Hamilton: An American Musical (Original Broadway C... by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Hamilton: An American Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording) [Lin-Manuel Miranda] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
D1-1Alexander Hamilton 3:56
D1-2Aaron Burr, Sir 2:36
D1-3My Shot 5:33
D1-4The Story Of Tonight 1:31
D1-5The Schuyler Sisters 3:06
D1-6Farmer Refuted 1:52
D1-7You'll Be Back 3:28
D1-8Right Hand Man 5:21
D1-9A Winter's Ball 1:09
D1-10Helpless 4:09
D1-11Satisfied 5:29
D1-12The Story Of Tonight (Reprise) 1:55
D1-13Wait For It 3:13
D1-14Stay Alive 2:39
D1-15Ten Duel Commandments 1:46
D1-16Meet Me Inside 1:23
D1-17That Would Be Enough 2:58
D1-18Guns And Ships 2:07
D1-19History Has Its Eyes On You 1:37
D1-20Yorktown (The World Turned Upside D... 4:02
D1-21What Comes Next? 1:39
D1-22Dear Theodosia 3:04
D1-23Non-Stop 6:25
D2-1What'd I Miss 3:56
D2-2Cabinet Battle #1 3:35
D2-3Take A Break 4:46
D2-4Say No To This 4:02
D2-5The Room Where It Happens 5:18
D2-6Schuyler Defeated 1:03
D2-7Cabinet Battle #2 2:22
D2-8Washington On Your Side 3:01
D2-9One Last Time 4:56
D2-10I Know Him 1:37
D2-11The Adams Administration 0:54
D2-12We Know 2:22
D2-13Hurricane 2:23
D2-14The Reynolds Pamphlet 2:08
D2-15Burn 3:45
D2-16Blow Us All Away 2:53
D2-17Stay Alive (Reprise) 1:51
D2-18It's Quiet Uptown 4:30
D2-19The Election Of 1800 3:57
D2-20Your Obedient Servant 2:30
D2-21Best Of Wives And Best Of Women 0:47
D2-22The World Was Wide Enough 5:02
D2-23Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your... 3:37
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Hamilton: An American Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording) by Lin-Manuel Miranda Album Reviews

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- Love for musicals are back

I never thought I would love a musical talking about history but Miranda did it in a way that makes more exciting, more entertaining and educational while bopping your head and trying to sing every part.

- So good

I love it is the best movie I ever saw

- Mindblown

Enough said.

- The best

The best songs ever I love this album

- Changes your life

I love Hamilton, you may not like theater, but this is not your average broadway show, this is a album with 36 rap songs and the best r&b, this also made me fall in love with history, it changed literally everything, it may seem overpriced but when it changed your life, it’s totally worth it!

- I have loved this soundtrack from the moment I heard it.

This is the only music that I listen to now, buy it, it doesn’t require WORK WORK!!!!

- great

wow good

- Most awesome group of songs

I love all the songs.Just wish I could listen to the entire song

- DON’T Say No To This

This musical is one of the greatest works of art ever made (yes, I said it). You will smile, laugh, and cry with the founder of the national bank. Just buy it. Trust me.

- I looove it

This is my favorite Broadway show ever I found it a couple years ago and religiously listened to it and memorized all the lyrics to every song and I got my friend into it and we would just hang out singing them together I’ve now seen hamilton twice once in New York and once in Kansas City and it’s so mesmerizing and beautiful 😍

- Take a break

It has all the things in a regular song but better

- Hamilton is the best

It is so much fun to listen to

- Freedom.

Something they can never take away.



- 5 Years Later...

5 years later and this album rocks as hard as it did when I first bought it in 2015.

- 👀👄👀

Imagine making this whole album your personality I’m not saying it’s bad it’s just I know to many people who do that


HELL YES.MY Sister and I always watch the movie then we listen to the songs.My top 3 songs are The Schuyler Sister,Aaron Burr Sir,and My Shot.I am really practicing Aaron Burr Sir the French is hard for me.It’s the struggle to practice French for me. Byeee!!! Woah woah WORK

- 10/10

Absolutely touching, I cry every time.

