it and she thought it was better then the real song I am blown away

Awesomeeee. They’re so stinking talented it’s ridiculous they’re awesome

I love you. I went to your concert this summer in Illinois. It was beautiful. I was screaming so loud. I just started listening to your music again and I fell in love again!

Pentatonix. An amazing album with so many different sound... Scott is main vocal in most of the song, which I think is kind of unfair, but the music they make is great

WHAT 😱😱😍😍🤩🤩. Ummm this is sooo good like how is it even posssible 😱😱😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤪🤪🤩🤩🤩🤩😊😊🙃🙃😄😄😃😃😁😁

Pentatonix!!!!. Love the songs!!!!

PENTATONIX 4EVER. In all seriousness, these guys are among the very few a cappella groups that totally rock out with everything they’ve got. Their stuff is AWESOME. However, I still don’t get why they’re not called Penatonix, considering its musical definition (pentatonic scale and all that). I actually thought that was their name at first. Doesn’t matter, I guess. God bless Pentatonix and may you guys continue to rock out for years to come! P.S. I would LOVE to see a collaboration album of Pentatonix and Rockapella, another favorite group of mine. That would be sheer brilliance!!!

I LOVE THIS ALBUM. This is my favorite album by any group or solo artist EVER. I listen to this every day as it has songs for every mood! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ALBUM!!!!!!

❤️💚💙. OMG L🖤VE THEM SO MUCH!!!! Only thing is that it feels like Pentatonix is with Scott not the the other way around 😕... BUT THEY ARE STILL AWESOME I L🖤VE SING KEEP BEING AC-AMAZING PTX!!! P.S.Mitch is my fav...💋💋💋

HOME FREE. Home Free is so much better.

PTX is my life. They are my kings and queens, they are my babies and they deserve every ounce of success the have. They are so talented and work hard all the time. PTX deserves respect and I would be lost in this world without their beautiful music to guide me though life. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Beautiful. this will obviously get buried in reviews, but i will gladly give my money to these talented performers. you've got a beautiful group. don't ever give it up

I over ptx. I love all of yalls songs so much you guys are so amazing!😍 Avi Kaplan is obviously the cutest!!! He hot😍😍😍

Historic. Scott sings most of the songs but I'm not really complaining.

💕. Who ever said there was no such thing as perfection? They lied.

Glorified Barbershop 💈. It’s just a barbershop quartet. Yet bad and white music trash.

Ptx love. I'm loving this so much I can't wait for what they do next

Best album ever❤️. I can’t stop listening to this album it’s the best I don’t who wouldn’t love you guys J give it an 100 out of 10 💖🥰

pretty ok i guess. some songs are better than others

Aaaaah!. You guys are so good! Love the album and arrangements. Keep up the good works.

!. :0

AMAZING!!!. I LOVE ptx and this album is soooooooo good!!

Awesome work on it. OMG I love it my favorites and the ones I couldn’t stop listening to over and over again were can’t sleep love and Na Na Na but work on Ref

Yayyy😀. 😃

Uhvyervybyubvyugbvuy. Some. Some not.❌✅?

Good overall but..... I love pentatonix as a band but I feel like it wasn't their best work. What drags this down for me is chorus in many of the songs. I feel like most of the time they are better on their own.

DUDE. Amazing!!!! Especially, "Where are Ü!" It's 100x better than the original

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