- Its really old, i know

I know it came out ALOOOONG tume ago but this is just amazing

- I love it and so does the rest of the world

That’s all. It’s amazing.

- no

am i the only one that actually hates this??

- Hamilton

The greatest album in the world (iykyk)

- You’ll be back

Can’t stop singing you’ll be back the King song in 10 out of 10

- ....



Nuff said

- the best

just get the thing

- Amazing

By the dang album already!!!!!!!

- ✌️

Lol been obsessed for months

- In Love

I listen to this album with my kids everyday !

- Heavy handed and boring

Heavy handed and boring. It really feels preachy. Stinks! Avoid like the plague!

- Look around!

Look around! How lucky we are to be alive right now! —and Peggy!

- I love it so much 💕

I love it so much 💕

- ——

Did not like 👎

- One of the absolute best album ever!!

Lin (he wrote Hamilton) is a true artist from right Hamilton to being the lead actor in Hamilton and you truly must watch it on Disney Plus beforehand and then buy this that way you can decide if you are a Hamilton lover like me or would presto spend you money on something else but Hamilton has a clean play list as well and really helped me understand the Revaluation war and so many other thing, I also want to agree with Lin that Alexander Hamilton did not get enough credit for everything thing he did to help America so buy this so you can really realize what happened back then!!!!!❤️🥰😊

- Hamilton everyone is amazing in the play! With the songs too!!

Everyone I just really want to say that the play... omg IT Is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

- 10/10

10/10 would hamilton again

- “Jesus Christ this will be fun!!!!!!”

Yesssssssssss!!!!! But it, buy it, but itttttttt! Best. Album. Every. Definitely needed a King George quote for this! 😍😍😍❤️❤️ The songs are amazing!!!

- Meh


- Hamilton

Hamilton is awesome

- The stories behind the songs

I luv how all of these songs are stories and a lot r interesting stories!! Also how there all just AMAZING music!!!😍

- Simply Amazing

It’s rare for me to like every song on any album. This is one of those times, especially for so many songs on this album.

- Such wonderful synergy

The way the music flows, how it can bring you up, and how it can put you to tears in mere moments. This soundtrack carries with it so much, to help us through any situation we may be facing. Music is generally sought by most for so many things, and I can listen to this album countless times in a row, and it not only brings me all the emotions and feelings, it also tells a story of one of our founding fathers... a man who helped to bring this country to what it is today. Lin Manuel Miranda created something to be enjoyed for generations to come. Fantastic album.

- Love

I love this music

- A fine fantasy

If you go into this expecting a work of fiction based on history you should be entertained. The music is fine but don't expect real hip hop, this is to hip hop what Pat Boone was to rock-n-roll and that's not an insult, Elvis openned for Boone. It's highly over rated but not a bad way to kill a rainy afternoon.

- Wow


- Love it

My friend told me to listen to it and I thought I would hate it but now I know the whole musical from start to finish AMAZEING

- Why it’s so good but it’s not cheap

I can’t afford it but songs sooo good

- Love


- eh

kinda plain

- Amazing and in Love

This album is amazing and totally worth buying do not second guess buying this album ever i have fallen in love for the first time in a while with a whole album and songs buy it totally amazing and worth the money.

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- Amazing

I cried it’s just soo goodddd

- Awesome

I can just listen to this over and over again without getting sick of it I expect Lin Manuel and the rest of the cast of Hamilton at the tonys and the 39s this year


I'm usually not into rap or even musicals but all my friends talked about it so I was like ok I'll try it so I listened and I love it so much I'm not even American but the story is so interesting all the songs are amazing now I'm obsessed with it please but it's totally worth it

- America’s Favourite Fighting French Man

All I have to say Is HAMILTON IS LIFE


It's so much I cried like six times and I listen to it all the time "Then a hurricane came, and devastation reigned Our man saw his future drip, dripping down the drain Put a pencil to his temple, connected it to his brain And he wrote his first refrain, a testament to his pain"


The best show on Broadway! My dream to see with live with the OBC

- Amazing

Lin Manuel Maranda is a true artist, he has created the greatest musical ever

- Made my life



Hamilton both makes me happy and sad and it was heartbreaking when Alexander and Philip died in the same way but Eliza lived on 😭

- Spoiler

He dies

- Dislike

It’s a dislike

- Price is a bit High, Other then tan tots an amazing album

A little pricey but totally worth it. Went to see it live it seems a lot different live then on iTunes. I would recommend this album to anyone who likes musicals and definitely if you liked The Greatest Showman because their very similar.

- Listen, dang it.

I actually came across this musical through an edit I saw on Instagram, the first song I ever heard was satisfied. I couldn't stop watching it. Then, it got deleted. I had never looked for the song's named so I was scrambling for a name. Somehow one day, a few months later, I came across an animatic of helpless and thought it was a neat little song. And then I clicked another song by accident. Turns out, it was satisfied. I started to delve deeper into the realm of hamilton and found a rollercoaster of a playlist on iTunes, and couldn't get enough of it! Stop reading through the reviews and listen to the goddamn album already, flapjack!

- Good


- Bad

Not good

- Loovvvee

Love the music

- God

Lin-Manuel Miranda=God Raise a glass to freedom by buying this album🍻



- Omg Hamilton



I just finished it... it's 2018 why have I never listened to this????


I know him, that can’t be, he’s that little guy who spoke to me, what was it ‘85, that poor man their going to eat him alive, oceans rise empires fall, next to Washington they all look small. All alone watch them run, they will tear each other into pieces, Jesus Christ this will be fun. Also this is great

- And_Peggy!!!

This is one of the best thing I’ve heard in my whole life!!!

- Unbelivible

The audio is perfect

- Stunning perfection!

I've listen to the whole album far to many times and all the songs still have ways over my emotions! And I can't help but sing to them!


Lin is such a talented man. How can somebody make this amazing music. I been listening NON-STOP for about 4 months

- YayHamlet!

Honestly my absolute favourite thing on this earth right now, Hamilton controls my life

- Best musical about history EVER

I just love this musical so much. I got into it almost a year ago and I’m so glad I did. I recommend it to everyone. I know more about American history than Canadian history thanks to Hamilton 😆😆. So many great voices and lyrics. I listened to it while writing this too

- Hamtiln

I like your broadway.

- Best musical I've ever heard!

So original and unique! They did a fabulous job on this album. 👌

- Ummm

I love and I mean LOVE Hamilton but half the playlist wouldn’t download:( I’m disappointed

- hamilton



I don’t know what else to say I love it.😆🤩

- If only

I need more stars to give it’s that good maybe 100000

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Anyone who gives this soundtrack 1 star sucks

- Beautiful

Even two years after Hamilton was released to the public, it’s still stunning as ever. The songs are catchy and invoke such strong emotion and you want to see these characters win! Props to everyone who worked on this amazing production. It’s a masterpiece and should be put in history books just as the man it’s centred around.


Love it :)))))


I love the musical so the soundtrack is amazing❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

- Love it!😍

Need I say more?

- Hamilton Craze

... WHAT AN AMAZING SOUNDTRACK!!!! It is a little savage on Burn and I hated Alexander after this but the Music!!!! I blast it all the time!!!! Definitely recommend! May be a little pricey but for 46 songs? Yes please!

- Lin Manuel Miranda

Lin is the smartest song righter ever! My fave song is Satisfied!

- They deleted Peggy


- Trash!!!


- AmAZiNg

Everything in this is just AMAZING! I love it :3

- Hamilton is phenomenal

I love the music in Hamilton it’s creative and empowering! It always pumps me up before exams and quizzes to make me feel like I can do anything lol 😂 I love Lin Manuel Miranda

- Lovely

I love Hamilton and now I know all the words to every song and I’ve had the album for a couple months now and I’ve been listening “non stop!”

- I love the music! Such a great play.

But the only thing I would say is that I purchased a song and It does not download or show on my music, so it might be a glitch.

- Kill me now

This is one of the worst broadways and albums I’ve ever heard in my life. From the cringe worthy lyrics to the lacklustre delivery from the ‘talent’, this ‘founding fathers’ musical is one of the biggest piles of festering garbage that I’ve ever happened upon. Lin-Manuel Miranda should stick to his meager cameos and guest appearances, this is one talentless performance.



- It made me cry for weeks

Still crying

- A 10/10 Masterpiece!!!

It’s every song you’ll ever want AND MORE!!!


Can't take it off repeat, now know all the lyrics! Wish I lived in the US so I could see this masterpiece live 😍

- Astonishing at every moment

Hamilton will grab your attention at the first song and hold you with its rhythms and melodies and phrases until the final note. I am blown away each time I hear it. Recommended without hesitation.

- Hamilton review

Amazing music

- A masterpiece. Brilliant

What a magical price of art. Hamilton absorbs you completely in its song.


Words cannot even describe how much love I feel for this musical. It is life changing- I seriously have not been able to listen to anything else. It is heart breaking and an emotional roller coaster. It's addictive and obsessive. And I think I may have fallen in love with the founding father of America. You won't regret listening to Hamilton- you'll only regret not listening to it sooner.

- Brilliant, passionate retelling of American History.

I can't recommend this album enough! Having listened to the recording via the stream on npr music, I'm so excited to finally own and support this amazing musical! Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius with a true and obvious passion for his work that really shows through the lyrics and orchestration of the music as well as the historical references and his respect for the figures he is representing on this soundtrack. As an Australian, I never thought I would be remotely interested in the story of America's founding fathers and yet here I am- If only all of history could be written into a musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Each and every one of the performers on this soundtrack is phenomenal- their voices, their timing, their sense of character- every time I listen to these songs I get lost in the story and part of that is due to the performance provided by this amazing cast. 10/10!! I recommend the Hamilton cast recording for people who are long time fans of musical theatre, history buffs, rap/rnb fanatics or anybody with an appreciation for music.



- 10/10 would recommend

'Hamilton' is by far the best thing I have ever spent my money on. It's sad, it's happy, it's funny, it's emotional; all top-notch qualities that I look for in music, and 'Hamilton' takes the cake.

- Obsessed 😳

Can't stop Won't stop

- Hamilton

Hamilton is a great great soundtrack but you should probably just listen to it on Spotify

- Amazing

Like what how is it sooooo gooooooddddd

- A sweeping epic of incredible ambition

Listening to Hamilton for the first time rings all the same bells that gens X and Y will remember from the OBC of Rent. Though Rent has since gone on to age badly and has proven itself far less influential than first expected, Hamilton, now, feels like a definitive landmark and a shift in ambition for what a Broadway musical can be. Gloriously orchestrated, Hamilton meticulously fuses hip hop and rnb with music theatre and reveals that together these genres possess a skilful and haunting narrative edge. Combine this with the incendiary performances of Lin Manuel Miranda, Phillipa Soo, Leslie Odom Jnr and Jonathan Groff and you have a cast recording that quite simply ignites. Odom Jnr's performance as Aaron Burr is nothing short of revelatory - career defining, he's a dead cert for the 2016 Tony Awards. Groff expunges his irritating persona from Glee with a comic turn as George III of England that comes dangerously close to stealing the show. As the title character, writer/composer LMM's energy and passion are absolutely infectious. His performance is a warts and all representation of the American founding father that fits neatly into the ensemble even as it wars with Odom Jnr's Burr to overwhelm it. It's an electrifying dynamic that - if this recording is anything to go by - must be quite simply gargantuan on stage. The power of LMM as a lyricist is on full display here - overwhelming his two previous efforts. The spontaneity of the hip hop score brings an awesome power to the events on display of which their author is well aware. There are moments of shattering realism, incredible emotion, hilarity and violence - and all within a narrative that moves at breakneck pace. It's a spectacle on par with West Side Story that still retains the intellectual clarity of 1776 and the intimacy of Sunday in the Park with George. If Hamilton can be cited as having any obvious flaws, it's second Act is interminable. Following the two cabinet battles and the election of the Adams administration, the book hits a decided slump. LMM submits to biographical completism and the show slams on the breaks till the Hamilton-Burr duel in a way that has not translated well to the record. By the final curtain you can't help but be exhausted - but then half a century of unending American patriotism can have that effect on the most eager listener. Despite the underdog at the core of the story, and lyrics such as "immigrants - we get the job done," Hamilton is still over two hours of red, white and blue Americana. It does the show and its performers enormous credit that this retains its personal edge and fails at any point to become patronising. It says a great deal about the US today, and US politics, that a story of an 18th century political leader feels more suited to this modern (almost futuristic) score than any figure to have held high office in almost a century. The true genius of Hamilton is its call to action intensity of an America that inspired great deeds and found its heroes in the most unlikely places. Hamilton is a musical for the history books and its original Broadway cast recording already has a mythic quality to it. This is a show of which we are certain to hear a great deal more for a very long time.

- Inspiring, insightful, and beautiful!

This is easily the best musical of this century! Since listening to it I have read every book I could get my hands on about Alexander Hamilton, and thanks to his story and Lin-Manuel's amazing musical I've taken the risk to start a new life following my dreams of being and actor and (so far) it's paying off! I just want to write this to say I can't thank everyone involved in making this enough. I'm a new man now, and I am not throwing away my shot!

- Hamilton

I lOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Absolute Excellence

A heavily researched, accurate rap/r&b musical about revolutionary America? Played by a cast entirely made up of POC's?? Written by Tony Award Winner Lin-Manuel Miranda??? Sign me the F up! (Seriously it's so good, buy it now)

- Converted

Heard about it. Didn't think I could possibly be interested in a hip hop musical about an American founding father... How wrong I was. After seeing Miranda's knockout passionate performance on Neil Oliver's show pleading with the American people to help salvage his native Puerto Rico I gave this musical a spin, and it is very very good. Passionate, energetic, funny, musically diverse. Forget what you may think about rap and hip hop. This is a work of genius. This immigrant... he got the job done!

- Not enough superlatives

I was blown away with this album. I had heard a lot of great things, but after listening through it I felt inspired to be a better person. Brilliantly written, amazing singing, and fantastic rhymes. I’m an Australian and it made me want to find out more about American History at the turn of the 18th Century.

- Memorised the words

This soundtrack is absolutely amazing. It helped me with my HASS project in 9th grade.

- So so Creative :)

Still felt the plot line had a few pot holes. But the music and overall meaning of the story is wonderful 👍🏻

- Hamilton is for everyone!!!

It has something for everyone, whatever you are a fan of, hip hop, musical theatre, RnB, Jazz, classical and just good music altogether. You will definitely find something that is for you. My favourite songs change everyday. Right now they are My Shot, the Room Where it Happens and Yorktown.

- Brilliantly mesmerizing

This is so creative and I'm obsessed. Hamilton is the best musical playlist and can listen to it on repeat (I already do). Strongly recommend to anyone with any music taste!!!!! Don't waste this shot and download this album!



- Amazing way to tell an amazing story


- Wow

The. Best. Ever.

- This is Amazing

One of my friends recommended Hamilton and I refused since i was never a Hughe fan of musicals but this had changed my whole perspective I know think twice before deciding anything since If my friend had given up on telling me about Hamilton I would’ve never acted and been the way I am now

- pure brilliance

honestly if someone had told me a couple of weeks ago that i would be emotionally attached to american founding fathers, i would never have believed them but here i am. i'm a big musical theatre fan and i usually don't like hip-hop/rap but i absolutely adore this soundtrack!! lin-manuel miranda's hamilton is a work of art. he took an entire year to write one song to ensure that he got inside the head of a man who has been dead for over 200 years and who was extraordinarily intelligent. l-mm's female characters are properly developed; no token female characters and no one is merely a love interest. also the fact that the cast is diverse as heck is so effective. america then told by america now. i could go on but honestly, just listen to it.

- From one historian to another...

I was settling in to listen to Simon Schama speak about public history, and he began with the first track, saying that LMM has returned history to its pre-literacy roots— stories in rhyme, told rhythmically. “Isn’t that what hip-hop is after all?” When he began quoting Herodotus’first definition of history, and what its purpose was, to remember and re-tell the stories of where we came from, and comparing LMM with the Ancient Greek “Father of History,” I was intrigued. Now, I’m not intrigued: I’m in LOVE! This may be the one of the greatest, if not the greatest, example of American Musical Theatre, ever. I never liked the character of Hamilton he for a bad rep for being too close to the ways and political habits of the Brits of the time. Now I feel that I understand him better, and so respect him more. John Adams, the second president, couldn’t stand him; I wonder if he came back, would musical change his opinion? Could be... Hope LMM—or someone equally talented—would write a warts and all musical about en Franklin, a major scamp. This is the best American Broadway musical I’ve heard since, “West Side Story.” Bravo!

- Hamilton - 10/10!!

Hamilton is not only a great sounding musical, it is also great for educational purposes as well. Now I can familiarise myself with history on the American Revolution and how it affected both the British and Americans!!! Would recommend it again. 10/10

- Grate Music

I could listen to it all day and night, brilliant way to tell history, if only I could see the musical.

- best purchase !

100% love this musical so much. I'm always in the mood to listen to this musical, there's a number for every emotion!

- The freshest history lesson you will ever get

Great songs, amazing lyrics. Lin manuel Miranda is a genius!!!

- unique and compelling!

Such a unique and compelling way to tell a story. Not really interested in American history but the words, the beats, the rhythms suck you in and Make you interested in the story. So well written and performed! Highly recommended to everyone

- Love it ❤️❤️❤️

❤️ I love musicals

- The best


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- Amazing ❤️❤️

Best thing I’ve ever listened to. 100% recommenced

- Legendary

It's a classic album and the songs...I will be singing them when i'm 50 years old and they will still be amazing Best musical album, in my opinion.


This is one of my favourite albums! I love this musical so much!


Literally the best thing I've EVER listened to. Highly recommend !!!!!!!!!


If you haven't already BUY THIS NOW!!!!😀👌🏻 The music is like a story in its own and I honestly think this is the best playlist ever!

- Perfect apart from

The only problem I have with this “album” is that Laurens interlude isn’t included. I was especially disappointed by this because in my opinion it’s on of the better pieces in the musical and without it you don’t find out that Laurens is dead until the last song

- Iconic + worth it!

This is so worth it for the price, I mean 46 songs for £7! Plus the QUALITY is everything. If you love Hamilton and can get this , then you NEED it!

- Hamilton

After watching Hamilton on Disney+ after a month it was my birthday I got a apple gift card so I got the full album

- The Lyrics

The lyrics and everything else is a work of pure genius

- Hamilton

They're epic dude

- uwu

I haven’t even bought it yet and already like it

- Wesley

Honestly, the best thing I’ve ever bought on iTunes. 💯

- Amazing

Apparently I’m his favourite subject.I will kill you and your family~YOUR A YANDERE!YOU MUST BE FRIENDS WITH AYANO

- i really want to buy this

yo i love hamilton but im broke so i cant afford this 😂

- Just amazing

Nothing like Hamilton


Amazing! It is also very educational and really teaches you about America’s history!

- Damn near perfection

Words will not describe how phenomenal this soundtrack is...

- Why hammy is mind blowing

Me:Hamilton can’t be that good. 5 hours later Me:WHO LIVES WHO DIES WHO TELLS YOUR STORY! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤩🤩🤪🤪🥳

- so bad

let’s get seulrene to number 1

- I love Hamilton

I really love Hamilton so this is amazing

- Wow...

I didn’t think I would like Hamilton, and then I listened to the soundtrack. One of the catchiest soundtracks I’ve ever heard!

- Hamilton

Best musical ever 😁

- Amazing!!

Best musical I have EVER listened to!!!!! You should really get it if you haven’t already!!

- Breathtaking!

Your Breathtaking!


I’m going to see the Hamilton Musical in London soon. I know it’s not with the original characters though - that’s the sad part. I’ve always dreamed of meeting Lin Manuel Miranda. Anyway. It’s great owo

- In a Different League

This is just perfection! I'm a fan of musicals but this is beyond everything I've heard before. I'll not see it on stage until November, but until then I have this album. I listen to it a lot! It's musically and lyrically brilliant! But it also tells an important historical story. Entertaining and educational - can't beat it!

- Incredible

A masterpiece in not only musicals but hip hop and rap as well. Truly incrsdible

- Genius!

Like the story that inspired it, this musical is revolutionary, a pioneer and transcendent. A magical experience.

- It is amazing.

I love this musical. It is the best of the best, however I am slightly upset that they included songs like ‘Stay Alive Reprise’ or ‘The World Was Wide Enough’ and yet they didn’t include songs like ‘Laurens Interlude’. I tried searching it up on iTunes, but the results were.... questionable. Aside from that, I love this playlist and listen to it everyday.

- good musical

it realy brings history to life in hip hop

- Not very good

A lot of the artists sound stupid and weird but interesting politics though and storyline though I listened to a bit of this with my sister and pretended to like it.

- Amazing but pricey

I haven't actually bought the album, but I love the songs. I haven't bought the album solely because of the price. I expected the album to cost £10, but £12.99 is too high. I know that it was a smash-hit on Broadway but it was 2 years ago and I would expect the price to be a bit lower. Thanks for reading!

- Just out of this world

This has to be the best thing. Hands down

- Hamilton is the best

The ‘Revolutionary’ musical has great ringtones but rather abrupt endings (in the endings)

- Thank u God

This soundtrack is a gift from God himself. Lin-Manuel and the actors from Hamilton: An American Musical hold more talent in one fingernail than any other person holds in their entire being. I'm eternally grateful for this masterpiece.

- One of the best things ever

Seriously, THE BEST


I don’t need to say how amazing it is though.... everyone knows this by now 😝⭐️

- 👌🏻

Honestly my favourite set of music ever. (I bought the entire playlist) But recently I've realised that I'm missing a few songs the playlist: Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Bur, sir, The Schuyler Sisters, Satisfied, Wait For It, Meet Me Inside, Guns and Ships and Non-stop I'm very confused

- Amazing!

Incredible! There is a not a bad song!

- So good


- Magnificent!

Hamilton by far is one of the best musicals out there, the wordplay, actors and production in general is amazing. My favourite has to be What’d I miss or The Schyuler sisters!

- Beautifully constructed

Beautiful and haunting OST. I don’t think LMM could ever top this.

- Amazing! 👍🏻

I listen to this everyday bc it’s absolutely amazing 😉 and I would rlly recommend this! I does swear in it, but it’s incredible!

- Talk less and smile more!

The lyrics are stuck in my mind every day! Great! Awesome! 11/10

- Ari miles molb

Love the song hamilton

- !!!!!


- Love It!!!!!!

It’s great! I live in England so I would be lucky to get a chance to see it. It is a great musical and has now got me into broadway, cosplay and learning about history. I have recommended it to everyone I know and they all like the songs! Some more than others. My favourite song is One Last Time. I recommend this to everyone.

- Very very special

I think this is the best musical in the past 20 years, it will surpass Wicked in its popularity (pardon the pun) and I am a big wicked fan, this is very special and everyone should give it a listen and be prepared as you won't stop!

- Beautiful.

I spend most of my hours listening to this, and it never gets old!!! ITS JUST SO GOOD, i'm listening to What'd I Miss as we speak, its great.

- Amazing

Such an amazing soundtrack, every song is so well thought out and well composed. For fans or musicals and music nerds too, there’s simply so much to appreciate here!

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Zanza: Hamilton: An American Musical Original Broadway Cast Recording (Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton: An American Musical) .

Kathy mattson

Hamilton: An American Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording) - Lin-Manuel Miranda .

Andrea Wibowo

On repeat .


Good morning Hamilton: An American Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording) .

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